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Domus Mundi FAQ

Discussion in 'Writer's Resources' started by bishop, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. bishop

    bishop Thief of Always

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    Q: What is the Domus Mundi?
    A: The Domus Mundi is the working name for the Shared WorldBuilding Experience, originated in the mind of bishop and brought to the table of projects for both Innovation Gaming and Empyre Group.

    Q: What is a Shared WorldBuilding Experience?
    A: In short, we provide the land and, within a certain parameters of personal creativity and collaboration with your peers, you provide the details of that land. The long version is that we have built a planet, of sorts, and encourage a collaborative effort in order to populate this world with people, places and things; historical and current events; legends and myths, gods and religions; governments, races, languages and more. There is very little that is not open to one’s imagination and the world is a very large place indeed.

    Q: I don’t understand.
    A: Good. Neither do we.

    Q: What’s the point?
    A: Aside from providing our only chance at world domination, we felt that it might be a good community experience to produce a collaborative effort by that same community.

    Q: No, really. What’s the point? Aren’t you going to do something with it?
    A: You didn’t believe the altruistic answer we gave? Smart people. But you’ve already bought the bridge, we might as well deliver.

    Q: But, but, but ... wait! I hear you’re developing a RPG and we’re doing all the tough stuff while you sit back and do nothing.
    A: But, but, but ... you heard wrong.

    Q: Sooo … what’s really going on here?
    A: We’ve decided to build a world in which the community will provide the details (you can bet that I'll probably spend the majority of my personal time on this project). Yes, at some future date, we do have multiple publication and gaming plans that are currently “top secretâ€, but we can promise you that everyone who participates will be credited and compensated in some way. But for now, it’s just for fun; a small creative endeavor that we hope will draw a small following of creative people to work on it.

    Q: Multiple publication and gaming plans? Like what?
    A: You expect us to give away all our secrets? Fat chance. Besides, it all depends on how creative you are here. And remember one thing: the keyword is plans. Not everything that is planned actually happens.

    Q: How do I start?
    A: Glad you asked. We’ve provided a world map and several general geographic locations. We might provide a little more if we feel like it. However, we will provide some templates as well for creating whole civilizations with the information that will be required. As time goes on, the more detail we will be able to amass. But we will start out with a lot of the general demographic information and work our way to the more specific pieces of information.

    Q: What can I contribute?
    A: Everyone has something to contribute. Whether it is the whole foundation for a civilization or a poetic myth or a small pearl of great price or even just a short story of an adventure exploring some aspect of the world, there is the ability to contribute to a growing world that is full of possibilities. If the only thing that you do is participate in the forum discussions over the details in order to refine them, add depth to them and put them into an overall consistent perspective, then you have contributed.

    Q: When do I begin?
    A: The functional part of the Domus Mundi project will start 01 February 2005. Until then, resources and templates will be added to the project in the appropriate forum for the use by those members who wish to participate.

    Q: So, why am I doing this again?
    A: To have fun and be creative.
  2. Raijinili

    Raijinili New Member

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    I think I get it.

    The FAQ is your own fiction. So's the plan. It's all fiction.
  3. bishop

    bishop Thief of Always

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    Not really. I mean, yeah, it's all fiction, but the end result -- if all goes well -- will be very real.

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