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Emeralddragons second trading post

Discussion in 'Yancy Street Trading (VS)' started by EmeraldDragon, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. EmeraldDragon

    EmeraldDragon Bringer of Doom

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    Personal trading guidelines.

    I am in ireland so its easiest for me to send things around europe but further than that it might take a while to get to you.

    A few of my cards (not all) have some general wear and tear. If you have cards that arent mint dont worry I am not too picky about a few small marks I use deck sleeves anyway. Nothing in exceptionally bad condition obviously.

    My work schedule is pretty eratic so it might be a day or two before i can send things out but they will be sent at the earliest possible time.

    Apart from that everythings fine with me as long as your honest. Basic you mess me about and ya get a bad rating promise applies though so dont mess me around and i wont mess you around.
  2. EmeraldDragon

    EmeraldDragon Bringer of Doom

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    Rare holo:

    Spiderman ~ Peter Parker
    Rás Al Ghul ~Undying
    Batman ~ Shadow of the bat
    Dr Doom ~ Scientific Scorceror
    Mr Fantastic ~ Leader
    Hyperion ~ Sun God
    Hired Hit

    Uncommon holo

    Vermin ~ Sewer Rat
    Scorpion ~ Fatal Sting
    Speed Demon ~ Second chance speedster
    Lady Lark ~ Linda Lewis

    Common Holo

    Quicksilver ~ Mutant avenger
    Seek Cover



    Kang ~ Kang Kong
    Spider Man ~ Peter Parker
    Kang ~ Immortus
    Karla Sofen <> Meteorite ~ Twin Moonstones
    Null Time Zone
    Thunderbolts Plaza


    Kang ~ Rama Tut x2
    Basilisk ~ Basil Elks
    Mortician ~ Toussaint morrow
    Foxfire ~ Olivia Underwood
    Natasha Romanoff <> Black Widow ~ Super spy
    Vermin ~ Sewer rat
    Ahab ~ houndkeeper
    Grey Gargoyle ~ Paul Pierre Duval x3
    Lady Lark ~ Linda Lewis
    Scorpion ~ Fatal Sting
    Growing Man ~ Kinetic Stimuloid
    Bronze Tiger ~ Brainwashed Assassin
    Huntress ~ Bird of Prey
    Lady Shiva ~ The destroyer
    Cassandra cain <> Batgirl ~ Student of the Knight
    Amenhotep ~ Dark Pharoah
    Beetle <> Mach 3 ~ Repentant Villain x2
    Whizzer ~ Stanley Stewart
    Hercules ~ Son of Zeus x3
    Cryonic Grenade
    A Second Chance x3
    Panacea Potion x2
    Force Shield
    Flying Fortress
    Urú Encampment
    Gotham City
    Biomodem Satellite
    Reeds Workshop
    Dooms Laboratory
  3. EmeraldDragon

    EmeraldDragon Bringer of Doom

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    Cant think of anything just yet make nice offers and see what happens.
  4. EmeraldDragon

    EmeraldDragon Bringer of Doom

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    Completed trades.

    rating = what i was rated / what i rated the trader

    Completed Trade = Shadowdragon + Fuzzman - rating = +1/+1
    Completed Trade = Drayon - rating = +1/+1
    Completed trade = Jathro - rating = +1/+1
    Completed trade = Atrusofkrondor - rating = +1/+1
    Completed trade = generalpdw - rating = +1/+1
    Completed Trade = MightyDingo - rating = +1/+1
    Completed trade = Ojimaru - rating = +1/+1
    Completed trade = Deepdark - rating = +1/+1
    Completed Trade = redlordofvampires - rating = +1/+1

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