Royal Oppression vs Gladiator Beast

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    At what stage does Royal Oppression kick in when someone is contact fusing Gladiator Beast Bestiari + another Glad Beast to get Gladiator Beast Gyzarus?

    Do I pay the 800 points as the cards are being picked up to put back in the Deck? If that is the case, do those cards go to the Graveyard instead of the Deck?

    Or do I wait until Gyzarus is special summoned and then negate and destroy it? If I do that, does the opponent then find his two Glads that he used to special summon Gyzarus and send them to the Graveyard from the Deck?

    I could also ask the same about Royal Oppression and:
    - flipping Morphing Jar #2 and activating Shallow Grave - do I pay 800 when MJ2 and SG activates or after the monsters are special summoned in face down defence?

    Please help.

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    You will wait until Gyzarus is special summoned to the field since the returning of the cards is the cost of summoning Gyzarus and you cannot negate things at that point. Gyzarus will be special summoning will be destroyed, and the fusion parts will remain in the deck.

    In the case of Shallow Grave and Morphing Jar, you will activate them in response to the activation of their effects (you chain to the flip effect with MJ #2). In these cases no monsters are ever brought to the field and the cards themselves are destroyed.

    Hope this helps!
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    Glad Beast vs Royal Oppression

    Thanks Dillie-O for the feedback - all very clear now.
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    with regards to the gladiator beat tag in/tag out effect, returning them to the deck is the cost.

    so, once your opponent announces that he/she will activate the effect, you then have the opportunity to flip up and pay the 800 LP to negate that effect.

    no other links on the chain, chain resolves.
    royal oppression negates the gladiator beast that tags out (it remains in deck) and a new one is not tagged in.

    in this case, royal oppression has the same timing as divine wrath.

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