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Engine of Destruction (Advanced BEWD deck)

Discussion in 'Advanced Format Decks (YGO)' started by Seto Kaiba, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Seto Kaiba

    Seto Kaiba New Member

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    Okay I have not been on here in quite a few months and I doubt many people even pay attention to what I post anyway. With college and everything I have not had much time to post upgrades to my deck so instead of updating I am just going to repost the whole thing. If you want to compair this deck to the last one i posted the other post is called "Engine of Destruction (my blue-eyes deck reborn)."



    Obelisk the Tormentor (JUMP-EN037) x1 -this is not a typo and it is legal.


    Blue-Eyes White Dragon (YAP1-EN001) x3
    Seiyaryu (DDS-004) x1


    Prime Material Dragon (PTDN-EN087) x2


    Twin-Headed Behemoth (LOD-063) x1
    Masked Dragon (SOD-026) x2
    Debris Dragon (CRMS-EN002) x1
    Exploder Dragon (WC07-EN002) x2
    King of the Swamp (AST-082) x1
    Totem Dragon (CRMS-EN085) x2
    Marshmallon (PP01-EN003) x1
    White Stone of Legend (CSOC-EN035) x3
    Flamevell Guard (HA01-009) x1


    Ancient Rules (STON-EN037) x2
    Brain Control (YSD-EN031) x1
    Burst Stream of Destruction (AST-038) x2
    Dragons Mirror (CRV-EN040) x1
    Future Fusion (POTD-EN044) x1
    Instant Fusion (CDIP-EN040) x1
    Mystical Space Typhoon (MRL-047) x1
    Non-Spellcasting Area (DCR-043) x3
    One for One (RGBT-EN045) x1
    Polymerization (DPYG-EN020) x1
    Swing of Memories (DP06-EN017) x2


    Royal Decree (SD5-EN035) x3
    *Please do not recamend any more traps. These are all I am going to use.



    Dragoness the Wicked Knight (LOB-086) x1
    Darkfire Dragon (LOB-019) x1
    Pragtical (MDP2-EN014) x1
    Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (JMP-EN005) x3
    Dragon Master Knight (UF02-EN001) x1
    Five-headed Dragon (SD09-ENSS1) x1


    Ally of Justice Catastor (HA01-EN026) x1
    Iron Chain Dragon (CSOC-EN040) x1
    Power Tool Dragon (RGBT-EN042) x1
    Black Rose Dragon (CSOC-EN039) x1
    Stardust Dragon (CT05-EN001) x1
    Red Dragon Archfiend (TDG5-EN041) x1
    Trident Dragion (RGBT-EN043) x1

    Side Deck

    Gorz The Emissary of Darkness (DLG1-EN000) (All are x1)
    White-Horned Dragon (GXNG-EN001)
    Kaiser Glider (DCR-051)
    Luster Dragon (2400atk) (LOD-050)
    Twin-Headed Behemoth (LOD-063)
    Jowgen the Spiritualist (LON-061)
    Kaiba Man (WC5-EN002)
    D.D. Crow (CP05-EN016)
    Burial from a Different Dimension (CP08-EN010)
    D.D.R. Different Dimension Reincarnation (SDDE-EN018)
    De-Fusion (LON-097)
    Deck Lockdown (LODT-EN060)
    Super Polymerization (PTDN-EN046)
    Swords of Revealing Light (LOB-EN101)
    Prohibition (PSV-039)

    Okay, First off the "Obelisk the Tormentor" I have came out of a Shownen Jump and is at this time tournament legal, has all the effects stated, and is a custom art from the same artist who did the three BEWD's that are also in my deck. If you do not believe me feel free to google "JUMP-EN037" because just typing "Obelisk the Tormentor" probably will not help. Second off the only thing I feel I must fix is Power Tool Dragon, but I need more peoples opinion and I am hoping that someone will find other issues and EXPLAIN with detail and examples why they feel something should be different. I am currently looking for a "Exploder Dragonwing but have not come across one and I was running 2 Black Rose Dragons until it was restricted to one... talk about a bad day to be me. The way the deck works is to get "Non-Spellcasting Area" and "Royal Decree" out in order to abuse cards that support "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" such as "Instant Fusion", "Swing of Memories", and "Burst Stream of Destruction." "Instant Fusion" works with the first three fusion monsters I listed, Dragoness is lv 3, Dark Fire is lv 4, and Pragtical is lv 5 so I can choose what card I want depending on what tuner I have to synchro summon. Obelisk The Tormentor is... just really shiny and fits my nickname ^^; My synchro deck is set up so I have 1 monster of every level 5+ except for a lv 9 to increase the odds of being able to syncro summon since all my lv4- monsters are really weak, maxing out in attack at 1500.

    Honestly if you do not like the deck theme i could not care less, I've used it since it came out in Starter Deck Kaiba like 7 years ago and I will probably use it in a deck 7 years down the line. I do not care about Blackwings, Lightsworns, or anything like that. My hobby is just building Old school theme decks with newer cards like Red-Eyes, Ancient Gears, and Dark Magician (until DMOC was banned) Just please rate and give ideas to make it better.

    (Also, please do not mention Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon or Genesis Dragon for upgrades because I am already currently looking for them. Thanks.)
  2. barty64

    barty64 Moki The Monkey Boy Staff Member

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    Since im not sure on how well this deck works for you the only thing I can do is draw on situations ive had and all im able to come up with is, taking out Seiyaryu as I feel the amount of tributes in this deck is getting a bit excessive and I rarely came across moments in this game where having so many tributes is useful. So I would suggest taking it out for Kaiba Man for the sake of summoning Blue Eyes should you feel that you need to get it out quicker. My other suggestion would probably be better if the first change was made and that is taking 1 Totem Dragon out for a second Twin-Headed Behemoth more for sake of me seeing Totem Dragon being less useful with less tributes.
    Up to you wether you follow my suggestions but if you do let me know how it works our for you.
  3. Seto Kaiba

    Seto Kaiba New Member

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    okay heres the thing, i see where your coming from with Seiyaryu; however, the thing is its a lv 7 and I use "Ancient Rules," to special summon it. Not only that but all but one of my tuners are lv 1 so this card is really the only way I have of summoning "Stardust Dragon" or "Red Dragon Archfiend" unless I tune "Power Tool Dragon" or "Black Rose Dragon." Furthermore Sieyaryu also gains the resistance to spell cards that "Non-Spellcasting Area" grants to normal monsters.

    Also, the deck runs fairly smoothly. I surprisingly do not have very many problems with sacrifices though it does happen on occasion. Pretty much I am just trying to keep it as much up to date as possible.

    Thanks for the suggestions ^^b
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2009
  4. stay70573

    stay70573 CoG iTrader

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    i now u said dont recommend traps
    but to be honest
    royal is a double edged sword
    u can replace with trap stun, a card which negates the effects of traps for ONE turn
    this way u can add a mirror force, or w/e, an still be able to stop ur opponents traps on there turn
    also u can try decoy dragons and vanguard of the dragon
    drop blue eyes with vanguard, and if decoy is attacked u can swap decoy with blue eyes
    if vanguard is destroyed by effect, special 1 normal monsters, I.E. the blue eyes u just dropped
    another 2 sac is white night, a nasty dragon
    u should not side deck gorz, gorz is almost staple, so is cyber dragon, those cna be good for having 2 sacs for ur next turn
    also add tragoedia, it might be 10 stars, but it cna be specialed when u take damage,even if u have cards ont he field! it also gains 600 atk for every card in hand, can change its level to a level in ru graveyard, greta for synching, and can take an opponents monster when u discard a monster with the same level (effect until siad monster is destroyed, so even if tragoedia goes, u cna still keep w/e u took)
    and finally u could use a montage dragon, in case u have too many high stars in hand
  5. stay70573

    stay70573 CoG iTrader

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    whoops forgot about this
    goyo guardian, brioniac, exploder wing dragon, and mist wurm for some good synchs
    in case things goes awary
  6. Sakura Sakamoto

    Sakura Sakamoto Active Member

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    I like the deck idea ijust think theres to many tribute monsters in it. on a personal note i don't like cards that require a curtain monster to use them because unless you have the required monster out the card is a dead card.

    heres how i'd build this deck
    3 obelisk the tormentor
    3 blue eyes white dragon

    3 kaiser sea horse
    1 spirit reaper
    1 marshmallon
    2 dandylion's
    2 tree born frog's
    2 cyber dragon
    1 sangan
    1 plague spreader zombie
    2 debris dragon

    1 brain control
    3 soul exchange
    1 future fushion
    1 dragons mirrior
    1 heavy storm
    1 mystical space typhoon
    1 foolish burial
    1 giant trunade

    1 mirror force
    1 call of the haunted
    2 pheonix wing wind blast
    2 bottomless trap hole
    2 dimensional prison
    1 trap dustshoot

    extar deck
    1 five headed dragon
    2 blue eyes ultimate dragon
    1 stardust dragon
    1 red dragon archfiend
    1 black rose dragon
    1 iron chain dragon
    1 ally of justice catastor
    1 goyo guardian
    1 gaia knight the force of the earth
    1 thought ruler archfiend
    1 colossal fighter
    3 ancient fairy dragon
    i know you only wanted to stick with royal deree but it down to 2 and is easy to get rid of.
    phenoix wing blast is good against gladiator beasts stops them switching out as does dimensional prison.mirror force is just a good all round card and trap dustshoot lets you see there hand so you can try and predict your opponents next move.
    the dandylion and frogs are good for tribute matirals for the blue eyes and obelisk the kaiser sea horse can be used as two tributes for the blue eyes.
    the spirit reaper and marshmallon are good for tributing as there hard to get rid off.
    the brain caontrol and soul exchange will let you tribute your opponents monsters along with your own.
    sorry about the 3 ancient fairy dragon but there is an up side you summon debris dragon bring back a danylion go in to ancient fairy dragon which give you a monster with 2100 atk or 3000 def.
    hope this helps.
  7. donaldjeo13

    donaldjeo13 Guest

    If you mean this for casual duelists as well, where is the Ultimate and Shining Dragon?

    And a BEWD guide is not without a look at BEWD itself. Just because the card is auto included at 3 doesn't mean its easy to play. What are some strategies that can work with just BEWD and outside support cards?

    There is a whole branch of Normal Support cards that make BEWD nigh unstoppable, via revive after revive after revive. Swing, Birthright, Symbols all help keep a punishing 3000ATK monster on the field. Trade-In adds speed to the deck, especially for Demise builds.

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