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Clowns Trade/Want List

Discussion in 'Battle City Trading (YGO)' started by dark_clownz, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. dark_clownz

    dark_clownz Block Head

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    Standard Rules Apply.I will send first since i am new.Cards will be sent in individual sleeves inside a toploader i will expect the same.I will trade to trusted members only because ive been screwed in the past on other forums.
  2. EmeraldDragon

    EmeraldDragon Bringer of Doom

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    Hiya clowny. Id like to draw you attention to the following link


    Thats how we structure our trade threads here. It helps keep consistency and makes it easier for everyone to know exactly whats going on in every trade thread. So if you can edit your thread to follow that structure i will delete this post and you can get on with your trading. Also dont leave out the 4th post. The one for completed trades. Nobody has these starting of but they are very important later on.
  3. dark_clownz

    dark_clownz Block Head

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    My Want List

    Most Wanted
    Raiza The Storm Monarch
    Zaborg The Thunder Monarch
    Dark Magician Of Chaos
    Treeborn Frog
    Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
    Mirror Force
    Cyber Dragon
    Magical Stone Excavation
    Gemini Summoner
    United We Stand
    Rare Value
    Left arm of the forbidden one
    Right arm of the forbidden one
    Left leg of the forbidden one
    Crystal seer

    Medium Wanted
    Magician of faith
    Card trader
    Level limit-area B
    Nightmere steelcage
    Swords of concealing light
    Upstart goblin
    Jar of Greed
    Nimble momonga
    Dark mimic lvl 1
    Dark mimic lvl 3
    Dekoichi the battlechanted locomotive
    Silent Swordsman (all lvls)
    Mystic Swordsman (all lvls)
    Hamon Lord Of Striking Thunder
    Axe Of Despair
    Double summon

    Low Want
    Trap dustshoot
    D.D Warrior Lady
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  4. dark_clownz

    dark_clownz Block Head

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    My For Trade List

    Spiral Serpent STON-EN003-
    Fire Wall FOTB-EN060 1st Edition
    DD Crow STON-EN024 1st Edition
    Volcanic Slicer FOTB-EN012 1st Edition
    Forced Ceasefire FET-EN060
    Covering Fire RDS-EN060
    Lucky Iron Axe FOTB-EN037 1st Edition
    Volcanic Shell FOTB-EN009 1st Edition
    Goblin Out Of The Frying Pan SOI-EN059
    Miraculous Rebirth CDIP-EN044

    Rocket Warrior CT2-EN005 Limited Edition
    Panther Warrior CT2-EN006 Limited Edition
    Red Eyes B. Dragon BPT-005 Limited Edition
    Dragon Master Knight UE02-EN001 Limited Edition x2
    Red Eyes Darkness Dragon SD1-EN001 1st Edition x3
    Mazera Deville TLM-ENSE3 Limited Edition
    Kaiser Sea Horse SKE-015
    Ancient Gear Gadiltron Dragon SD10-EN001 1st Edition x2
    Super Conductor Tyranno SD09-EN001 1st Edition x2
    Theinen The Great Sphinx EP1-EN001
    Sphinx Teleia EP1-EN003 x2
    Red Eyes B. Dragon SDJ-001
    Andro Sphinx EP1-EN002
    Black Luster Soldier-Envoy IOC-025
    Chaos Emperor Dragon TLM-ENSE2 Limited Edition
    Ring Of Destruction IOC-SE3 Limited Edition
    Destiny Hero - Plasma CT04-EN003 Limited Edition
    Jinzo BPT-011 x2
    Kuriboh FL1-EN003
    Dark Eradicator Warlock SD6-EN001 1st edition
    The End of Anubis AST-000
    Elemental Hero Necroshade YSDJ-EN000 1st Edition
    Black Luster Soldier SYE-024
    Black Luster Soldier SYE-024 1st Edition

    Goblin Elite Attack Force CRV-EN020 x2
    Lord Of D. SDK-041
    Flute Of Summoning Dragon SDK-042
    Phantom Beast Rock Lizard FOTB-ENSE1 Limited Edition x2
    Elemental Hero Bladedge EEN-EN007
    Divine Dragon-Excelion SOI-EN033
    Super-Electromagnetic Dragon EOJ-EN031
    Eternal Dread DP05-EN030 1st Edition
    Over Destiny DP05-EN021 1st Edition
    Cyber End Dragon STON-ENSE1 Limited Edition
    Fusion Guard DP04-EN030
    Return Soul DP04-EN028
    Radient Mirror Force FOTB-EN055 1st Edition
    Terrorking Archfiend DB1-EN234
    Emissary Of The Afterlife AST-076
    Kid Guard DP03-EN030 1st Edition
    Destiny Hero Double Dude POTB-EN012
    Asura Priest LOD-071
    Twin Headed Thunder Dragon MRD-EN120
    Soul Exchange SDY-041 x2
    Black Luster Ritual SYE-025 1st Edition x3
    The Mask Of Remnants TAEV-ENSE2 Limited Edition x3
    Winged Rhynoys FOTB-ENSE2 Limited Edition
    Masked Beast Des Gardius TAEV-ENSE1 Limited Edition
    Elemental Hero Bubbleman YSDJ-EN017 1st Edition
    Blue Eyes White Dragon SKE-001
    Dark Hole LOB-052
    Triangle Ecstasy Spark RDS-EN039
    Sky Scourge Invicil FOTB-EN023
    Necro Gardna TAEV-EN012
    Blazewing Butterfly TAEV-EN089
    Drilloid YSDS-EN016 1st Edition
    Destiny Hero Dogma POTD-EN014
    Elemental Hero Neos Alius TAEV-EN018
    Damage Condenser SDJ-EN052
    Hallowed Life Barrier DR3-EN060

    Gearfried The Iron Knight DB1-EN024 x3
    Dark Blade MFC-007 x2
    Fire Wall FOTB-EN060 1st Edition
    Barrel Behind The Door DR1-EN043
    Fusion Gate DB2-EN030
    Royal Opression LOD-091 1st Edition
    Broww Of Darkworld EEN-021 1st Edition
    Continuous Destruction Punch MFC--085
    Goldd Of Darkworld CP03-EN007 x2
    Clock Tower Prison DP05-EN016 1st Edition
    Destiny Hero Dasher POTD-EN017 x2
    Destiny Hero Defender DP05-EN006 1st Edition
    Cyclone Blade POTD-EN043
    Cyber Laser Dragon DP04-EN003 x2
    Mind On Air DR3-EN027
    Hayabusa Knight PSV-086
    Option Hunter SOI-EN058
    Zeradias Herald Of Heaven FOTB-EN018 1st Edition x3
    Lucky Iron Axe FOTB-EN037 1st Edition
    Legendary Fisherman DB1-EN190 x4
    Master Of Oz SOD-EN035
    Triggered Summon FOTB-EN046 x2
    Destroyersaurus FOTB-EN017 1st Edition
    Destiny Hero Dreadmaster DP05-EN004 1st Edition
    Destiny Hero Dogma DP05-EN007 1st Edition x2
    Warrior Of Atlantis FOTB-EN016 1st Edition x2
    Ultimate Insect LV5 FET-EN007 1st Edition
    WroughtWeiler CRV-EN012
    Degenerate Circuit CDIP-EN017 1st Edition
    Destruction Of Destiny EOJ-EN051
    Goblin Out Of The Frying Pan SOI-EN059
    Dark Blade Dragon Knight DR3-EN095
    Mother Grizzly SRL-EN090
    Moisture Creature PGD-013 1st Edition
    Marie Of The Fallen One LON-046
    Chthonian Alliance EEN-En044
    Malfuction SOI-EN060 1st Edition
    Queens Knight EEN-EN004
    Amphibian Beast LON-008
    Tribute Doll MFC-039 1st Edition x2
    Dimensional Inversion CDIP-EN052 x2
    Volcanic Slicer FOTB-EN012
    Grasschopper TAEV-EN022
    Cloak and Dagger STON-EN059
    Chain Disappearance IOC-EN052
    Brron, Mad King of Dark World EEN-EN022
    Hunter Dragon TAEV-EN004 1st Edition x2
    Snake Rain TAEV-EN052
    Hyozanryu SRL-EN075
    After Genocide LOD-086 1st Edition
    Damage = Reptile TAEV-EN067 1st Edition
    Harpie Queen FOTB-EN020
    Supercharge POTB-EN056
    Phantom Dragonray Bronto TAEV-EN087
    Thousand-Eye Jellyfish TAEV-EN082 1st Edition x2
    Royal Command DB2-EN014
    Return of the Doomed LON-021
    Rapid-Fire Magician EEN-EN019
    D.D. Crow STON-EN024 x2
    Volcanic Shell FOTB-EN009
    Symbols Of Duty TAEV-EN060 1st Edition
    Common Charity TAEV-EN072 1st Edition
    Gaia Soul The Combustible Collective RDS-EN028
    Pikeru's Circle Of Enchantment CP03-EN010
    Nuvia The Wicked LON-013
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  5. dark_clownz

    dark_clownz Block Head

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    Current Trades

    dd warrior lady
    torrential tribute
    crystal beast tiger
    goe goe
    blade knight

    mutal +1's

    In Progress
  6. EmeraldDragon

    EmeraldDragon Bringer of Doom

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    Excellent. Thanks for following the format clown. Happy trading.
  7. SoilentG

    SoilentG CoG iTrader

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    I have a Neo-Spacian Grand Mole (rare)... can you check my H/W in my sig for any of the "Definitely Want"s I have... they're mostly commons...
  8. krishna

    krishna CoG iTrader

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    The cards you have on your list that I'm looking at are:
    Blade Knight,
    Rising Energy, and Goe Goe the Gallent Ninja.

    The cards I have (on and off my list) that you wanted were:
    Eradicator Warlock,
    Torrential Tribute
    Hamon Lord of Striking Thunder
    Axe of Despares (not sure how many I possess)
    Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger
    D.D. Warrior Lady

    I'm hoping that maybe you have some of the commons on my wants list at all?
    Krish's List

    Such as, Heart of the Underdog or Old Vindictive Magician, or Non-Spellcasting Area.
  9. Cyber twin king

    Cyber twin king New Member

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    1x ultra 1st ed volcanic doomfire (slight dent on the card)
    for your
    2x goldd wu lord from CP
  10. dark_clownz

    dark_clownz Block Head

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    newly updated and bump
  11. DarkMagicUser

    DarkMagicUser New Member

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    I have: Magic Cylinder (Secret and Common), Gemini Summoner x2 (promo, somewhat hard to get).

    I like:

    Cyber End Dragon
    DD Crow ULT
    BLS Envoy (minor)

    Also, you don't happen to have any unlisted Chimeretechs by chance?
  12. SoilentG

    SoilentG CoG iTrader

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    I have Crystal Beast Pegasus, Ultra if you're interested... check my H/W in my sig. Look forward to trading with you again.
  13. sillydraco

    sillydraco New Member

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    cml for Volcanic Slicer FOTB-EN012 1st Edition please ^^
  14. xrofa8

    xrofa8 New Member

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    i've sent you a PM

    my proposal is:

    My: Zaborg (rare)
    for your:
    Five Headed Dragon

    what do you say?
  15. tightplay

    tightplay New Member

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  16. dark_clownz

    dark_clownz Block Head

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    updated and bump
  17. dark_clownz

    dark_clownz Block Head

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    now fully updated and revised

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