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AI/F5 Control: Criminaly Insane

Discussion in 'Deck Depot (VS)' started by deviaan, Dec 6, 2004.

  1. deviaan

    deviaan New Member

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    Wow, first post in a forum, I love starting from the begining. lol. Anyways, this is a deck I mentioned in my intro, I've had it on MTGPlay (thing that lets you play VS Online, due to firewall I have yet to test it against a person) for a while now, and have posted it on other sites, but have had very little response. Anyways, heres the deck:

    Criminaly Insane
    By: Deviaan

    CH: x32
    [x3] Harley Quinn, Dr. Harleen Quinzel
    [x2] Firefly, Garfield Lynns
    [x4] Shimmer, Selinda Flinders
    [x3] Charger, Power Cunduit
    [x4] Charaxes, Drury Walker
    [x4] Poison Ivy, Pamela Isley
    [x2] Jinx, Elemental Sorceress
    [x1] Scarecrow, Professor Jonathan Crane
    [x3] Killer Croc, Waylon Jones
    [x2] Bane, The Man Who Broke the Bat
    [x2] Dr. Light, Arthur Light
    [x1] The Joker, Clown Prince of Crime
    [x1] Psimon, Dr. Simon Jones

    PT: x23
    [x2] Cracking the Vault
    [x4] Fear and Confusion
    [x4] The Underworld Star
    [x4] World's Finest
    [x3] Entangle
    [x3] Kidnapping
    [x3] Smiles, Everyone!

    LO: x5
    [x3] No Man's Land
    [x2] Metropolis

    EQ: x0

    Alright, the point of the deck is to stall out on turns when you don't have intiative and beat when you do. The deck is heavely based on exhaustion and it does it well. Shimmer is a great card, but if you don't get her on the turn she's supposed to come out, she may not come out at all. That's why Firelfy is so useful. Well, to an extent. Besides clearing the field of unwanted Locations, he brings the game back a turn so you can recruite Shimmer. But, Shimmer is not the end all, you have No Man's Land, Fear and Confusion and Entangle. All of them help exhuast. Shimmer is just good. Because of the lack of power up, a lot of the characters power themselves up or have high stats. Ventriloquist gives everyone +1 ATK and is a nice turn 1 play, in the front row he's a 2/1, which is above average. Fear and Confusion is the only Plot Twist that pumps. It's a great card that is mostly used to exhaust. The 3 drops are all above average, so are the 5 drops (or can be, Scarecrow is mostly for swarm). The 4 Drops are mostly for effects. Jinx will give you one of the Location cards (all of which are good) and can team up if you already haven't. She can also burn. Poison Ivy has a great effect that can be used to feed Kidnapping, which is here to clear the field. Setting your opponent back a card and giving you another is just icing. Smiles, Everyone! is one of the best cards the AI has, it can get rid of anything annoying, and that exhaust thing is not a big deal. If the guy isn't exhausted because of an attack, or effect, you can exhaust it with Entangle or No Man's Land. The other cards are pretty self explanitory, Psimon is in there to increase the F5, and his effect is useful. Joker adds to the stall theme, Bane clears the field and can act as a 7 drop and Dr. Light can help with stun or be used on turn 9 (if it goes past turn 7, stall out till turn 9, most likely via Shimmer. Exhaust their highest drops and keep going) to end the game. He'll bring back your guys and you can just exhaust and/or team attack anything big with your small guys, then knock out the lower guys with your big guys in order to increase breakthough. Using Dr. Light's effect and Joker's effect are great at this point.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Admodieus

    Admodieus New Member

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    I really like the premise of this deck, as one of F5's best aspects is Shimmer's exhaustion, which can be coupled really well with Arkham. Cracking the Vault kills army decks before they can overwhelm Shimmer. In fact, if I had the cards, I'd definitely try this out. I'm not a big fan of Entangle, but I guess it helps on defense.

    Nice to see a refreshing deck around :)
  3. deviaan

    deviaan New Member

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    thanx. glad to get a review. yeah, entangle was a tough one. originaly, i had:
    4 Kidnapping
    4 Crushing Blow
    2 Arkham Asylum
    3 Metropolis, then i found not enough exahaust, so i dropped a metropolis and switched Arkhma for the 3 No Man's Land.

    that still wasnt' enough, and i wanted to add Vault. so, i traded 1 Kidnapping and the Blows for them. the deck works better now and the attack pumps arnt' a problem. you should be able to keep a few pumps going. Ventriloquist is great at boosting your attack. but mostly, the stall will take care of the game early, and stun later. that way, you can deal damage withoug much worry. a lot of guys here have high stats or self pump, like charger. an idea i was thinking about was:
    -1 Psimon, +1 Joker, it would lower the AI, but Joker seems to fit better. ne thoughts?
  4. failure

    failure New Member

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    You might be better off playing Harley instead of Ventriloquist, as she's far more flexible. Ventriloquist's activated ability is nice, but Harley is good in hand and on the field for reinforcement. I really like this deck premise, and think I'll toy with making a variation of it. Arkham has awesome late game come-back ability, and with the help of F5 they should be able to survive a great deal better early game. The deck definitely has potential to rape on odd initiatives that's for sure.

    Cheers for a good deck idea~
  5. deviaan

    deviaan New Member

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    thanx. and i was thinking of using Harly. I choose to use Ventriloquist because his ability can be used repeadly and a 2/1 on turn 1 is pretty good. Harly may help though. actually, this deck started off being a Doom Lock deck, that was based around the Hand and Resource row. But, I forgot that Hobgoblin had loyalty, so I remade the deck completly. I choose to change it into F5/AI, and well, now we have this. lol. I haven't gotten a chance to play test, I don't have very many cards and can no longer play online. So I encouarge you guys to play test. Please tell me how it does. If i can scrounge up enough money, I'll try to get the cards and take it to a PCQ or something. Thanx for the support. and i think the harly idea may be good, reinforcing may be more useful than attackboost. especially in the early game. thanx.
  6. deviaan

    deviaan New Member

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    hm, no more ideas? well, if any of you have play tested it or played against something like this can you plz tell me how it did? that way, i'll have some knowledge before i playtest. i'm working on SS right now, but this is still a nice idea that i would like to see get more attention. anyways, thanx for the posts.
  7. failure

    failure New Member

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    I made a build of this, it's extremely fun, but severely prone to bad draws. I either dominate my opponent or lose miserably. It's a great deck to just decimate Titans with, Mr. Freeze just totally shuts down their game. When facing titans I actually try to have almost no field on Turn 6 so they have to attack Freeze and screw themselves. I tried fitting Smiles in, but it really kind of pales when you can kidnap instead. I'll post my build for you tonight, if you're interested.
  8. Admodieus

    Admodieus New Member

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    Did my first playtesting of this tonight...I agree with the draws thing. When I hit my curve, my opponent couldn't do anything, and I just pummeled him til turn 9 when I boosted Dr. Light, brought 11 characters into my front row (including another Dr. Light), and was stunning Cosmic Spiderman and other high cost characters with Senor Light. Its so fun to play, our team is considering shifting to this for our upcoming $10Ks.

    Awesome deck idea.
  9. deviaan

    deviaan New Member

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    yeah, thanx. really, you guys are actually concidering it? wow, that's awsome. i mean, seriously, wow. thanx. a lot. and i'd love to see the posts of your guys' version. i can't play test, right now i only have barlye any cards and can't play online. gald to hear the reviews. hm, i excpected the bad draws would kill. and yeah, hitting the curve is insane. and quite fun. the problem is it can't recover from bad draws. alright, let me c. from what i hear, Smiles aint too great. so, maybe cut down on those and up the kidnapping, maybe add black gate to draw cards. mr. freeze would be a good addition. so lets see,
    -3 Smiles, Everyone! (maybe in a more attackive build)
    +1 Kidnapping
    +2 Black Gate/Museam Hiest

    hm, black gate could do some damage, but if your exhausting everything it shouldn't be too bad. otherwise, Museam adds hand control and can draw. other cards to concider:
    Puppet Master
    Mr. Freeze (from what i hear, defintly against titans)
    More Entangle (too exhaust more)

    maybe, ditch the Psimon for more Jokers, adds control, i think. oh, btw, i would appreciate credit for the deck, not cause i need it, just so i can establish a name for myself, you know, not being able to play in tourneys yet. you can use my screen name, or my real name (juan). lol, if not it's cool. I just want to have a spot in this game, i haven't had much succes in any others.

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