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DimensionRulers Poetry Corner

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Dimensionruler, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Dimensionruler

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    A Beautiful Dawn

    Before the night turns into day,
    I become gay;
    Its the time I look forward to in everyway,
    cause its a Beautiful Dawn.

    As it chases away the night,
    and I begin to see the light;
    I know everything is going to be alright.
    Its a Beautiful Dawn.

    Its the only time I really smile,
    thought it only last for awhile.
    I know it will return on the morrow,
    cause its a Beautiful Dawn.
    A beautiful Dawn.

    Real/Dream Girl
    I seen her in a dream,
    So beautiful,
    and with an angelic gleam.
    She was absolutely wonderful.

    I dreamed of her all night.
    When I awoke,
    and she was no where in sight.
    My love vanished in a puff of smoke.

    Then on the very next day,
    to my surprise,
    I just had to shout hooray.
    She was standing before my own eyes.

    My heart begins to race,
    I start to smile,
    and love spreads across my face.
    This feeling is what makes life worthwhile.

    My Dream Girl is real,
    and I'm in love.
    Now my life is so surreal;
    she must be a gift from up above.

    Feelings of Love

    I was sitting in school one day,
    as people ran about in disarray;
    when my eyes found her,
    and everything else became a blur.

    The sight of her has an impact:
    everyone around stops dead in their track,
    my heart skips a beat,
    and my breath catches like concrete.

    I lose myself in her blue eyes,
    and her smile will surely be my demise.
    She is an angel,
    and her beauty is remarkable.

    I've gotten to know her in time,
    and would do anything to make her mine.
    I've fallen in love,
    and I pray she will be my beloved.

    The Look in My Eyes

    There she sits across the way.
    There are so many things I want to say,
    So many feelings I wish to convey,
    And so much love to give her way.

    I try to speak but my words jumble,
    And I can only manage to mumble;
    As my words begin to stumble,
    My confidence crumbles.

    I must tell her the feelings I’ve had to conceal.
    So I come up with a way that’s simply ideal.
    I’ll use my eyes to tell her how I feel,
    And communicate the feelings I wish to reveal.

    As I look deep into her eyes
    I pray she will realize,
    That my love will not compromise.
    When I received a wonderful surprise.

    As I looked into her eyes I see
    Love looking back at me.
    And as my heart filled with glee
    My feelings for her I was finally able to decree.

    I told her of my love,
    And asked her to be my ladylove.
    She felt the same for me and thereof
    Our love would grow as strong as a dove.

    I’m happier then I’ve ever been
    And it’s all thanks to when
    [FONT=&quot]I used my eyes to communicate the feelings within.

    [/FONT] All I’ve Ever Wanted

    There is only one thing in life I’ve ever wanted.
    One feeling that has left me haunted,
    For it always evades me,
    Like the great white whale at sea.

    To feel the love of a girl,
    And to have her as our future unfurls.
    To give her all the love I have to give,
    And dedicate all the life I have to live.

    To comfort her when she’s sad,
    And cheer her up when she’s mad.
    To hold her in my arms,
    And protect her from all harm.

    To entwine our lives as one,
    And promise that our love won’t be undone.
    As we stand together,
    And pledge our lives to each other.

    I wish to find the girl of my dreams,
    So we can conquer life as a team.
    As we support each other in our times of need,
    Against every challenge we will succeed.

    Love’s a feeling no one should live without,
    And the greatest on earth without a doubt.
    So wish me luck as I search for the love,
    Of a girl who’d be my ladylove.

    The Love Sitting Across From You

    There you sit with a broken heart,
    Because the one you loved tore it apart.
    Well I have some wisdom to impart,
    So I hope you listen and don’t depart.

    You say the only thing you want is love
    And to have that feeling from above,
    However; the guys you go for are void of,
    The ability to give you that love.

    Well here it sits across from you,
    A never dying love that is true.
    It comes from a person who,
    You always look right through.

    It’s been here all this time,
    A love that could be simply sublime.
    But it’s from a guy that couldn’t hope to mime,
    The type of guy you go for, who are always slime.

    All I have to say,
    Is that maybe if you opened your eyes and survey,
    The person sitting in front of you today,
    You will find a love that will never stray.

    I’m not saying it’s going to be easy,
    And our love may not be made fantasy,
    And I know I may sound cheesy,
    But I will do my best to keep you in a state of ecstasy.

    So I hope you will give our love a chance.
    Cause baby you deserve to dance,
    With someone who knows how to romance.

    To a dear friend lost

    You where my best friend,
    So loved no one could contend.
    But I guess it was just pretend,
    Because that friendship had to end.

    You cared about me,
    And comforted me,
    When I was down you helped me,
    But now you flee from me.

    I’ve made so many mistakes,
    Too many for you to take.
    And now my heart aches,
    Cause you’ve caused it to break.

    I’m sorry for all I put you through,
    And for causing our friendship to go askew.
    I wish there was something I could do,
    To make you see my feelings are true.

    I know I don’t deserve it,
    And that I’m a piece of ****.
    But please give me a second chance.
    And let me show you how much I can advance.

    Just Friends

    I care about you,
    But you just want to be friends.
    Something I always knew,
    Cause that sentence haunts me to no end.

    I try to be a good guy,
    I try to be what girls say they want.
    But no matter how hard I try,
    That sentence continues to taunt.

    They never tell me what’s wrong,
    They tell me it was nothing I did.
    And their silence only prolongs,
    The sentence that always forbids.

    I thought you where distinct,
    That you would see the guy I am.
    But before I blinked,
    You told me the same as them.

    I love you now,
    And I’m at the end of the track.
    Please tell me how,
    You expect me to go back.

    So here is what I have to say,
    About the sentence that’s above.
    Friends I have an array,
    What I really need is love.

    One Cares, the Other Doesn’t

    I’m sitting here torn and broken,
    You stand there smiling and jokin’.
    It’s as if you are completely unaffected,
    By our friendship being shredded.

    I cry and cry until I’m overtaken,
    With a loss of hope, a horrible feelin’.
    You go about your life absentminded.
    As if we where never connected.

    I try and try to reawaken,
    The spark that made our friendship so appealin’.
    To be the guy that you once befriended,
    And who’s helping hand you often accepted.

    You pretend like I haven’t even spoken,
    And you ignore me like I’m nothin’.
    You act so cold hearted,
    And completely uninterested.

    I’m going to continue to care about you,
    Even if you continue to act like you don’t about me.
    Because my love for you will always be true,
    And I know we would be great together, even if you refuse to see.

    If I Died Today

    If I died today,
    Would you miss me?
    Would your life crumble in disarray?
    Or would you simply replace me?

    Would you fall to your knees,
    With tears in your eyes.
    Or would you move on with ease,
    Seconds after you’ve said your goodbyes.

    Would you morn for a friend lost,
    As memories of our time together flashed.
    Or would thoughts of me get tossed,
    And those memories of me trashed.

    Would you have regrets?
    Of never telling me how you felt.
    Or would you let,
    Your feelings for me melt.

    If I died today,
    Would it affect your life in anyway?
    Or would all memories of me fade,
    As the dirt fell from the spade.
  2. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

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    Very reminiscent of those school days. Of course, my stories all stop about halfway through. <grumble>
  3. Dimensionruler

    Dimensionruler Block Head

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    lol, I always have that problem with stories as well. I love to write but I always get so many idea's that I put one story down to start another and never finish the first. So now I stick to poetry and occasionally an article here or there. I was actually on the article team at ittd.com for awhile and posted a few decient articles. I may update the decks and post them up here.

    I only ever write my poetry during times of immense emotional stress, typically of depression and heartache.

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