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Find Feebas Fast Guide. (EMERALD)

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by DaGuyWitBluGlasses, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. DaGuyWitBluGlasses

    DaGuyWitBluGlasses New Member

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    Searching the internet you will find this information:

    "Feebas is only found by fishing in 6 tiles of the 400 or so on Route 119. The 6 tiles are random (and re-randomized after chainging the Trendy Phase in Dewford) so you will have to find them for yourself."

    That is true, however you will often find the following bad advice:
    "Search a tile several times before moving on as you can still enocunter other pokemon on those tiles."

    Yes, there are other pokemon found on those tiles, but you definitely don't want to waste time searching the tile more than once.

    There are still 6 tiles, and with an encounter rate of 50% Feebas on those 6 tiles, your chances of finding a feebas if you search everywhere once are 98.4375%. Of course you won't have to search all the tiles as once you find one you can stop.

    Regardless of how many times you search a tile, you will still have to search the same number of tiles before coming across a tile with a feebas in it. You might go past this tile without realizing it if you only searchonce, but that is a chance you should be willing to take:

    [(X^A-[X-1]^A)/X^A ]x100
    A very useful formula for calculating odds.
    X= The reciprocal of the odds of something performing an action once.
    A= The Number of times that action happens.

    The whole equation tells you the chances of it happening at least once.

    SO the odds of finding a feebas tile are 6/400 then the reciprocal is 66 2/3 (400/6). Now we keep plugging in numbers to A until the result is as close to 50 as possible. Although this will not be completely accurate as the odds increase with every time you don't find a feebas, for comparison purposes this should do.

    A=46 turns back 50.1%.

    So then we'll take it that on average you will have to search 46 tiles to find a tile with Feebas.

    Now if you searched only once on each tile you will have fished 45 times before reaching this tile, and will have a 50% chance of finding a Feebas now.

    If you fished 4-5 times you will have searched 180-225 times to before finding this tile. For simplicity's sake let's say that searching 4-5 times gives a 100% chance of finding feebas once you find the tile.

    So on average, 50% of the time you will have saved from fishing an aditional 135-184 times.

    Now if you were unlucky to find it that first time; there are only 5 feebas tiles left, and only 354 tiles remaing, so let's readjust our formula. with X= 70 4/5
    49 will be the magic number for A.

    So to find the second tile you will have fished a total of 95 tiles, and only 95 times. The odds of finding feebas on this tile are still 50%, so the odds that you haven't found a feebas are only 25%. (50% of 50%)

    You will search about 150 times to find the third if you need to.

    But then, searching 4-5 times is not a guaranteed you will find it. So you might still have to search about 377-475 to find feebas if you don't find it on the first tile.

    The fastest way to find feebas is to fish in each tile only once, more than 75% if the time.
  2. Raijinili

    Raijinili New Member

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    It doesn't seem to factor in the walking.

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