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Dark Spirit of Silent

Discussion in 'Rules Questions (YGO)' started by miiaah, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. miiaah

    miiaah New Member

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    Player A has a Gemini Elf and a Sheep Token on the field.
    Player B has two face-down monsters.
    Player A's Gemini Elf attacks the first monster. Player B activates Dark Spirit of Silent and choose the Sheep Token as a target.
    Does Player A choose the target of the new attack or does he have to attack the first monster he previously chose ?

    Now instead of Gemini Elf, there's a Raging Flame Sprite. And instead of the two face-down monsters, there are two Solar Flare Dragon.
    Raging Flame Sprite attacks directly.
    Can Player B activate Dark Spirit of Silent ? What will happen if he can ?
  2. StRiKe_NiNjA

    StRiKe_NiNjA Dimension Shift Ninja

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    [ycard="LON-EN079"]Dark Spirit of the Silent[/ycard]
    This card can only be activated during your opponent's Battle Step. Negate the attack of 1 monster and select another 1 of your opponent's face-up monsters and have it attack. If the new targeted attacking monster is in face-up Defense Position, change it to Attack Position.

    In the first situation, PlayerA does not choose a new attack target, the effect of [ycard="LON-EN079"]Dark Spirit of the Silent[/ycard] forces a new monster to attack the same attack target that was previosly declared.

    To further explain [ycard="LON-EN079"]Dark Spirit of the Silent[/ycard], it doesn't work like [ycard="IOC-SE2"]Magic Cylinder[/ycard] or [ycard="AST-054"]Draining Shield[/ycard] would, for when they [ycard="TSC-003"]Negate Attack[/ycard]s, it takes a player back to the Start Step of the battle phase. For [ycard="LON-EN079"]Dark Spirit of the Silent[/ycard], the moment the attack is negated, another monster is there to replace that attack so your opponent cannot choose a new attack target.

    For the [ycard="RDS-EN020"]Raging Flame Sprite[/ycard] situation... Yes, you may activate [ycard="LON-EN079"]Dark Spirit of the Silent[/ycard] to negate the direct attack of [ycard="RDS-EN020"]Raging Flame Sprite[/ycard] and choose a [ycard="SDJ-041"]Scapegoat[/ycard] token... however that [ycard="SDJ-041"]Scapegoat[/ycard] token will still attack the original target which was the player for a direct attack. Here's a ruling that relates:

    If "[ycard="SYE-022"]Zombyra the Dark[/ycard]" is selected with "[ycard="LON-EN079"]Dark Spirit of the Silent[/ycard]" and you have no monsters, "[ycard="SYE-022"]Zombyra the Dark[/ycard]" may attack directly.

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