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Cyberdark Empire

Discussion in 'Deck Construction (YGO)' started by Hannya, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Hannya

    Hannya New Member

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    (This time I promise I'll put the finished deck on line)

    After reading Suerto's post, I noticed how much potential those little Cyberdark Dragon held. It shouldn't be too difficult to combinate them well with other dragons, such as Armoured Dragon (to give the deck an alternative).

    So, basically, I'd need ideas for the monsters to put in. Okay it'll be a dragon deck, but I don't want to go pass cards as DDWL, Exil.F. aso

    3x Cyberdark Horn
    3x Cyberdark Edge
    3x Cyberdark Keel
    2x Cyber Phoenix
    2-3x Cyber Dragon
    1-2x Infernal Dragon
    1x Sangan

    +all the Armoured Dragon stuff

    Furthermore, I think Overload Fusion will do great here :D (with Future Fusion support I mean)
  2. cuzwbd

    cuzwbd New Member

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    future fusion
    overload fusion
    dragons mirror
    light sealed hex ( need to research dark sealed hex...)
    dimension fusion/ rfdd
    masked dragon/troop dragon/thunder dragon
    exploder dragon
    twinheaded behemoth
    dweller in depths ? (fotb 028)
    if decrees then whitehorns...
    maybe kaiserglider...
    assuming fusions are; chimeratech overdragon, cyber dark, 5 headed, cyber twin, cyber end

    sorry - a bunch of random thoughts - need time to sort & experiment.....
  3. Hannya

    Hannya New Member

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    I like you :)
  4. BlizzTheOneAndOnly

    BlizzTheOneAndOnly FaceBook User

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    Hunter dragon is a must....

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