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  • You can now post status updates to your profile, and people can reply to it. Similar to before, but with a better layout design.
    Hey yo! Sorry for missing this. Been a crazy month+, still getting around the city again 8^D Well done at keeping it alive!
    dude do you live in n.c.? cause in one of ure pics i think i recognize the building?
    Also trying to fit my pic on here but can't seem to cut it what did you use to cut your pic out?
    Cyberknight said to ask you on the Mod thing? Well let me know what you going to do or what you need me to do.
    Can you have another look at adding parser functions to the wiki?

    Here is a template I've recently made on the wiki. If the parser functions are installed correctly, this page should look how it's supposed to.
    Ah yes, that skin thing. Yeah, I think it needs a bit of a different feel to it (not to mention a few bugs worked out, such as keeping the skin applied when you move between pages). I don't know what would be good, though.

    I know even less about the workings behind wikis than you do. I was probably just looking for things that seemed useful (I really don't remember that far back).

    I'm a member of PokéCommunity, another forum. They'll soon be introducing a support wiki of their own (thanks to my suggestion), and since they're far more populous than we are, they'll probably come up with something decent. We can always "be inspired" by their skin and layout and what have you. Ahem.
    I still can't access the AME section of your forums. Also, can you tell me what mod you have installed that has the achievements? I like that.
    Hey DJ, I wanted to ask permission to post your sketch P'wnd on my site?

    Simply funny and wanted to share it with my members, please let me know.
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