Relinquished SRL-EN029

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    And this card will be appearing in the January ARRJ.

    Quite the underrated card in my opinion. Very useful for field control as well as disrupting your opponent's strategy. Being a 1 Star, he can slip under most Stall utilities not to mention just about anything can be used as Tribute to help fulfil the Ritual Requirements (even Scapegoat tokens). Ever since DCR came out, he's also received more and more support to help not only get him to the field quicker, but also to help bulk him up as well (Ritual Weapon? Opti-Camouflage Armor? Manju of the Ten-Thousand Hands? EVIL)

    While "Relinquished" isn't a card you can just drop into any deck and expect him to work, with a little planning, you'll find he can work with most decks rather well (esp. Chaos Decks and he and Manju provide your Dark and Light food). He also has the ability to inflict damage to your opponent when he has a monster equipped to him and would be destroyed in battle. The ability to inflict damage to your opponent in this manor is something that is unique to "Relinquished" that his more commonly played brother, "Thousand-Eyes Restrict", does not have.

    "Relinquished" was one of the first monsters I really enjoyed playing with, and is still a personal favorite today. Given the surprise factor he can bring to a duel, he's a stronger card than most people would give him credit for.

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    Relinquished and Thousand Eyes are two of the best creatures in the game. They both have dramatic effects and are particularly efficient since they also absorb opponents creatures and use their attack against them. In Traditional Format, Reliquished isn't quite so good because a MST makes it rather naked. But in Advanced, I think Relinquished deserves a good solid look. Relinquished is the Hoover Vacuum of creatures. It can suck up almost anything...
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    Lots of combos with this card. You can sac Sinister or Night Assailant for a "free" Relinquished. You can suck up a monster, then get rid of it through Emergency Provisions for some LP, then suck up a new one next turn. Or you can suck up a monster, then sacrifice the Relinquished to Metamorphosis, summon Thousand Eyes Restrict, and suck up a new monster. Or suck up a monster, then sac the Relinquished to summon another Relinquished with its ritual. Or use an Enemy Controller in a similar manuever. You can even revive Relinquished again to suck up yet another monster afterwards.

    You can also suck up a weak monster (or even a face down one), and ram it into their bigger monster. You'll also take damage, but it may win you the duel.
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    One of my favorite cards. It's combos are endless. You have to be careful when using thousand-eyes though. It'll stop your other monsters from attacking and that can hurt.

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