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Barrel Behind the Door

Discussion in 'YGO Card Reviews & Tips' started by theallmightypoe, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. theallmightypoe

    theallmightypoe New Member

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    I say this was one of the most underestimated cards in the traditional format but with the new format it has lost its edge against things such as CED, RoD, and scientist. There are now more combos and more to look out for now instead of RoD and scientist (at least there isn't CED allowed -.-) even though they are played frequently.
    In earleir decks all you had to worry about was RoD and a catapult-Scientist combo now there are thigns such as Machine beatdowns coming back and the Barrel has lost its useage.
  2. Bigred Blues

    Bigred Blues New Member

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    Barrel Behind the Door
    Counter Trap

    When an effect that inflicts damage to Life Points is activated (except Battle Damage), switch the damage you receive to your opponent's Life Points.

    Seems simple, but I have seen the strangest stuff in regards to this card. I have seen people try and use cost effects and reflect them back at people (That is a No No) I have seen people use them against Continuous effect cards Like Wave Motion Cannon (Another No NO) and I have seen people chain 2 barrels to each other (No...bad...), and against Dice Jar.(-_-). This card has been a serious pain not just for the ruling world but for anyone trying to use this card. Recently Kevin got around to posting the rulings for PGD and joy swept the land for now we could point to the UDE FAQ and say this is where we got the answer from.

    Is it still a confusing card? At times yes, I still run into people who as about Wall of Revealing Light and Barrel behind the door. But Thankfully more people are using Hallowed Life Barrier and Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment over this. Its still a nice card, especially since Burn Decks are popular now. As long as you understand the basic rulings on this card.

    "Barrel Behind the Door" can only be activated against an effect that inflicts damage to YOUR Life Points.

    "Barrel Behind the Door" can only be activated against DAMAGE. It cannot be activated against costs like "Imperial Order" or "Wall of Revealing Light". It cannot be activated against effects that cause you to lose Life Points like "The Immortal of Thunder". It cannot be activated against effects that switch damage, like another "Barrel Behind the Door", because they do not inflict damage, they simply transfer it.

    You cannot activate "Barrel Behind the Door" against a Continuous Spell or Trap Card, an Equip Spell Card, or a Field Spell Card. So you cannot activate it against "Magical Thorn", "Dark Snake Syndrome", "Wave-Motion Cannon", or "Black Pendant".
    You cannot activate "Barrel Behind the Door" against a Continuous Effect Monster like "Gravekeeper's Vassal" or "Fire Princess" (even if an effect like "Gift of the Mystical Elf" is activated while "Fire Princess" is on the field).

    "Barrel Behind the Door" cannot be activated against cards that do not inflict damage when the card resolves, such as "Graverobber", which inflicts damage later.

    You cannot activate "Barrel Behind the Door" against effects if you don't know for certain that they will inflict damage when the effect is activated. So you cannot activate it against "Dice Jar", "Judgment of Anubis", "Time Wizard" or "Ante". Your cannot activate "Barrel Behind the Door" against "Ceasefire" if all monsters on the field are face-down, or if all monsters on the field are face-up Normal Monsters, but you can activate it against "Ceasefire" if there is at least 1 face-up Effect Monster on the field.

    Remember that the effects that Counter-Traps are chained to must immediately precede them in the chain. So if you activate "Ring of Destruction", and intend to chain "Barrel Behind the Door" to it, if your opponent chains something in-between (even an unrelated effect like "Jar of Greed"), then you cannot chain "Barrel Behind the Door" because "Ring of Destruction" is no longer the preceding step in the chain.

    Simple Right?
  3. furryjenny

    furryjenny New Member

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    Wave Motion Cannon v. BBtD: Why not?
    Sending WMC to the Graveyard triggers its effect, which does damage, so...it's not a continuous effect, is it?

    Does Fire Princess have a separate trigger (you increase LP, then FP's effect starts a Response Chain)?
  4. Fiendish Envoy

    Fiendish Envoy Member

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    "Barrel Behind the Door" cannot be used against Continuous Spell or Trap Cards.
  5. densetsu_x

    densetsu_x .

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    To elaborate a little more.

    "Barrel Behind the Door" can only be chained to the activation of an effect that will cause damage. That's why it cannot be chained to "Wave Motion Cannon" since by the time it would inflict damage, you are in the middle of resolving the effect. That is also the case with other Continuous Spell/Trap cards since their activation alone is not creating an effect that will inflict damage. Continuous Monster Effects simly can't be chained to.
  6. chenw

    chenw New Member

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    nice card, and yes it is underestimated, however it is definitely seeing less play due to the popularity of WMC, and Pickeru's Circle of Enchantment being able to protect all effect damages, and has less chaining restriction than BBtD (since it is a counter)

    deadly if used right, but still quite risky in some circumstances
  7. Archfiendgeneral

    Archfiendgeneral CotD Reviewer

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    Hmm... not bad. Though yeah, I rather use Pickeru's Cirlce of Enchantment over this. As Chenw has stated, its not as restricted as Barrel Behind the Door. It really depends on what you consider is more important. Stopping the effect from hurting you with little chance of it failure or sending it back in your opponents face but risk it not being able to at all?

    Cool artwork. Though highly unbelievable that Eygptians had guns back then. It is just me or does anybody else notice that censorship doesn't care what the weapon is along as its a) a sword or some other form of a stabbing weapon or b) modern day weapon (i.e. gun) that looks like it came from a time period that would make it HIGHLY anachronistic or C) a modern day weapon made to look futuristic (i.e. Barrel Dragon's cannons).

    FATHER-O-FIENDS New Member

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    Barrel Behind the Door is situational at best. Like Magic Cylinder, it works great if the conditions are correct (Cylinder is easier to pull off). Coupled with the Jinzo threat (not as bad since the searchers got baned, but still a problem), most tournament players stick with only a handfull of traps. BBTD is probably better in a side deck in case you are playing against a burn deck.
  9. Spike Kaiba

    Spike Kaiba New Member

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    I've always loved this card...namingly the Ring + BBtD combo...beat several people without having to do anything involving that combo. Such as -

    on their turn they had summoned Thunder Nyan Nyan and attacked

    I used my face down Magic Cylinder followed by Ring n BBtD

    to finish them i summoned a second Gemini Elf to follow my first turn GE and atacked for game
  10. URjustSOL

    URjustSOL Gold Member

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    There are still many cards in play that you can activate BBtD against. When it hits, it hits BIG, but most of the time it's a dead card in your hand/field.
  11. John Danker

    John Danker Administrator

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    <cringe> Fire Princess is a really bad example for this I'm afraid. Fire Princess is considered a continuous effect. It SHOULDN'T be, but it IS. Why is it considered a continuous effect? Because when Konami first released it they said it was and they don't want to change it now! By all definitions and descriptions it shouldn't be continuous....we just have to live with it.
  12. vickersja

    vickersja New Member

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    i am jacked that you cant combo this card with [ycard="PGD-027"]Dice Jar[/ycard]. that way, you are safe either way.

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