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Gears of War X-Play Review (Single and Multi-Player)

So, is this game out yet? As much as I've researched this game, I haven't actually read that it's available for purchase. I'm going to give PS3 and <shudder> the Wii a little time to develop their market presences, but the more I research this, the more I feel like the X-Box 360 has the games I want to play. This, Lost Planet (see my other thread for trailers) and the game I'd possible donate non-vital organs for, Halo 3, are all on this console. Now that I have a DSL connection, I'd could possibly waste hours on Halo 3 alone. Anyone care to chime in on this topic? PS3's Resistance: Fall of Man looks good, but so far, it's the only thing on that console that even moves me, and not near as much as Sci Fi epics do.

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I'm still trying to save up for a console. I'm going to wait until the PS3 gets established and then decide between the three consoles. Odds are I'm not going to even bother with the Wii. PS3 still has to do two things before I'll buy it. Go down in price and get better games. At the moment, I'm leaning towards the 360.

I've always wanted to do the Lan Party thing, and each of my friends has a 360 already, so odds are I'll get the 360 on that basis alone. I really want to play Gears, Lost Odyssee, Bioshock and the the next Halo.


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tell u somthing.... ps3 and xbox 360 are no different well except the shape of course. but if u want to no wat console to get i'll tell u.... get xbox 360 im not only sayin this coz i got it but when u come to think about it on ps3 every 12 months there will be new games but on xbox 360 its nearly every 4 weeks


Excellent game very well paced action and pieces of history. Roadie run is a good war gritty feel of the field of fly vision changes. The graphics are beautiful, yes, but that's not everything sells. The level design is well done and easy to follow. The weapons are balanced. Its role in the third law of action and an excellent camera.