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a poem I just wrote, please read

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by ForGotTen, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. ForGotTen

    ForGotTen New Member

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    Ok, I just wrote a poem, since I am forcing myself to take a "cool-down period" from my story, here is what I made for a poem/soon to be song.

    Nothing to Say

    I look through
    The eyes of an angel,
    Looking at the creature
    I have become.

    My hands are mangled,
    My arm are bruised,
    My heart is broken,
    Just because of you.

    You hold you complection,
    Never letting it fade,
    But you have no soul,
    You were man made.

    I'm as dark as night,
    You're as bright as day,
    My words are soft,
    But I have nothing to say.

    I have it on Poetry.com, but I plan to start using my pen name a friend picked for me. I might use it, I might wait until I get a book published, but if the name Ryu Haru pops up on a story, it may be me.

    And yes, Ryu Haru is/will be my pen name, it's Japanese for Dragon of Spring.

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