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BladedNinja's Review of Big Shield Gardna

Discussion in 'YGO Card Reviews & Tips' started by BladedNinja2k, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. BladedNinja2k

    BladedNinja2k New Member

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    Hey there, Dan here again with a second card review, this time of our best friend and all-round mammoth defender, Big Shield Gardna.
    It has been featured on the anime series multiple times, so it was a great joy to see it appear in both TP5 and in DB1, especially to me, a guy who wishes to eventually build a grand Guardian deck, lol.

    Here's what the dude looks like:

    DB1-EN097, TP5-EN002
    Big Shield Gardna
    Negate the activation of a Spell Card that designates this 1 face-down monster. At that time, flip this card into face-up Defense Position. If this card is attacked, change the Battle Position of this card to Attack Position at the end of the Damage Step.
    Ultra Rare (DB1), Super Rare (TP5)

    Heh, we were really treated when the English-text version of this guy was finally released, for on a basic level he makes for one phenomenal defender. 2600 DEF for a level 4 monster is insane, far superior to any other level 4 monster, so respect it, and look after it, because Big Shield Gardna does have a rather large weakness too, and this is what we want to focus on when it comes to basing a strategy around him.

    His effect is made up of two parts, a positive defense, and then a follow-up drawback. The first part of the effect is very handy, and it only makes this card more invulnerable while face-down, for it is protected against all targeting Spell Cards while it remains face-down, and as you will probably know, this includes such cards as Tribute to The Doomed, Equip Spell Cards (even though they couldn't be equipped to a face-down monster anyway, you get the picture), etc...
    But when it is specifically targeted by a Spell Card of the above description, it is instantly flipped into face-up Defense Position, therefore revealing your big defender, and widening the wound that is the second part of his effect, which is what the following strategies will focus on.

    The second part of Big Shield Gardna's effect is his main drawback, because if he is attacked while in Defense Position, he is switched into Attack Positon at the end of the Damage Step, and with an ATK of 100, that is definitely not a good thing, so we're gonna' have to do something about that.

    On a basic level, you could just back him up with cards such as Waboku, Sakuretsu Armor, etc...
    But then again, I could say that about almost any monster card, so let's go into some depth and take a look at some decent strategies behind that huge shield, lol.

    BTW, do NOT use Staunch Defender with Gardna, I don't think I need to go into detail as to why...

    Anyways, the first card which goes well with this card may sound familiar from my first review, yes, the card I'm talking about is Weapon Change. In case you didn't read my review of Gear Golem the Moving Fortress, what this combo involved was using Weapon Change to switch the ATK and DEF of the little metal dude so that he could inflict some serious pain, especially when combined with his effect, but with Big Shield Gardna, the pure power of this combo just got bigger. With 2600 ATK you can crush most monsters with that huge shield with relative ease, and then once Weapon Change's effect has worn off on your next turn, you can either switch Gardna back into Defense Position, or pay another 700 LP to keep him on the offensive, pretty nifty, lol.
    The only downfall to this strategy when compared to its uses with Gear Golem, is that Gardna doesn't have that dandy effect of being able to attack directly, so it would probably be best to reserve the use of this little combo until you can reveal an opening in your opponent's line of defense, and then you can spring this on 'em and show 'em how much 2600 points of direct damage can really hurt.

    Sadly, as it did with Gear Golem, Labyrinth of Nightmare doesn't really work well with this card, because LoN was used with Gear Golem purely because the Machine-type could still put up a fight in Attack Position, whereas Gardna is at his wimpiest when put on the offense, so instead of sneakily executing an attack with a usual defender, we're gonna' have to ensure his safe position of defense, even with his debilitating effect which is gonna' leave him open for execution after every hit.
    Hmm... lemme' think... out of all of those different cards, which one could make sure that Big Shield Gardna stays in Defense Position... ... ... oh yeah, I remember now, Level Limit - Area B!
    This Continuous Spell Card forces all level 4 or higher monsters to remain in Defense Position as long as it roams the field, so it works perfectly with Big Shield Gardna, because as soon as an attack from your opponent switches it into Attack Position, Level Limit will force it back into Defense Position, and even then, it isn't as if your opponent will have an easy time of getting through it anyway, because they'll be reduced to using their level 3 monsters or a Total Defense Shogun to attack with, and I can't really think of anything of that criteria which would benefit your opponent.

    The above combination with Level Limit - Area B also makes a very good friend in a certain Magician's Force card, Raregold Armor, which prevents your opponent from attacking anything other than the monster equipped with this dandy Equip Spell Card. So, with a restriction provided by Level Limit, and an attack redirection being enforced by your Big Shield Gardna equipped with Raregold Armor, it's gonna' seriously reduce your opponent's available options.

    Now we've looked at deflecting the debilitation of Big Shield Gardna onto your opponent, so the only thing that's really left to look at is the other basic DEF increasing cards, such as Yellow Luster Shield, Chorus of Sanctuary, etc...
    These, as with Gear Golem, will seriously increase the DEF of your Gardna to make your defenses literally impenetrable.
    Because Gardna is a Warrior-type, it gains a slight benefit in that it can be pulled from your deck quite easily by cards such as Freed the Matchless General and Reinforcement of the Army, so it can be obtained quite easily when required in a pinch, lol.

    So in the end, Big Shield Gardna is a powerful level 4 defender with a rather debilitating effect, but with the above combinations, you should be able to get around this disability, and allow yourself to maintain this powerful Warrior-type, as well as effectively utilise his type, and his nature, lol, he's a nice guy once you get to know him.

    Overall rating: 7 out of 10
    I like Big Shield Gardna, I like him a lot, and despite the above ways to get around the second part of his effect, it is still a rather large hole in the blockade that is this Warrior-type monster. He still gets points for his immense DEF for a level 4 monster, but it really sucks that, without giving it some prior thinking, he only serves as a one-time-use only defender.


    I'm gonna' review another card next week, and although I'll list the three choices here, I'm gonna' make a poll for it as well.
    If you have any comments or feedback on this review then I'd love to hear what you have to say, otherwise, I'll leave you with the candidates for the next review:


    See ya'!

    - Dan, ^_^
  2. chenw

    chenw New Member

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    Bowganian, i wanna broaden my scopes with this card.

    Big Shield, Crossout Bait, like you said, devastating in Level Limit Decks, especially warriors where MC locks are really really cheap.
  3. furryjenny

    furryjenny New Member

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    Here's another combo:

    BSG in a deck with GAF and Skill Drain
  4. the.wise.duelist

    the.wise.duelist New Member

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    or better yet if your opponent attacks your F/D Bing Shield Gardna chain with waboku and the attack wont go through and you'll have a 2600 defender face up in defence.  Maybe you might want to try level limit area B with it so it doesnt change position.
  5. furryjenny

    furryjenny New Member

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    The attack still goes through, just the attacker does 0 damage. Then Big Shield is in face-up ATK position meaning you still have to switch it back on your next turn. No biggie though :)

    Also, if you play him on turn 1, your opponent won't have anything else to attack with after ramming him (barring Special Summon) and he's a 2 turn defender. Kinda.
  6. Xeno

    Xeno Gold Member

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    It seems like you have to spend a hell of a lot of resources to keep this card alive, and I don't think its worth the hassle, unless like you said you build a deck around him.

    I think the best defence is a overwhelming offence, I'd prefer to spend my resources on attacking.
  7. DaGuyWitBluGlasses

    DaGuyWitBluGlasses New Member

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    The Dark Door:
    (Both players may only attack once per battle phase)

    A) Prevents your opponent from attacking it a second time while its in Attack position
    B) When your opponent attacks your Giant Rat, you can safely bring Gardna to the field in Attack position because your opponent can not attack again.
  8. icecold

    icecold not too 1337

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    yes the dark door works but what if they have something that can atk twice?
    then your in trouble.
    i wood rather use it with level limit
  9. krazykidpsx

    krazykidpsx New Member

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    hey i was under the impression we werent getting it in DB1

    also, yall heard that supposedly during " The Lost Millenium " were supposed to get its brother, Back up Gardna.

    card is alright, has a nasty draw back though.

    also it isnt a card you will want to base a deck around.

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