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captainphan13's h/w list

Discussion in 'Battle City Trading (YGO)' started by captainphan13, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. captainphan13

    captainphan13 New Member

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    My Trading Rules and Guidelines

    Ref rules as always
    - I live in CANADA.
    - I'll ship to Canada and US only
    - When shipping the card(s), it's best if you use a toploader(s) and also find some more protection such as cardboard, bubblewrap,etc. Do it, and I'll do the same for you.
    - Cards are expected to be in Mint/NM. Doesn't really matter to me if it's 1st edition or Unlimited.
  2. captainphan13

    captainphan13 New Member

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    My Wants

    Wants *** means I really really want
    - [ycard="SRL-EN039"]Delinquent Duo[/ycard]
    - [ycard="MRD-EN138"]Mirror Force[/ycard] ***
    - [ycard="FET-EN036"]King Dragun[/ycard] ***
    - [ycard="PGD-078"]Reaper on the Nightmare[/ycard]
    - D.D Warrior Lady
    - [ycard="IOC-093"]Smashing Ground[/ycard] x2
    - [ycard="FET-EN051"]Penalty Game![/ycard] x2
    - [ycard="LOD-EN097"]Drop Off[/ycard] x2
  3. captainphan13

    captainphan13 New Member

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    My Haves

    All my cards are mint or near-mint unless stated otherwise. Bear with me for the moment, I recently sold a large amount of my cards at school away so it'll be a month or two till I will go out in the mugly weather and pick up a booster box.

    [ycard="MFC-052"]XYZ-Dragon Cannon[/ycard] (BPT, mediocre condition)
    [ycard="EP1-EN003"]Sphinx Teleia[/ycard] x6
    [ycard="EP1-EN001"]Theinen the Great Sphinx[/ycard] x6
    [ycard="EP1-EN002"]Andro Sphinx[/ycard] x5
    [ycard="SDJ-001"]Red-Eyes B. Dragon[/ycard] (BPT)
    [ycard="WC4-001"]Fairy King Truesdale[/ycard] (has a scratch)
    [ycard="TFK-003"]Goblin Fan[/ycard]

    Secret Rares:
    [ycard="IOC-111"]Invader of Darkness[/ycard] (1st edition)

    Ultra Rares:
    [ycard="MFC-051"]XY-Dragon Cannon[/ycard] (small bend on right side, looks excellent condition from front)
    [ycard="LOD-EN001"]Dark Ruler Ha Des[/ycard] (small bend visible on the back right bottom corner)
    [ycard="DCR-007"]Guardian Grarl[/ycard]
    [ycard="PSV-EN050"]Buster Blader[/ycard] (PSV, good condition)
    [ycard="PGD-103"]Byser Shock[/ycard]
    [ycard="MRD-EN126"]Barrel Dragon[/ycard] (Two bends visible on the back, still looks good from front)
    [ycard="DB1-EN138"]Left Arm of the Forbidden One[/ycard] (LOB, 1st edition, in okay condition)
    [ycard="MRD-EN130"]Horn of Heaven[/ycard] (MRD, fairly adequate condition)
    [ycard="PSV-EN006"]Chain Destruction[/ycard] (PSV, good condition)
    [ycard="AST-038"]Burst Stream of Destruction[/ycard] (1st edition)
    [ycard="SD1-EN001"]Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon[/ycard] (1st edition... arent they all?)

    Super Rares:
    [ycard="DB1-EN102"]Dark Magician[/ycard] x2 (SYE, both in excellent condition)
    XY-Tank Cannon
    [ycard="AST-023"]Zaborg the Thunder Monarch[/ycard] (1st edition, in excellent condition)
    [ycard="SOD-EN033"]Penumbral Soldier Lady[/ycard] (1st edition)
    [ycard="SYE-019"]Kuriboh[/ycard] (MRD)
    [ycard="DB1-EN234"]Fire Princess[/ycard]
    [ycard="AST-067"]Legacy Hunter[/ycard] x2
    [ycard="AST-014"]Stone Statue of the Aztecs[/ycard] x2 (1 is 1st edition)
    [ycard="SDJ-022"]Penguin Soldier[/ycard] x5 (one is 1st edition, all are from adequate to mediocre condition)
    [ycard="SDY-009"]Celtic Guardian[/ycard] (Wow I still have this thing..)
    [ycard="PSV-EN003"]Parasite Paracide[/ycard] x2 (PSV, 1 is first edition and mint, other is unlimited, excellent condition but has pen scribbled over "KONAMI" on the back"
    [ycard="SRL-EN078"]Banisher of the Light[/ycard] (MRL, in good condition)
    [ycard="MFC-005"]Y-Dragon Head[/ycard] (bend in right corner, otherwise mint anywhere else)
    [ycard="MRD-EN075"]Catapult Turtle[/ycard] (MRD, in good condition)
    [ycard="AST-042"]The Sanctuary in the Sky[/ycard] x3 (1 is first edition)
    [ycard="PSV-EN063"]Fairy Meteor Crush[/ycard] (PSV, has some dents, otherwise okaycondition)
    [ycard="SD1-EN016"]Heavy Storm[/ycard] (MRD, has a small bend beside the flying guy's head, otherwise in great condition)
    [ycard="SDJ-036"]Polymerization[/ycard] (LOB, 1st edition, still in great condition)
    [ycard="DB1-EN179"]Limiter Removal[/ycard] (PSV)
    [ycard="DB1-EN032"]Giant Trunade[/ycard] (MRL)
    [ycard="SRL-EN102"]Messenger of Peace[/ycard] (MRL)
    [ycard="LON-EN017"]Mask of Dispel[/ycard] (LON, 1st edition)
    [ycard="LON-EN079"]Dark Spirit of the Silent[/ycard]
    [ycard="SOD-EN057"]Null and Void[/ycard] (1st edition)
    [ycard="RDS-EN049"]Tragedy[/ycard] (1st edition)
    [ycard="LOB-EN058"]Trap Hole[/ycard] (LOB, 1st edition, in adequate condition)
    [ycard="LON-EN081"]Riryoku Field[/ycard] (LON)
    [ycard="SKE-041"]Shadow Spell[/ycard]
    [ycard="DB1-EN078"]Mirror Wall[/ycard] (PSV)
    [ycard="SKE-045"]Dust Tornado[/ycard] (PSV)
    [ycard="MFC-043"]Spell Shield Type-8[/ycard] (1st edition)

    Rares & commons just ask, I probably have or can find.
  4. captainphan13

    captainphan13 New Member

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    Trading Activity

    1. somewan - completed, positive ref
    2. jasons - completed, positive ref

    Current trades:

  5. skochtape1

    skochtape1 D D Jester

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    I have everything that you have listed in you Wants list, except for Kinetic. Do you have The Creator (maybe x2) or Makyura?? There is a lot that i did not include in my Have lists, so if you need something else just ask. I've got a bunch of good stuff.
  6. captainphan13

    captainphan13 New Member

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    I do have The Creator (just one) but it's being traded to boyscout8. Well the trade hasn't really been confirm since I don't have his address to mail to so if the trade doesn't go through I'll tell you.
  7. skochtape1

    skochtape1 D D Jester

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    That's cool. Thanks.
  8. captainphan13

    captainphan13 New Member

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    Ok this lame excuse for a list has been updated.
  9. captainphan13

    captainphan13 New Member

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    Alrighty this list has been updated once more. Dunno why all the card names have links in them when I reedited the list but blah, just don't click them I guess.
  10. memorexia

    memorexia New Member

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    I have BigTusked Mammoth - rare anything else in particular you want for [ycard="PGD-084"]Necrovalley[/ycard]
  11. captainphan13

    captainphan13 New Member

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    traded necrovalley off, sorry bout that =[

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