Fenrir's Wrath


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Ok this has kinda been a long time project of a friends and mine, the focus of the deck is Fenrir and getting that draw lock then once its there, to protect the lock (enter prime material dragon) until they (hopefully) scoop.

also Fox fire is here as they will, if it goes to plan, run out of answers including monsters so just keep giving them fox fire and killing it then it just comes back next turn to repeat the cycle.

Raiza was a recent tech choice, I thought that the only thing worse than not drawing, was when you could draw to have to redraw something you already had drawn. If that gibberish makes sense. lol
For that reason Phoenix Wing Wind Blast has also been considered..

Deck Name: Fenrir's Wrath
Author: Raziel
Count: 42

Monsters: 19

Prime Material Dragon x2
Raiza the Storm Monarch

Fenrir x3
Fox Fire
Hydrogeddon x3
Mother Grizzly x3
Submarineroid x2
Warrior of Atlantis x3

Spells: 15

A Legendary Ocean x2
Creature Swap x2
Heavy Storm
Level Limit - Area B
Monster Reborn
Mystic Box x2
Mystical Space Typhoon
Salvage x2
Shrink x3

Traps: 8

Gravity Bind
Mirror Force
Ojama Trio
Solemn Judgment x2
Spiritual Water Art - Aoi x2
Torrential Tribute

Other stuff considerd:

Foolish Revival
Drastic Drop-Off
Trap Dustshoot
Shien's Spy
More Fox Fire
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my take on this deck focused on ojama trio.

but now that it's limited (thanks ude???), you have to look at alternative methods.
which is why you're running shrinks.

another alternative to look at is grinder golem.
at first he's out of place (dark/fiend). but, the thing to zero in on, is that when you're in a bind and nothing for fenrir to easily swing over, grinder golem's def is 300. or when you're in a position to, creature swap opp for a 0/0 token in ATK-pos

and as a personal preference, i prefer amphibious bugroth mk-3 over hydrogeddon.
to maximize the hydros, you have to burn through opp's monsters. on top of the fact that they're not searchable by grizzly. that way you can have fenrir destroy just one monster (ojama/grinder/token), and have bugroth hit LP direct for 17 (since in all likelihood, ALO will be on the field)


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I like water monster so this would be my two cents on this...

And this I tried a lot of time ago...


You should take out the warrior of atlantis and the Legendary Ocean, and the level area and gravity combo (Unless you really really need them)



Put some Umirukas (I think that is how they are spelled), and make it into a frog warning deck, frogs are great searchers for themselves and will quickly add to the graveyard, not to mention to add more water cards so you can easily use fenrir when needed, and if things look grim... use the Des croaking.

Mirror wall, shrink, rush recklessly, and fairy box make good combos for fenrir, and the hidro's...

I almost forgot...

Since you are going to send many water cards to the out of play... consider adding a return from the different dimension (Since dimension fusion is now banned :p)

Hope any of this helps