Dark Magician deck


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Hey all, I love the Dark Magician monster and even more the Dark Magician of Chaos, and this is the first real deck I have tried to create, and am worried my magic or trap card choices are a bit...well, off lol. I like my monster choices, but if there is anything I can do to make them better than I'm open to suggestion.

Mainly, it is using Spell Counters to summon dark magicians and then magic cards to summon DMoC, as well as using other effects.

Ok here is the deck

1xDark Magician of Chaos
1xDark Eradicator Warlock
3xDark Magician
2xMagical Marionette

3xSkilled Magician
2xApprentice Magician
2xMagician of Faith
2xMagical Plant Mandargola
1xArmour Exe
1xBlast Magician
1xRapid Fire Magician
1xBreaker the Magical Warrior
1xMythical Beast Cerberus

Spell Cards (where it gets iffy)
2xMagical Dimension
2xMystical Space Typhoon
2xMonster Reborn
1xMage Power
1xDiffusion Wave Motion
1xSpell Abosrbtion
1xSpell Reproduction
1xPot of Greed
1xDark Magic Attack
1xSwords of Revealing Light

2xPitch-Black Power Stone
2xTrap Jammer
1xSekuretsu Armor
1xMiracle Restoring

So thats it, I know there is a lot I could do with it, maybe even replacing my ace card with Silent Magician which utilises the Spell Counters. I dunno, hope you guys can give me help :)