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exiledforcefreak's trade thread

Discussion in 'Yancy Street Trading (VS)' started by exiledforcefreak, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. exiledforcefreak

    exiledforcefreak RIP Jacob KT 2/16/06

    Trophy Points:

    1)whoever has more good referances will send second
    2)I don't check this thread every day, be patient
    3)serious offers only
    4)to be successful in obtaining money rares from me I suggest you include money rares in your offer.
    5)You may offer $$$ as part of your offer, or as the entire offer. In the event $$$ is involved (on your part) I only accept personal checks and require you send $$$ portion first regardless of referances.
  2. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    Trophy Points:
    Just so you know, the guidelines for Trade Threads in Yancy Street are the same as the ones for Battle City Trading. As the stickies indicate. ;) Please edit accordingly.
  3. exiledforcefreak

    exiledforcefreak RIP Jacob KT 2/16/06

    Trophy Points:

    -I have a bunch of rare, uncommon, and common dreamblade figures (no scarb warcharms) for trade. If you're interested just lemmie know.

    -I have a small 3x3 ultra-pro binder filled with yu-gi-oh supers, ultras, secrets, ultimates, and parralells. If you're looking for a specific card, just ask.

    x2 Legion of Superheroes mat

    x2 Crisis Tins
    x1 Heralds Tin
    x1 Legion of Superheroes ti... deckbox

    L enemy of justice (obv a ygo shirt)
    L X-men (wolverine on back/red vs. logo front)
    L X-men (wolverine on back/red vs. logo front)
    2XL Infinite Crisis (dr. fate 8 on back/yellow vs. logo front)
    2XL Infinite Crisis (dr. fate 8 on back/yellow vs. logo front)
    L Legion of Superheroes (Mon-El on back/yellow Vs logo front)
    XL Legion of Superheroes (Mon-El on back/yellow Vs logo front)
    XL Legion of Superheroes (Mon-El on back/yellow Vs logo front)

    x1 EA DGL-140 Dr. Light
    x3 EA MOR-135 Reign of Terror
    x2 EA MHG-160 Doomstadt (castle doom)
    x1 EA MHG-169 time theif
    x1 EA MHG-135 Dr. Doom
    x2 EA MHG-159 Doomed Earth
    x1 EA DOR-020 Superman
    x2 EA DGL-184 Breaking Ground
    x3 EA DGL-020 Kyle Rayner (2)
    x1 EA DGL-003 Arisia
    x5 EA MAV-012 Hawkeye (2 still sealed)
    x1 EA MAV-004 Captain America
    x1 EA MAV-083 Beetle
    x1 EA MAV-114 Shocker
    x4 EA MAV-152 YellowJacket
    x2 EA MAV-140 Paul Ebersol
    x1 EA MAV-049 Doctor Spectrum
    x2 stacker DJL-041 Booster Gold
    x2 stacker DJL-064 Ted Kord
    x2 EA DJL-002 Aquaman
    x1 EA DJL-024 Wonder Woman
    x1 EA DJL-015 Martian Manhunter(8)
    x6 Greek flavor text/foil DJL-023 Wonder Woman (the 7 drop with ambiguous wording)
    x1 EA DJL-054 Martian Manhunter(5)
    x1 EA DJL-094 Poison Ivy
    x2 EA DJL-119 Deadshot
    x1 EA DJL-127 Lex Luthor
    x1 EA DJL-135 Scarecrow (5, secret society)
    x6 sider MXM-006 Colossus
    x6 sider MXM-023 Wolverine
    x4 EA MXM-033 Snikt!
    x1 EA MXM-035 Turnabout
    x6 EA MXM-121 Sovereign Superior
    x1 EA MXM-145 Sebastian Shaw
    x1 EA DCR-009 Dr. Fate
    x3 EA DCR-024 Superman
    x1 EA DCR-053 June Moon(4)
    x1 EA DCR-047 Captain Marvel(8)
    x2 sider MHG-020 Silver Surfer
    x2 sider MHG-015 Morg
    x1 EA MHG-011 Galactus
    x1 EA MHG-020 Silver Surfer
    x1 EA MHG-001 Air Walker
    x2 EA DLS-029 XS
    x1 EA MHG-208 Thanos
    x1 EA MHG-193 Act of Defiance
    x1 EA DJL-190 Secret Origins
    x1 EA DGL-186 Chopping Block
    x5 EA DGl-182 Birthing Chamber
    x1 EA MGH-126 The Royal Guard
    x1 EA MOR-015 Longshot

    x4 MOR-015 Longshot
    x1 MOR-033 Professor Xavier's Mansion
    x4 MOR-107 Boris
    x1 MOR-113 Dr. Doom (8)
    x1 MOR-128 Doom's Throne Room
    x1 MOR-131 Latveria
    x1 MOR-135 Reign of Terror
    x1 MOR-161 Apocalypse
    x2 MOR-177 Betrayal
    x2 MOR-188 Flame Trap
    x2 MOR-191 Foiled
    x1 MOR-196 Ka-Boom!
    x1 MOR-209 Political Pressure
    x8 MOR-214 Savage Beatdown

    x1 DOR-001 Alfred Pennyworth
    x1 DOR-010 **** Grayson <> Nightwing
    x1 DOR-012 **** Grayson <> Robin
    x1 DOR-018 Lucius Fox
    x1 DOR-024 Batmobile
    x2 DOR-035 Beast Boy (1 in use)
    x2 DOR-039 Donna Troy
    x4 DOR-041 Garth (all in use)
    x1 DOR-048 Phantasm
    x4 DOR-052 Terra (all in use)
    x1 DOR-056 Heroic Sacrifice
    x4 DOR-059 Optitron (all in use)
    x3 DOR-063 USS Argus (all in use)
    x2 DOR-066 Firefly
    x1 DOR-073 Mr. Zsasz
    x2 DOR-074 Poison Ivy
    x1 DOR-078 Scarecrow
    x3 DOR-079 The Joker(3)
    x1 DOR-081 The Joker(7)
    x1 DOR-085 Ventriloquist
    x2 DOR-087 Blackgate Prison
    x3 DOR-107 Talia
    x1 DOR-116 Remake the World
    x2 DOR-117 The Shrike
    x3 DOR-118 Tower of Babel
    x1 DOR-119 Wheel of Plagues
    x2 DOR-123 Mammoth
    x3 DOR-137 The Demon(4)
    x2 DOR-138 The Demon(8)
    x1 DOR-140 Trigon (rawr)
    x1 DOR-142 A Death in the Family
    x1 DOR-146 Concrete Jungle
    x1 DOR-152 GothCorp
    x1 DOR-154 Hidden Surveillance
    x1 DOR-158 Museum Heist

    x1 MSM-008 Spider-Man(7)
    x1 MSM-122 Insignificant Threat (pwned)
    x4 MSM-130 Devil's Due
    x4 MSM-143 Bad Press
    x1 MSM-150 Flamethrower

    x1 DSM-019 Strange Visitor
    x1 DSM-088 Brainiac's Ship
    x1 DSM-096 Warworld
    x2 DSM-136 Roy Harper (all in use)
    x1 DSM-137 Wally West
    x1 DSM-145 Pit of Madness
    x4 DSM-146 The Demon's Head

    x1 MMK-012 Ghost Rider(8)
    x1 MMK-189 Coalition of Heroes
    x4 MMK-213 Medallion of Power


    x1 DGL-024 Sinestro(6)
    x2 DGL-028 Emerald City
    x4 DGL-035 Oa
    x2 DGL-037 Appa Ali Apsa
    x1 DGL-043 Evil Star
    x1 DGL-058 Sinestro(7)
    x1 DGL-070 Korugar
    x3 DGL-071 Prison Planet
    x1 DGL-072 Prisoner of a Mad God
    x1 DLG-075 Anti-Monitor
    x1 DGL-082 Johnny Quick
    x2 DGL-084 Nero
    x1 DGL-102 From Qward With Hate
    x1 DGL-108 Qwardian Council Hall
    x1 DGL-112 Grandmaster
    x1 DGL-126 Pan
    x1 DGL-130 Council of Power
    x2 DGL-133 Manhunter Spacecraft
    x1 DGL-136 Orinda
    x1 DGL-138 Rebellion on Oa
    x2 DGL-139 The Fall of Oa
    x3 DGL-144 S.T.A.R. Labs
    x2 DGL-148 Sturmer
    x3 DGL-149 Children of Forever
    x1 DGL-153 Hostage Situation
    x2 DGL-154 Dr. Bedlam
    x2 DGL-160 Ragman
    x1 DGL-164 Jericho
    x2 DGL-165 Hush
    x3 DGL-170 Shadows of the Past
    x1 DGL-175 Hal Jordan <> Spectre
    x3 DGL-180 Armies of Qward

    x2 MAV-004 Captain America
    x3 MAV-014 Hulk
    x2 MAV-017 Jarvis
    x1 MAV-018 Monica Rambeau
    x1 MAV-024 Thor(8)
    x3 MAV-029 Avengers Assemble!
    x2 MAV-030 Avengers Mansion
    x6 MAV-032 Chaos Magic
    x2 MAV-035 Mjolnir
    x1 MAV-042 Walk Through Walls(why do I bother mentioning this?)
    x4 MAV-049 Doctor Spectrum
    x1 MAV-054 Hyperion
    x2 MAV-060 Power Princess
    x4 MAV-069 AIDA
    x3 MAV-075 Other-Earth
    x2 MAV-079 Rocket Central
    x1 MAV-080 Squadron City
    x2 MAV-091 Erik Josten
    X2 MAV-093 Genis-Vell
    x3 MAV-100 Karla Sofen(4)
    x1 MAV-101 Karla Sofen(8)
    x3 MAV-115 Marvel's Most Wanted
    x2 MAV-116 Mt. Charteris
    x4 MAV-117 New Identity
    x3 MAV-118 Project Liberator
    x4 MAV-121 Thunderbolts Plaza
    x2 MAV-129 Executioner
    x3 MAV-134 Klaw
    x3 MAV-140 Paul Ebersol
    x3 MAV-144 Shocker
    x1 MAV-150 Ultron
    x4 MAV-156 Hard Sound Construct
    x2 MAV-157 Hero's Demise
    x1 MAV-162 Under Siege
    x2 MAV-176 Kang (The Conquerer/5)
    x1 MAV-181 Game of the Galaxy
    x3 MAV-183 Null Time Zone
    x2 MAV-202 War of Attrition
    x1 MAV-214 Bring Down the House
    x1 MAV-216 Mutant of the Year
    x3 MAV-218 Hired Hit

    x4 DJL-003 Barry Allen
    x2 DJL-015 Martian Manhunter
    x3 DJL-017 Plastic Man
    x2 DJL-018 Ray Palmer
    x1 DJL-024 Wonder Woman
    x5 DJL-025 Zatanna
    x5 DJL-030 Monitor Womb Station
    x3 DJL-031 New Era
    x2 DJL-036 Teleport Tube
    x3 DJL-038 The Watchtower
    x2 DJL-047 Dr. Fate
    x2 DJL-058 Power Girls
    x3 DJL-065 BWA HA HA HA HA! (ha HA!, he sliped)
    x8 DJL-069 Kooey Kooey Kooey
    x4 DJL-074 UN General Assembly
    x3 DJL-081 Dr. Light
    x2 DJL-084 The General
    x3 DJL-092 Libra
    x5 DJL-094 Poison Ivy
    x2 DJL-107 Injustice Gang Satellite
    x2 DJL-108 Philosopher's Stone
    x5 DJL-112 World War III
    x5 DJL-119 Deadshot
    x1 DJL-127 Lex Luthor
    x2 DJL-132 Psycho-Pirate
    x5 DJL-136 Sinestro
    x3 DJL-137 Solomon Grundy
    x3 DJL-140 Attend or Die!
    x5 DJL-141 Divided We Fall
    x1 DJL-149 Sorcerer's Treasure
    x5 DJL-150 Straight to the Grave (4 in use)
    x1 DJL-155 Amazo
    x3 DJL-160 Mageddon
    x3 DJL-161 Neron
    x3 DJL-165 Starro the Conqueror
    x3 DJL-167 Tomorrow Woman
    x4 DJL-180 H'ronmeer's Curse
    x2 DJL-181 Identity Crisis
    x1 DJL-190 Secret Origins
    x2 DJL-198 Mogo
    x4 DJL-200 Recharge the Sun
    x4 DJL-202 Fatality
    x4 DJL-206 Conscription
    x5 DJL-208 War Without End
    x2 DJL-210 Look-Alike Squad
    x1 DJL-212 Maxima
    x3 DJL-216 Mantis
    x5 DJL-218 The Creeper

    x4 MXM-005 Changeling
    x2 MXM-021 Rachel Summers
    x2 MXM-031 Phoenix Rising
    x6 MXM-033 SNIKT!
    x6 MXM-034 Time Breach
    x2 MXM-036 Worthington Industries
    x4 MXM-044 Ape
    x2 MXM-049 Cybelle
    x4 MXM-059 Mikhail Rasputin
    x6 MXM-068 Thornn
    x5 MXM-070 Backs Against the Wall
    x5 MXM-073 Good Samaritan
    x6 MXM-079 Subterranean Sanctuary
    x4 MXM-083 Amelia Voght
    x2 MXM-085 Avalanche
    x2 MXM-097 Magneto(8)
    x2 MXM-102 Sabretooth
    x2 MXM-106 Spiral
    x6 MXM-112 Boot to the Head
    x4 MXM-119 Ruins of Avalon
    x5 MXM-120 Shake, Rattle, and Roll
    x2 MXM-122 The Acolytes
    x1 MXM-128 Dark Phoenix
    x1 MXM-134 Harry Leland
    x3 MXM-137 James Proudstar
    x1 MXM-140 Magneto(6)
    x5 MXM-143 Roulette
    x4 MXM-145 Sebastian Shaw
    x5 MXM-149 Trevor Fitsroy
    x3 MXM-154 Deadly Game
    x2 MXM-155 Eminent Domain
    x4 MXM-157 Inner Circle
    x3 MXM-160 Power and Wealth
    x3 MXM-161 Power Play
    x5 MXM-166 Blow the Man Down
    x3 MXM-167 Chill Out!
    x4 MXM-176 Psi-Link
    x5 MXM-179 Psychic Struggle
    x2 MXM-183 Mob Mentality
    x5 MXM-184 Momentary Distraction
    x6 MXM-189 Wolverine
    x2 MXM-190 X-23
    x14 MXM-194 Enemy of my Enemy (8 in use)
    x6 MXM-204 Kristoff Von Doom (1 in use)
    x3 MXM-207 Man-Bull
    x3 MXM-110 Doctor Sun
    x3 MXM-214 Lady Lark
    x3 MXM-215 Mysterium
    x6 MXM-217 Mech Bay
    x2 MXM-218 Absorbing Man
    x3 MXM-219 Gargantua

    x7 DCR-001 Alan Scott
    x9 DCR-005 Captain Marvel(6)
    x10 DCR-009 Dr. Fate(8)
    x6 DCR-013 Jay Garrick
    x10 DCR-020 Rex Tyler
    x5 DCR-028 Thunderbolt
    x6 DCR-032 Advance Warning
    x9 DCR-037 JSA Headquarters
    x9 DCR-041 The Rock of Eternity
    x9 DCR-047 Captain Marvel(8)
    x5 DCR-049 Detective Chimp
    x8 DCR-053 June Moon(4)
    x8 DCR-054 June Moon(6)
    x7 DCR-058 Nightmaster
    x8 DCR-064 Shazam
    x7 DCR-070 Chimp Detective Agency
    x6 DCR-072 Conjuration
    x7 DCR-076 Spectral Slaugher
    x9 DCR-078 The Conclave
    x9 DCR-081 Adrian Chase
    x8 DCR-095 Maxwell Lord
    x6 DCR-106 Check and Mate!
    x12 DCR-111 Knight's Gambit
    x10 DCR-113 Pawn of the Black King
    x9 DCR-120 Alexander Luthor
    x7 DCR-124 Black Adam
    x6 DCR-128 Deathstroke the Terminator
    x9 DCR-133 Fatality
    x13 DCR-134 Hunter Zolomon
    x8 DCR-139 Talia
    x9 DCR-145 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .
    x5 DCR-146 Arms Deal
    x3 DCR-151 No Hope
    x9 DCR-155 The Science Spire
    x6 DCR-164 Dodge the Bullet
    x9 DCR-168 Secret Six Victorious
    x10 DCR-169 Harbinger
    x9 DCR-170 Pariah
    x8 DCR-171 Superboy
    x9 DCR-172 The Monitor
    x7 DCR-173 Bart Allen
    x7 DCR-178 Fate Has Spoken
    x10 DCR-179 Eclipso
    x7 DCR-182 The Spectre
    x8 DCR-183 Absolute Dominance
    x10 DCR-184 Blinding Rage
    x12 DCR-189 End of All That Is (PLEASE TRADE FOR THESE!!!)
    x7 DCR-197 Removed from Continuity
    x5 DCR-201 Transmutation
    x8 DCR-204 Barbara Gordon
    x3 DCR-209 The Joker
    x10 DCR-211 Seiobo's Garden
    x6 DCR-217 Adam Strange
    x11 DCR-219 Mr. Mxyzptlkragglefraggle
    x6 DCR-220 Ultra-Humanite

    x2 MHG-001 Air Walker
    x1 MHG-010 Galactus
    x1 MHG-021 Silver Surfer
    x3 MHG-023 Terrax(4)
    x5 MHG-024 Terrax(6)
    x3 MHG-028 Absorba Shield
    x1 MHG-033 I Hunger
    x7 MHG-034 I Must Obey
    x1 MHG-035 Inspiring Demise
    x6 MHG-039 Taa II
    x1 MHG-042 Ultimate Nullifier
    x4 MHG-046 Bron Char
    x1 MHG-049 Colonel Yon-Rogg
    x3 MHG-062 Ronan the Accuser
    x3 MHG-065 Sintariis
    x8 MHG-067 Supreme Intelligence
    x4 MHG-078 Nega-Bomb
    x4 MHG-080 Planet Weapon
    x4 MHG-084 Stargate
    x3 MHG-085 Strategic Retreat
    x4 MHG-094 Black Bolt
    x1 MHG-099 Gorgon
    x6 MHG-103 Karnak
    x3 MHG-114 Triton
    x2 MHG-115 Attilan
    x1 MHG-117 Exploiting the Flaw
    x5 MHG-119 Final Decree
    x1 MHG-124 The Great Refuge
    x1 MHG-135 Dr. Doom
    x1 MHG-140 Kang (is not unique)
    x9 MHG-141 Klaw
    x3 MHG-145 Molecule Man
    x2 MHG-159 Doomed Earth
    x3 MHG-160 Doomstadt
    x2 MHG-161 Expendable Ally
    x2 MHG-163 Lust for Power
    x5 MHG-168 The Enemy Within
    x3 MHG-169 Time Theif
    x4 MHG-170 Unthinkable
    x6 MHG-172 Drax the Destroyer
    x3 MHG-176 Thanos(6)
    x5 MHG-180 Reality Gem
    x6 MHG-184 The Infinity Gauntlet
    x1 MHG-185 Time Gem
    x4 MHG-189 Rogue
    x1 MHG-196 Armageddon
    x5 MHG-202 Ego the Living Planet
    x2 MHG-212 Carnage
    x4 MHG-216 O-Force
    x4 MHG-218 Haywire

    x1 DLS-004 Brainiac 5.1
    x2 DLS-007 Cosmic Boy
    x1 DLS-008 Dream Girl
    x3 DLS-016 Mon-El
    x2 DLS-018 Saturn Girl
    x4 DLS-030 Celebrity Status
    x1 DLS-038 New Recruits
    x1 DLS-041 Science Police Central
    x3 DLS-042 Terror Incognita
    x4 DLS-047 Composite Man
    x2 DLS-064 Starfinger
    x4 DLS-068 The Persuader
    x2 DLS-069 Time Trapper
    x1 DLS-070 Universo
    x5 DLS-076 Dominated
    x4 DLS-084 Return of the Demon's Head
    x2 DLS-087 The Sun-Eater
    x1 DLS-092 Dark Kryptonian
    x3 DLS-095 Dark Superboy
    x3 DLS-099 Darkseid(7)
    x1 DLS-102 Darkseid(8)
    x3 DLS-112 31st Century Apokolips
    x3 DLS-116 Created from Hate
    x3 DLS-119 Dark Matter Drain
    x1 DLS-121 No Match for Darkseid
    x2 DLS-137 Connor Kent
    x6 DLS-144 Lorena Marquez
    x2 DLS-146 Raven(4)
    x2 DLS-147 Raven(8)
    x3 DLS-148 Rose Wilson
    x1 DLS-161 Now You See Me
    x3 DLS-163 Pour it on
    x1 DLS-164 Tamaranian Garden
    x7 DLS-167 Titans, Together!
    x2 DLS-171 Jason Todd
    x6 DLS-177 Cosmic Tuning Fork
    x4 DLS-185 Level 12 Intelligence
    x6 DLS-187 Mobilize
    x1 DLS-188 Need for Speed
    x2 DLS-197 Power Girl
    x3 DLS-190 Steely Resolve
    x1 DLS-202 Girl 13
    x1 DLS-203 Shiloh Norman
    x3 DLS-204 Otherworldly Battle
    x2 DLS-205 Bludhaven Destroyed (worst rare ever... aside from walk through walls)
    x2 DLS-208 Harvey Bullock
    x6 DLS-209 The Riddler
    x3 DLS-210 Nyssa Raatko
    x3 DLS-212 Brainiac 2.5
    x4 DLS-213 Shiloh Norman
    x3 DLS-214 Kyle Rayner
    x3 DLS-218 Wally West

    Commons and uncommons from every set... all in the back of my car in 200ct, 400ct, 550ct, and 800ct boxes; organized by set and rarity (common/uncommon)
  4. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    Trophy Points:
    You forgot to do the four post method.

    1. Rules
    2. Haves
    4. Current Trades. I

    It's rather recent, but were going to start enforcing the same rules we have for the Yu-Gi-Oh! sections for each trade section on the site. We were always supposed to in the beginning, as the trade guidelines are the sites guidelines and not just Yu-Gi's, but it's something we've been lax on in the past. You can just edit your existing posts, add the other two in and I can delete mine out of the way. It doesn't have to be a list, it just has to be in the proper four post method. Thanks.
  5. exiledforcefreak

    exiledforcefreak RIP Jacob KT 2/16/06

    Trophy Points:

    will always accept
    xxx Savage Beatdown
    xxx Enemy of my Enemy
    xxx Poison Ivy
    xxx Straight to the Grave
    xxx Mobilize
    xxx Playmats of any kind (even yu-gi-oh)
    xxx Reality gem
    xx Crisis on Infinite earths
    xx Haywire
    xx Any EAs
    x Level 12 Intelligence
    x Null Time Zone
    x Amelia Voght (trade fodder)
    x Boot to the Head (trade fodder)
    x x-mental rares (trade fodder)

    x2 EA Deadshot (the DJL one)
    x3 EA Poison Ivy
    x4 EA STTG
    x2 Mobilize
    x2 Garth (5)
    x1 Onslaught Mat
    x1 Thor Mat
    x1 Avengers mat
    x1 Generic orange UDE mat

    -tournament pack cards especially morphing jar tp2 and magic arm shield (ygo)
    -champion pack supers and ultra
  6. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

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    This is more along the lines of what we are looking for. Just add one more post with Current Commerce and your set.
  7. exiledforcefreak

    exiledforcefreak RIP Jacob KT 2/16/06

    Trophy Points:
    current commerce:

    current commerce:

  8. exiledforcefreak

    exiledforcefreak RIP Jacob KT 2/16/06

    Trophy Points:
    Updated my trade thread
  9. Ryou Ishtar

    Ryou Ishtar New Member

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    Interested in these:

    x1 EA DGL-140 Dr. Light
    x2 EA MOR-135 Reign of Terror
    x1 EA MHG-169 time theif
    x1 EA MHG-135 Dr. Doom
    x2 EA MXM-033 Snikt!
    x1 EA MXM-035 Turnabout
    x2 EA MXM-121 Sovereign Superior
    x4 MOR-107 Boris
    x1 MOR-135 Reign of Terror
    x2 MOR-214 Savage Beatdown
    x1 DOR-001 Alfred Pennyworth
    x1 MSM-150 Flamethrower
    x1 MAV-029 Avengers Assemble!
    x3 DJL-150 Straight to the Grave (4 in use)
    x4 MXM-083 Amelia Voght
    x4 MXM-112 Boot to the Head
    x4 MXM-194 Enemy of my Enemy (8 in use)
    x3 MHG-103 Karnak
    x2 MHG-115 Attilan
    x1 MHG-117 Exploiting the Flaw
    x1 MHG-124 The Great Refuge
    x2 MHG-161 Expendable Ally
    x2 MHG-169 Time Theif
    x4 MHG-218 Haywire

    Please let me know.
  10. exiledforcefreak

    exiledforcefreak RIP Jacob KT 2/16/06

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    waddaya have for trade?

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