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densetsu_x's Auction: Mechanicalchaser TP1-E001, 4/09/05

Discussion in 'Battle City Trading (YGO)' started by densetsu_x, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. densetsu_x

    densetsu_x .

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    Start Date: 4/08/05
    End Date: 4/09/05

    Take 2 at a cash auction. This time it is for 1 card, a mint condition TP1 Mechanicalchaser. It's sealed in its own plastic casing and never has been used. I'm trying a 1 day shot on here hoping something comes of it to avoid eBay fees and such. It's the Euro version of the card which is even a bit rarer than the US version (from what I heard). It is tournament legal in all UDE territories. I'm doing this only to pay off some of the last bills for the car fees.

    Minimum bid is $50. $5 Shipping to anywhere in the US through USPS Priority Mail and Insured. Payment should be made through Paypal immediately if you are the winner (as I need to get 1 last part before this Sunday. I know, nothing like cutting it close). PM me any questions you have and good luck everyone.

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