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Player Management Comments changing game state

Discussion in 'UDE Player Management' started by UDEbot, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. UDEbot

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    Comments changing game state
    from UDE's Player Management Forums

    From this thread:


    I can't quite find out what happens in this instance, so I'm asking here.

    Here's the situation:

    Players A and B are playing a game.

    Random person walks by and states to other random person: "Hey, he has two Nether Fractures, is he purposely bluffing by letting that guy play that card?"

    Player B (holding the 2 Nether Fractures in question) turns around and says: "Thanks for telling him what's in my hand!"

    Now, the random people involved were not people in the tournament. Rather, they were just passing by. The one person didn't mean to say it so loudly; it's just that the area was noisy, and then for some reason it was quiet when he said it (you know those situations - loud noise, and then suddenly it's quiet and everyone can hear you?).

    So as a judge, I deemed this to damage the game state and called that game a draw, gave them a time extension (they were only 10 minutes in) and let them play again. I told the random people not to watch the game and to move to another area.

    I know that's not normally what would be done. What is the normal procedure?

  2. DarkLogicianOfCaos

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    Sadly, not a lot. The person who spoke out is in violation of the tournament policies, Unsportsmanlike Conduct-Major and should be asked to leave. As for the game state, it may place the player at a disadvantage, but he admitted that that was what was in his hand. He could have just as easily not and make his opponent wonder. In any case, no infraction was incurred by either player (assuming, as you say, that the guy was "random" and they weren't in collusion). And the game is NOT completely irreperable, any more than the false activations of a cards an having it returned to its original position. Yes, it sucks that the opponent now has an advantage, but the game must continue. As it stands now, there is no leeway in the UDE Penalty guide for restarting a game or ending a game in progress without granting a Game Loss. Thus, the only way to "make it equal" is to go outside the guidelines, in which case, anything goes.....

    ***The following are examples of what can happen when anything goes and are not to be taken as actual advise:

    Both players play with their hands revealed.
    Have the Judge announce the two best cards in the opponent's hand.
    Hypnotize the opponent and make him forget he heard anything.
    Pick any two cards of the opponent's (including deck) and look at them.

    You get the idea.....

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