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Frankmans Trade thread!

Discussion in 'Battle City Trading (YGO)' started by Frankmans, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Frankmans

    Frankmans CoG iTrader

    Trophy Points:

    1. Bad offers allowed they’re free bumps.
    2. Don’t leave after one reply!
    3. I will only accept MINT cards!
    4. I will check lists!
    5. Ask about the condition of my cards!
    6. Money offers are welcome!
    7. If a card is stated as OUTGOING it’s not for trade anymore.
    8. Have fun!
  2. Frankmans

    Frankmans CoG iTrader

    Trophy Points:
    Deck Wants:
    Dimensional Prison
    Drillroid (INCOMING!)
    Mirror Force
    Rainbow Life 3x (INCOMING 3x!)
    Solemn Judgment 3x

    Deck Pimp Wants (These have to be 100% mint and English!):
    Banisher of the Radiance DR04 2x
    Bottomless Trap Hole CP04 2x
    Ceasefire DB1
    Cyber Dragon CRV Super
    D. D. Crow STON Ultimate 2x
    Drillroid DR04/YSDS
    Dust Tornado PSV 2x
    Enemy Controller DR2
    Fissure HL2
    Green Gadget HL05 2x
    Hammer Shot SOD Ultimate
    Heavy Storm MRD/DB2
    Jinzo DB1 2x
    Kinetic Soldier TFK 3x
    Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer LON 2x
    Lightning Vortex DR3/FET Super
    Limiter Removal PSV
    Magic Cylinder IOC
    Mirror Force DB2
    Monster Reborn LOB/DB1
    Morphing Jar TP4
    Mystical Space Typhoon DB1
    Neo-Spacian Grand Mole STON Ultimate
    Premature Burial DB1
    Rainbow Life PTDN Ultimate 3x
    Royal Decree DB2 2x
    Smashing Ground CP02
    Snipe Hunter CP03
    Solemn Judgment DB2-EN 3x
    Torrential Tribute LON/DB1
    Trap Dustshoot CP05

    Card Wants (These need to be 1000% mint!):
    Blue-Eyes White Dragon DDS
    Crush Card Virus
    Cyber Dragon
    Cyber Valley
    Dark Armed Dragon
    Dark Magician DDS
    Darklord Zerato
    Destiny Draw
    Escape from the Dark Dimension
    Exodia the Forbidden One DDS
    Il Blud
    Magical Stone Excavation
    Mirror Force
    Morphing Jar TP2

    Misc Wants:
    Playstation Portable
    Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008 (NDS)

    Playmat Wants:
    Gadget Playmat
    Machine Playmat
    Naruto Kyuubi Playmat

    Extra Wants:
    TP2-006 - Mikazukinoyaiba
    TP2-007 - Skull Guardian
    TP2-009 - Dokurorider
    TP2-011 - Beautiful Headhuntress
    TP2-012 - Sonic Maid
    TP2-014 - Warrior of Tradition
  3. Frankmans

    Frankmans CoG iTrader

    Trophy Points:
    My haves list:

    The Forceful Sentry DB1 (Named: Ryu Senshi)
    Giant Trunade DB1 (Named: Fiend Skull Dragon)
    Trap Hole DB1 (Named: Fusion Gate)
    Gaia the Dragon Champion DB1 (Named: Royal Oppression)
    Magic Drain (Named: Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer) 2x
    Hayabusa Knight DB1 (Named: Riryoku Field)
    Gearfried the Iron Knight DB1 (Named: Kuriboh)

    Tournament pack cards:

    Steel Shell R
    Blue Medicine R 2x
    Raimei R
    Gust Fan R
    Tiger Axe R
    Oscillo Hero #2 C 2x
    Giant Flea C 2x
    Bean Soldier C 4x
    The Statue of Easter Island C 2x
    Corroding Shark C 2x
    Wow Warrior C 2x
    Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #2 C 2x
    Oscillo Hero C 2x
    Shining Friendship C 3x
    Hercules Beetle C
    The Judgement Hand C 2x
    Cyber Soldier of Darkworld C 2x
    Cockroach Knight C
    Kuwagata α C

    Raimei R
    Héros Oscillo No2 C
    Puce Géante C 2x
    Soldat Haricot C
    Statue de l’Île de Pâques C
    Dragon Ailé, Gardien de la Forteresse No2 C
    Amitié Scintillante C
    La Main Du Jugement C
    Wodan, le Résident de la Forêt C
    Cybersoldat des Ténèbres C
    Chevalier-Cafard C
    Kuwagata @ C 3x

    Giant Red Seasnake R 2x
    Call of the Grave R 2x
    Rush Recklessly C 2x
    Senju of the Thousand Hands C
    Karate Man C
    Nobleman of Extermination C
    Magic Drain C
    Gravity Bind C 3x
    Hayabusa Knight C 3x
    Mad Sword Beast C

    Trap of Board Eraser R
    Goddes with the Third Eye C
    Jowgen the Spiritualist C
    Tornado Bird C
    Destruction Punch C 2x
    Beastking of the Swamps C
    Mystical Sheep #1 C
    Curse of Royal C

    Dark Balter the Terrible C 9x
    Ryu Senshi C 7x
    Emergency Provisions C 2x
    Fiend Skull Dragon C 2x
    Thunder Nyan Nyan C 3x
    Last Turn C
    Sleeping Lion C 9x
    Nekogal #1 C 2x
    Burglar C 3x
    Clown Zombie C 5x

    Soul Exchange C
    Fortress Whale’s Oath C
    Skilled White Magician C 3x
    Wall of Illusion C
    Last Will C
    Haniwa C 4x
    Millenium Golem C 3x
    Dig Beak C 4x
    Nekogal #2 C 3x

    Haniwa C

    Garma Sword Oath C 2x
    Berserk Gorilla C 3x
    Gatekeeper C 2x
    Behegon C 2x
    Temple of Skulls C 3x
    Blocker C 2x
    Secretarian of Secrets C 2x

    DB1 tipcard set
    DR1 tipcard set
    DB2 tipcard set
    DP2 strategy card set

    Acid Trap Hole SDD-E
    Alpha the Magnet Warrior DOR-E
    Andro Sphinx EP1-EN
    Aqua Chorus PCK-E (OUTGOING!)
    Beta the Magnet Warrior DOR-E
    Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon MOV-EN
    Dark-Piercing Light MP1
    Exarion Universe CT2-EN
    Fairy King Truesdale WC4 (OUTGOING!)
    Familiar Knight EP1-EN
    Feenkönig Wahrtal TFK-DE
    Frog the Jam MP1
    Gamma the Magnet Warrior DOR-E
    Graceful Dice TSC-E
    Inferno Tempest EP1-EN
    Kuriboh PCY-G
    Machine King EM1-EN 13x
    Mazera DeVille TLM-ENSE
    Megasonic Eye MP1
    Peten the Dark Clown EP1-EN 2x
    Rare Metal Dragon EP1-EN 2x
    Restructer Revolution DL5-DE
    Riryoku TSC
    Salamandra SDD-E 2x
    Seal of the Ancients PCK-E (OUTGOING!)
    Shrink STON-ENSE
    Sinister Serpent SDD
    Sinister Serpent WC4-E 2x
    Sphinx Teleia EP1-EN 2x
    Sword of Dragon's Soul PCJ-EN
    Theinen le Grand Sphinx YMM-FR001
    Theinen the Great Sphinx EP1-EN
    Thousand-Eyes Restrict MC1-EN
    Total Defence Shogun CT1-EN SCR
    Twinheaded Beast DBT-EN
    Ushi Oni MP1
    Watapon MOV-EN
    Windstorm of Etaqua PCY-E 4x
    Zera the Mant PP01-EN
    Zoa PT1-EN 21x
    Zoa TFK 2x

    Secret rares:
    The End of Anubis AST (OUTGOING!)
    Imperial Order PSV-E 1st

    Ultra rares:
    B. Skull Dragon MRD-E 1st
    Big Shield Guardna DB1-EN
    Blue-Eyes White Dragon SDK-E 2x
    Dark Magician SDY-E
    Elemental Hero Bladedge YSD-EN 1st
    Guardian Grarl DCR
    Horn of Heaven MRD-E
    Insect Princess IOC
    Lava Golem IOC-SE
    Red-Eyes B. Dragon SDJ
    Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon SDJ-EN 1st
    Relinquished SDP
    Ring of Destruction IOC-SE
    Thousand-Eyes Restrict PSV

    Super rares:
    B.E.S Covered Core SOI-EN 1st
    Barrel Behind the Door PGD 1st 2x
    Big Burn IOC
    Blue-Eyes White Dragon SKE 1st
    Blue-Eyes White Dragon SKE
    Butterfly Dagger - Elma DCR
    Cannon Soldier DB2-EN
    Card Destruction SDY
    Card Destruction SDY-E 3x
    Card Destruction SDY-E 1st
    D. D. Designator IOC
    Dark Balter the Terrible LOD 2x
    Dark Balter the Terrible LOD 1st
    Dark Hole LOB-E
    Dark Magician SYE
    Ectoplasmer SOD-EN 1st
    Fiend Skull Dragon LOD 1st
    Graceful Charity SDP 7x
    Gravekeeper’s Chief PGD 1st (OUTGOING!)
    Heavy Storm MRD 1st
    Heavy Storm MRD-E
    Kycoo, Geistzerstörer LON-G 1st
    Lord of D. SDK-E 4x
    Mask of the Accursed LON-EN
    Mask of the Accursed LON
    Penguin Soldier SDJ 2x
    Prime Material Dragon PTDN-EN
    Reload IOC
    Ryu Senshi LOD
    Ryu Senshi LOD 1st 2x
    Scapegoat SDJ 5x
    Shadow Spell SKE 2x
    Soul Exchange SDY 1st
    Soul Exchange SDY-E
    Summoned Skull DB1-EN
    Terrorking Archfiend DCR
    Terrorking Archfiend DCR 1st
    The Flute of Summoning Dragon SDK-E 5x
    Trap Hole LOB-E
    Trap Jammer IOC
    Tribe-Infecting Virus MFC 1st
    Water Dragon EEN-EN 1st

    Amazoness Tiger MFC
    Ameba MRL-E
    Ante MFC 1st
    Ante MFC
    Armed Changer EEN-EN 1st 4x
    Armed Ninja LOB-E 1st
    Armed Ninja LOB-E 2x
    Array of Revealing Light LOD 1st 2x
    Array of Revealing Light LOD
    Bazoo the Soul-Eater DB2-EN
    Berserk Gorilla IOC 3x
    Big Bang Shot MFC 2x
    Bladefly MRD-E
    Blast with Chain DB2-EN
    Book of Moon PGD
    Broww, Huntsman of Dark World EEN-EN 1st (MISPRINT!)
    Butterfly Dagger - Elma DR1-EN 2x
    Cannon Soldier MRD-E
    Cannon Soldier MRD-E 1st
    Chain Disappearance IOC 3x
    Charubin the Fire Knight LOB-E
    Chthonian Allianz EEN-DE 1st
    Chthonian Alliance EEN-EN 1st
    Chthonian Blast EEN-EN 1st
    Chthonian Soldier EEN-EN 1st 2x
    Chiron the Mage FET-EN 1st
    Compulsory Evacuation Device IOC 2x
    Continuous Destruction Punch MFC
    Contract with the Abyss DCR 2x
    Cross Counter FET-EN 1st
    Cry Havoc! PTDN-EN 1st
    Curse of Royal PGD 1st 3x
    D. D. Crazy Beast MFC 2x
    D. D. Trap Hole CRV-EN 1st
    D - Time EOJ-EN 1st 2x
    Dark Core MFC 1st
    Dark Designator PGD 1st
    Dark Driceratops IOC 3x
    Dark Scorpion Combination DCR
    Dark Spirit Art – Greed PTDN-EN 1st
    Dark-Eyes Illusionist PTDN-EN 1st
    Darkbishop Archfiend DCR 3x
    Darkfire Dragon LOB-E 1st
    Darkfire Dragon LOB-E 2x
    Dekoichi, die Kampfdampflok RDS-DE 1st
    Des Koala MFC 2x
    Different Dimension Gate DCR 2x
    Drainage Magique SDP-F
    Dramatic Rescue MFC
    Dragoness the Wicked Knight LOB 1st
    Dragoness the Wicked Knight LOB
    Drillago DR2-EN
    Elemental Absorber EOJ-EN 1st
    Elemental Hero Bubbleman CRV-EN 1st
    Elemental Hero Thunder Giant DP1-EN
    Enraged Battle Ox IOC 1st
    Enraged Battle Ox IOC 5x
    Fatal Abacus LOD 1st 2x
    Feather Wind DP1-EN
    Fiend Skull Dragon DB2-EN
    Final Flame LOB-E 2x
    Fissure LOB-E
    Fuhma Shuriken IOC 1st 54x
    Fuhma Shuriken IOC 291x
    Gaia the Fierce Knight DB1-EN
    Getsu Fuhma IOC 2x
    Giant Soldier of Stone LOB-E 2x
    Giant Soldier of Stone LOB-E 1st
    Gigaplant PTDN-EN 1st
    Grave Ohja TLM-EN
    Gravedigger Ghoul LOB-E
    Gravekeeper’s Chief DR1-EN (OUTGOING!)
    Gravekeeper’s Watcher PGD 1st
    Gravity Bind PSV
    Gravity Bind PSV-E 1st 2x
    Great Moth MRD-EN
    Great Phantom Thief MFC
    Guard Penalty EOJ-EN 1st 3x
    Guardian Grarl DR1-EN
    Guardian Tryce DCR
    Hayabusa Knight PSV 7x
    Helping Robo For Combat MFC
    Hero Barrier EEN-EN 1st
    Hiro’s Shadow Scout MRL-E
    Hiro’s Shadow Scout MRL-E 1st 2x
    Horn of the Unicorn MRL-E
    Infernalqueen Archfiend DCR 3x
    Jack’s Knight EEN-EN 1st
    Jowls of Dark Demise PGD 1st
    Karbonala Warrior LOB
    King’s Knight EEN-EN 1st
    King Tiger Wanghu PGD 1st
    Level Limit - Area A EEN-EN 1st 2x
    Limiter Removal DB1-EN
    Mad Dog of Darkness IOC 3x
    Mad Sword Beast PSV 2x
    Magic Drain PSV
    Magical Scientist DR1-EN 2x
    Magician of Faith MRD-E 2x
    Majestätischer Mech - Ohka EOJ-DE 1st
    Majestic Mech - Ohka EOJ-EN 4x
    Mask of Brutality LON-E 1st
    Mask of Darkness MRD-E 2x
    Master of Oz SOD-EN 1st
    Mataza the Zapper IOC 3x
    Michizure PSV
    Miraculous Descent EOJ-EN 1st
    Moisture Creature PGD 1st
    Monster Recovery PSV-E 1st
    Morphing Jar #2 DB1-EN 2x
    Morphing Jar #2 PSV
    Mudora DR1-EN
    Mystic Tomato MRL-E 2x
    Neo-Spacian Grand Mole STON-EN
    Newdoria DR1-EN
    Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke SOD-EN 2x
    Ninja Grandmaster Sasuka SOD-EN 1st
    Nobleman of Extermination PSV-E 1st
    Nobleman of Extermination PSV
    Ojama King SOD-EN 1st 2x
    Opticlops LOD
    Option Hunter SOI-EN 1st
    Overload Fusion POTD-EN
    Pandemonium DR1-EN 3x
    Pharaoh’s Treasure PGD 1st 2x
    Pot of Greed MRL-E
    Princess of Tsurugi MRD-E
    Pyramid Turtle PGD 2x
    Queen’s Knight EEN-EN 1st
    Rare Metalmorph RDS-EN 1st
    Reckless Greed PGD 1st
    Return of the Doomed LON 2x
    Robbin’ Zombie IOC
    Ryu Senshi DB2-EN
    Sangan MRD
    Sangan MRD-E 1st
    Sasuke Samurai #3 IOC 2x
    Schattentöter FET-DE 1st
    Second Coin Toss LOD 1st
    Senju of the Thousand Hands MRL-E
    Shadow Tamer LOD 1st
    Shadowslayer FET-EN
    Shield & Sword MRD-E
    Shift PSV
    Skull Invitation PSV
    Snake Deity’s Command TAEV-EN 1st
    Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower AST
    Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower AST 1st
    Special Hurricane AST 1st
    Spell Calling POTD-EN 1st
    Spell Vanishing DR1-EN
    Spirit of the Breeze LON
    Star Boy MRD-E
    Stray Lambs IOC
    Susa Soldier LOD 1st
    Talisman of Trap Sealing AST 1st
    The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury AST 1st
    The Shallow Grave PSV
    Thousand Energy AST 1st
    Transcendent Wings CRV-EN 1st
    Trap Hole DB1-EN
    Tribe-Infecting Virus DR1-EN
    Ultra Evolution Pill IOC
    VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon DP2-EN
    Wandering Mummy PGD 1st
    Winged Sage Falcos PGD 1st
    Witch of the Black Forest MRD-E
    Witch of the Black Forest MRD-E 1st
    Witch’s Apprentice MRD-E

    I have a lot just ask!

    Lava Golem SDM-014
    Magic Shard Excavation SDM-021 2x
    Unholy Calamity SDM-031
    Shrink SK2-020
    XYZ-Dragon Cannon SKE-042
    Dimension Magic SY2-022
    Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End BPT-J02
    Dark Paladin SY2-001
    Fushioh Richie DL5-115
    Toon Summoned Skull DL1-057
    I have a lot more commons just ask!

    Metroid Prime - Hunters (NDS Demo)
    Pocket Scale (Max: 100gr.. 0,01gr precision) (OUTGOING!)
    Project Rub (NDS)
    Starter Deck Kaiba (European English Print and sealed!)
    Super Mario 64 DS
    Yu-Gi-Oh! – 7 Trials to Glory (GBA) (without cards)

    Regional mat (new art)
    Regional mat (old art)
  4. Frankmans

    Frankmans CoG iTrader

    Trophy Points:
    Pending trades:

    none at the moment.
  5. EmeraldDragon

    EmeraldDragon Bringer of Doom

    Trophy Points:
    Sweet. Well you followed the layout perfectly so lets see if theres anything I want.

    Keep it simple. a super heavy storm. My list is in my sig still i think. t might not be up to date ask and I'll tell ya if i still got it or not.
  6. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    Trophy Points:
  7. Frankmans

    Frankmans CoG iTrader

    Trophy Points:
    I want:
    Monster Reborn ultra
  8. EmeraldDragon

    EmeraldDragon Bringer of Doom

    Trophy Points:
    Yeah gotta remove that from the list. With it actually being allowed now i cant part with my MR. See anything else ya like?
  9. Frankmans

    Frankmans CoG iTrader

    Trophy Points:
    No sorry I didn't..
  10. Dimensionruler

    Dimensionruler Block Head

    Trophy Points:
    I'm interested in the Promo Kuriboh and the Gearfried the Iron Knight DB1 (Named: Kuriboh). I have cash or you can check my list in my sig.
  11. kookbook

    kookbook CoG iTrader

    Trophy Points:
    Prime material dragon?

    banisher of the radiance (x2)
    Kycoo the ghost destroyer(x2)
    fissure(may not be perfect condition though)
    drillroid(super rare)


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