X-Box 360 assasin creed


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kinda a good game i reckon but it is kinda to fast paste i like the way he does 1 hit kill's but the worst thing is when u first start the game you are given 13 health bars and at the mine the assasing you play as kill's an civilian so after getting out of the mine you gotta start with only 3 health bars and work your way up. but i love the way they have made it look realistic the buildings and the walls especially the people ill give it a 10/10 for the work they have put in the game but still a 7/10 for fighting scene's. what you all reckon?:D


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Assassin's Creed is an AMAZING game. It combines RPG, sandbox, and Action elements into one big melding pot. The storyline is also very intriguing...you are a current day bartender who has to relive your ancestor's lives through some weird memory machine (I can't remember what it's called off-hand). You come from a long line of assassins and apparently were one yourself. I haven't played the whole thing yet, but as of what I have played, I like everything about the game. It got 100% ratings from several sources (5/5, 10/10, etc.), and where it didn't, it got close (like the 9.9/10 from XBOX magazine).

I liked it. Had to take it back to the rental store though. Couldn't keep it forever you know.

And as of starting at 13 bars and going to 3 because of killing the innocent....you know, to get back to full sync you just have to NOT BREAK THE RULES OF THE CREED........so STAND THERE or WALK AROUND AND DON'T KILL ANYONE (unless you are supposed to).


This is a good game, but I was hoping that the real murderess, but I played a little and read the reviews of others, has features that I like. a murderess good, the action than stealth, the night and did not, at least they did not see, and a couple of things more.