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a question about unmasked and another one on secret files

Discussion in 'Rules Questions (VS)' started by exiledforcefreak, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. exiledforcefreak

    exiledforcefreak RIP Jacob KT 2/16/06

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    can people discard in an attempt to power and fail to do so the turn an unmasked has been used successfully?

    Can someone volantarily fail to find a character when their opponent uses secret files?
  2. DaAmazing1

    DaAmazing1 43616e20796f75206865

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    1) for Unmasked I don't see why a player can't attempt to boost a character even thou7gh unmasked has already been played.

    2) Secret files is manditory, I believe if you fail to find an affiliated character your opponent gets to verify your deck.
  3. somewan

    somewan Custom User Title

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    From the MSM FAQ:
    Players can discard cards to power-up their characters in response to Unmasked if it's played during an attack.

    If Unmasked has already resolved, then you cannot power up. You would have to power up in the chain before (the non-ongoing part of) Unmasked resolved.

    Comp rules 5.13.2:

    Some one-shot modifiers instruct a player to search a zone. A player may fail to find, either by choice or absence, any card or cards that he or she is instructed to find by this modifier. The player does not have to state whether the failure to find was by choice or by absence.
    Example: Faces of Doom reads, "Search your deck for a card named Dr. Doom. Reveal that card and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck." A player plays Faces of Doom. That player has a Dr. Doom, Diabolical Genius in her deck. She may choose not to find this card.

    So the opponent would not go through the deck if the card was "not found".
  4. exiledforcefreak

    exiledforcefreak RIP Jacob KT 2/16/06

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    define "power-up" is powering up the actual discard, the result the discard incurs, or both?

    yeah, that's something you do in yu-gi-oh.

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