Ultimate Spellcaster deck ( Help me make Better )

Discussion in 'Advanced Format Decks (YGO)' started by paulb91085, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. paulb91085

    paulb91085 New Member

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    [ycard="IOC-065"]Dark Magician of Chaos[/ycard] x1
    [ycard="BPT-001"]Dark Magician[/ycard] x3
    [ycard="MFC-000"]Dark Magician Girl[/ycard] x1
    [ycard="DB1-EN096"]Dark Sage[/ycard] x1

    [ycard="MRD-EN065"]Time Wizard[/ycard] x2
    [ycard="DR1-EN120"]Skilled Dark Magician[/ycard] x3
    [ycard="SRL-EN077"]Cyber Jar[/ycard] x1
    [ycard="MRD-EN036"]Magician of Faith[/ycard] x1
    [ycard="MFC-064"]Skilled White Magician[/ycard] x2
    [ycard="DR1-EN024"]Spirit Reaper[/ycard] x2
    [ycard="SDY-046"]Man-Eater Bug[/ycard] x1
    [ycard="DB2-EN042"]Sangan[/ycard] x1
    [ycard="DB2-EN117"]Toon Goblin Attack Force[/ycard] x1
    [ycard="TP6-EN002"]Toon Table of Contents[/ycard] x3
    [ycard="SYE-031"]Last Will[/ycard] x3
    [ycard="DB1-EN244"]United We Stand[/ycard] x1
    [ycard="LON-EN050"]Mage Power[/ycard] x1
    [ycard="DCR-053"]Cost Down[/ycard] x1
    [ycard="SDY-022"]Dark Hole[/ycard] x1
    [ycard="DB2-EN084"]Heavy Storm[/ycard] x1
    [ycard="PCY-003"]Thousand Knives[/ycard] x1
    [ycard="ROD-EN003"]Sage's Stone[/ycard] x1
    [ycard="SD1-EN013"]Premature Burial[/ycard] x1

    [ycard="SD1-EN021"]Call of the Haunted[/ycard] x1
    [ycard="SD2-EN024"]Dust Tornado[/ycard] x2
    [ycard="DR1-EN264"]Sakuretsu Armor[/ycard] x2
    [ycard="NTR-EN003"]Magician's Circle[/ycard] x1
    [ycard="DB1-EN078"]Mirror Wall[/ycard] x1

    Deck Total: 40

    I need any idea's to help get [ycard="BPT-001"]Dark Magician[/ycard] out a.s.a.p. or should I run 3 [ycard="MFC-064"]Skilled White Magician[/ycard]s and try summing [ycard="MFC-105"]Dark Paladin[/ycard]. The only reason why I run a toon GAF is to get a good attacking force on the frist trun if i have nothing.
  2. BenjaminMS

    BenjaminMS The Kozaky show

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    I'd advise to add another [ycard="NTR-EN003"]Magician's Circle[/ycard] if you could.
    Let's see... [ycard="BPT-001"]Dark Magician[/ycard], [ycard="MFC-000"]Dark Magician Girl[/ycard], [ycard="IOC-065"]Dark Magician of Chaos[/ycard] and [ycard="DB1-EN096"]Dark Sage[/ycard].... impressive...
    I'd add 1 or 2 [ycard="DB2-EN192"]Second Coin Toss[/ycard]es in case the outcome of [ycard="MRD-EN065"]Time Wizard[/ycard] is not the outcome you would want.
    NO [ycard="DR2-EN208"]Dark Magic Attack[/ycard]? If I'd be you, I'd replace the [ycard="PCY-003"]Thousand Knives[/ycard] with at last 1, maybe 2 [ycard="DR2-EN208"]Dark Magic Attack[/ycard].

    Word of advise: don't try to get Paladin out. He is often difficult to get out, and takes space you could use in a better way.
    2 Cards that I really miss here: [ycard="DB2-EN042"]Sangan[/ycard] and [ycard="SD3-EN015"]Mystical Space Typhoon[/ycard]. BTW Nice idea to use [ycard="DCR-053"]Cost Down[/ycard].
  3. Inuyasha_Riku

    Inuyasha_Riku the drumming duelist

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    hm...instead of [ycard="DB2-EN117"]Toon Goblin Attack Force[/ycard]..why not use [ycard="DB2-EN118"]Toon Cannon Soldier[/ycard] instead...he'll combo with ur [ycard="SYE-031"]Last Will[/ycard]s better than the toon goblin...
  4. paulb91085

    paulb91085 New Member

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    Thank you all for your help if their is any more combs you can think of please tell me so i can try them out!!!
  5. Inuyasha_Riku

    Inuyasha_Riku the drumming duelist

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    sure...if u can get some...u can add [ycard="MFC-067"]Old Vindictive Magician[/ycard]s and 2-3 [ycard="MFC-066"]Apprentice Magician[/ycard]s to speed up ur deck a bit...
  6. paulb91085

    paulb91085 New Member

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    how many [ycard="MFC-067"]Old Vindictive Magician[/ycard] should i add in my deck??
  7. Drugged Sheep

    Drugged Sheep Unique Deck Builder

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    all i have to say is, DONT use [ycard="DB1-EN096"]Dark Sage[/ycard], it is not worth the cardboard its made with
  8. Inuyasha_Riku

    Inuyasha_Riku the drumming duelist

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    for now id replace however many [ycard="SDY-046"]Man-Eater Bug[/ycard]s you have with that many [ycard="MFC-067"]Old Vindictive Magician[/ycard]s..but if u get [ycard="MFC-066"]Apprentice Magician[/ycard]s id probably put about 2 old vindictives in...
  9. djp952

    djp952 New Member

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    Hmmm... as a fellow lover of the ultimate wizard (in terms of Attack and Defense, that is), I think I can help you out a smidge. I've always favored the [ycard="MFC-105"]Dark Paladin[/ycard] build myself, but let's see what we can do here.


    - 1x [ycard="BPT-001"]Dark Magician[/ycard]. 3 is just too many, it really is. I can't tell you how many times I've been stuck with 3 [ycard="BPT-001"]Dark Magician[/ycard]s in my hand and not a thing to do with them. I've been MUCH happier with 2. You could add some support to dump and revive them, but you're going to want more interesting spells than that. Sure, you need to discard for [ycard="DCR-053"]Cost Down[/ycard], but I think you'd rather be summoning him than dumping him, right? :icon_mrgr

    - 1x [ycard="DB1-EN096"]Dark Sage[/ycard]. I would be the first to congratulate you if you could get this guy out routinely. But 9 out of 10 times, this is nothing more than a dead draw. Cool card, great idea, but leaves you frustrated.

    - 1x [ycard="MFC-000"]Dark Magician Girl[/ycard]. I like her too, but there are better tribute spellcasters you can use. It's always good to use your Graveyard to your advantage like that, but you need to play the odds a little and decide how often she'll be worth it to you.

    +2 [ycard="MFC-069"]Magical Marionette[/ycard]. This can replace your lost DM and DMG quite nicely. It works with [ycard="NTR-EN003"]Magician's Circle[/ycard], and has a much more reliable effect than that of DMG. If you can't use [ycard="TP6-EN002"]Toon Table of Contents[/ycard] to counter-up a Skilled Dark, you can use it to pump one of these guys up instead. 3 counters = 2200ATK *and* you destroyed one of their monsters. Nice. Of course, he's not very DM-themed, but then again neither is [ycard="DR1-EN024"]Spirit Reaper[/ycard] :icon_mrgr

    1x [ycard="IOC-065"]Dark Magician of Chaos[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="BPT-001"]Dark Magician[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="MFC-069"]Magical Marionette[/ycard]


    - 2x [ycard="MFC-064"]Skilled White Magician[/ycard]. If you're not running [ycard="DL1-002"]Buster Blader[/ycard] (which I'm not seeing), this isn't going to help you at all. BB has better support than SWM anyway. Even if you switch to [ycard="MFC-105"]Dark Paladin[/ycard]/[ycard="BPT-001"]Dark Magician[/ycard] down the road, use fusion subs instead of [ycard="DL1-002"]Buster Blader[/ycard]. Heck, if you need filler, [ycard="DB2-EN094"]Gemini Elf[/ycard]s are aways a good choice.

    - 2x [ycard="MRD-EN065"]Time Wizard[/ycard]. Without [ycard="DB1-EN096"]Dark Sage[/ycard], this is a potential [ycard="SD3-EN031"]Backfire[/ycard] you cannot afford. Especially if things are working well, and you have DM on the field already.

    - 1x [ycard="DB2-EN117"]Toon Goblin Attack Force[/ycard]. It's powerful, certainly. I would try a [ycard="DL6-EN001"]Toon Gemini Elf[/ycard] (Spellcaster) or [ycard="DB2-EN120"]Toon Masked Sorcerer[/ycard] (also Spellcaster) instead.

    - 1x [ycard="SDY-046"]Man-Eater Bug[/ycard]. [ycard="MFC-067"]Old Vindictive Magician[/ycard]! [ycard="SDY-046"]Man-Eater Bug[/ycard] is BAD. You must blow something up, even if it's something of yours. OVM can only destroy your opponent's monsters, so no funny business.

    + 2x [ycard="MFC-067"]Old Vindictive Magician[/ycard]. (see above) Worst case, they'll Nobleman it and thin your deck for you. Best case, you blow up something nasty.

    + 1x [ycard="DR1-EN237"]Tsukuyomi[/ycard]. A Spellcaster and fits the theme. Don't just consider your opponent's monsters here. If you were to say add in [ycard="SDJ-046"]Waboku[/ycard] or [ycard="SD1-EN014"]Swords of Revealing Light[/ycard], you can get some re-use out of [ycard="MRD-EN036"]Magician of Faith[/ycard] or Old Vindictive. It's a great card and really a tight fit with [ycard="BPT-001"]Dark Magician[/ycard].

    2x [ycard="MFC-066"]Apprentice Magician[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="SRL-EN077"]Cyber Jar[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="DB2-EN094"]Gemini Elf[/ycard] *or* [ycard="DB2-EN171"]Injection Fairy Lily[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="MRD-EN036"]Magician of Faith[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="MFC-067"]Old Vindictive Magician[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="DB2-EN042"]Sangan[/ycard]
    3x [ycard="DR1-EN120"]Skilled Dark Magician[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="DR1-EN024"]Spirit Reaper[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="DL6-EN001"]Toon Gemini Elf[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="DR1-EN237"]Tsukuyomi[/ycard]


    - 1x [ycard="ROD-EN003"]Sage's Stone[/ycard]. If you remove [ycard="MFC-000"]Dark Magician Girl[/ycard], I suppose you'd have to remove this too.

    - 1x [ycard="DCR-053"]Cost Down[/ycard]. I like the idea, but you're still losing 2 cards to summon a [ycard="BPT-001"]Dark Magician[/ycard]. I would go more for [ycard="SDY-041"]Soul Exchange[/ycard] or [ycard="DR1-EN094"]Tribute Doll[/ycard], especially since I'd like to add a pair of [ycard="SDJ-046"]Waboku[/ycard]s to the traps :D

    - 1x [ycard="PCY-003"]Thousand Knives[/ycard]. I like it, but unfortunately you need to protect your Skilled Darks and weaker monsters while you try to get [ycard="BPT-001"]Dark Magician[/ycard] out. Once he's out, I really think you'd need more face-down removal instead like [ycard="DB1-EN088"]Nobleman of Crossout[/ycard].

    + 1x [ycard="SRL-EN036"]Snatch Steal[/ycard]. What's not to like? Tribute for Marionette or [ycard="BPT-001"]Dark Magician[/ycard], use something big against them. If you prefer temporary control for tributes, use [ycard="TLM-EN038"]Brain Control[/ycard] instead.

    + 1x [ycard="SD1-EN014"]Swords of Revealing Light[/ycard]. Very Yugi. Very useful. If you're really lucky you can do some hurting with a FLIP: effect and [ycard="DR1-EN237"]Tsukuyomi[/ycard] while this is out, too.

    + 1x [ycard="SD3-EN015"]Mystical Space Typhoon[/ycard]. Almost insane not to :D

    + 1x [ycard="DR1-EN161"]Double Spell[/ycard]. A personal favorite of mine, but in all honesty it's probably better suited to the [ycard="MFC-105"]Dark Paladin[/ycard] build. (extra [ycard="SDJ-036"]Polymerization[/ycard]s to discard). I would try it out ... it can be really handy. If not, just use something else!

    1x [ycard="SDY-022"]Dark Hole[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="DR1-EN161"]Double Spell[/ycard] *or* [ycard="SDY-041"]Soul Exchange[/ycard] *or* [ycard="SDJ-041"]Scapegoat[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="DB2-EN084"]Heavy Storm[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="SYE-031"]Last Will[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="LON-EN050"]Mage Power[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="SD3-EN015"]Mystical Space Typhoon[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="DB1-EN088"]Nobleman of Crossout[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="SD1-EN013"]Premature Burial[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="SRL-EN036"]Snatch Steal[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="SD1-EN014"]Swords of Revealing Light[/ycard]
    3x [ycard="TP6-EN002"]Toon Table of Contents[/ycard]


    + 1x [ycard="NTR-EN003"]Magician's Circle[/ycard]. I think this will greatly improve your changes of getting one to fire early on, which is when it's most effective.

    + 2x [ycard="SDJ-046"]Waboku[/ycard]. [ycard="MFC-067"]Old Vindictive Magician[/ycard], [ycard="MRD-EN036"]Magician of Faith[/ycard], [ycard="MFC-066"]Apprentice Magician[/ycard], and of course, can be QUITE useful with [ycard="NTR-EN003"]Magician's Circle[/ycard] (I'll let you figure out why!)

    - 1x [ycard="SD2-EN024"]Dust Tornado[/ycard]. Just to keep the trap count down a bit. Eight isn't bad at all, but nine is starting to push it.

    1x [ycard="SD1-EN021"]Call of the Haunted[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="SD2-EN024"]Dust Tornado[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="NTR-EN003"]Magician's Circle[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="DR1-EN264"]Sakuretsu Armor[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="SDJ-046"]Waboku[/ycard]

    That's my advice anyway. Hopefully it might spark some ideas on your end. Seems I've left you with 42 cards, too. I happen to like 42, but most folks will protest about that!

    Good luck to you! Most important thing is to keep the deck YOURS and take advice for what it is ... just advice!
  10. paulb91085

    paulb91085 New Member

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    Would you use [ycard="DR2-EN208"]Dark Magic Attack[/ycard] or no??
  11. djp952

    djp952 New Member

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    Personally, I wouldn't. I've used it a lot in the past, but with all the monster removal still running around in most people's decks, I've found it to be hard to have a DM on the field and that in hand at the right time. If you were to run 2, that would greatly improve your chances of success, but also greatly improve a bad top-deck opportunity.

    If I were playing against you, I would be more afraid of a second [ycard="SD2-EN024"]Dust Tornado[/ycard] than I would [ycard="DR2-EN208"]Dark Magic Attack[/ycard].

    But by all means ... give it a try! Your deck isn't the same, and your style of play won't be the same. It could be the best thing that you do! (It's also a handy discard for [ycard="DR1-EN161"]Double Spell[/ycard] ... grab their [ycard="DB2-EN084"]Heavy Storm[/ycard] instead .. hehehehe)

    One thing I forgot to mention about [ycard="DR1-EN161"]Double Spell[/ycard], too. It only gets [ycard="DR1-EN120"]Skilled Dark Magician[/ycard] or [ycard="MFC-069"]Magical Marionette[/ycard] ONE spell counter. But it still has magicians on the artwork :D
  12. Omali1990

    Omali1990 New Member

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    good work how about this?

    see i have been working on a spellcaster deck too, however i dont know how good this is, so can you guys take a look and let me know?

    Normal Monsters:
    - Dark Magician

    Effect Monsters:
    - Maiden of Macabre
    - Hannibal Necromancer
    - Summoner Monk
    - Defender The Magical Knight
    - Magical Exemplar
    - Breaker The Magical Warrior
    - Herald of Creation
    - Tuned Magician
    - Silent Magician LV8
    - Endymion, the Master Magician
    - Buster Blader
    - Silent Magician LV4
    - Old Vindictive Magician
    - Dark Magician Girl
    - Rapid Fire Magician
    - Blast Magician
    - Mythical Beast Cerberus X2
    - Fog King
    - Skilled Dark Magician
    - Royal Magical Library
    - Skilled White Magician
    - Sorcerer of Dark Magic

    Fusion Monsters :
    - Dark Paladin

    Magic Cards:
    - Magical Citadel of Endymion
    - Diffusion Wave Motion
    - Lightning Vortex
    - Sages Stone
    - Double Summon
    - Recycle
    - Spell Economics
    - Mage Power
    - Magical Dimension
    - Level Up!
    - Burden of the Mighty [secret village of the spell casters]
    - Spell Absorption
    - Polymerization
    Trap Cards:
    - Miracle Restoring
    - Spell Reclamation
    - Magician's Circle
    - Proof of Powerlessness
    - Miracle Locus
    - Mirror Force

    cheers guys
  13. SPELLCASTERuser39

    SPELLCASTERuser39 New Member

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    well im new at this but if you dont mind me i like to say a thing or e well for staters i love spellcasters so if you want a spellcaster deck then i think you should use all spellcaster monsters i have a all spellcaster deck and believee it or not i summoned all my strong monsters to the feild with no problem with the power of some of my magic cards like THE TRICKY SAGE STONE SUMMONERS ART MAGICAL DIMENSIONAL AND MAGICAL CIRCLE you just should lower your deck to a amount of cards with everything you need to win just in time well thinking and lock down your opponents magic with SAGE OF STILLNESS AND SAGE OF SILENCE AND HAVE SECRET VILLAGE OF THE SPELLCASTERS a magic and trap lockdown and CHAOS COMMANDER MAGICIAN for like man eater bugs all these cards i named are in my deck

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