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Greensboro, NC Vs System Pro Circuit Qualifier 12-11-05

Discussion in 'PCQ Information (VS)' started by blade146, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. blade146

    blade146 New Member

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    Greensboro, NC Vs System Pro Circuit Qualifier
    Sunday, December 11th, 2005

    Location: Holiday Inn, Greensboro Airport; 6426 Burnt Popular Road; Greensboro, NC 27409

    Not coming from the highway? Use Mapquest for directions to the hotel from anywhere!

    Time: Doors open at 8:00 AM; Sealed Pack tournament begins at 10:00 AM; Constructed tournament begins at 12:00 PM or after the second round of the Sealed Pack. Pre-registration is NOT required for either event.

    Tournament Structure: Both events are run Swiss format (the number of rounds depends on the number of players) with a cut to the top 8. The number of rounds is determined by the number of players. The top 8 in the sealed pack tournament will booster draft. Each round is one game and has a time limit of 30 minutes.

    4-8 players - 4 rounds (top 2)
    9-16 players - 5 rounds (top 4)
    17-22 players - 6 rounds (top 8)
    23-36 players - 7 rounds (top 8)
    37-52 players - 8 rounds (top 8)
    53-94 players - 9 rounds (top 8)

    Tournament Format:
    Sealed Pack: Each player in the sealed pack tournament will receive five packs of Justice League to construct their decks with. The playoff rounds will be booster draft.
    Constructed: Golden Age – cards from all Vs sets are legal. Overload is banned in this format.

    Entry Fee: Sealed Pack format: $25.00; Constructed format: $20.00 - Cash only, credit cards are not accepted.

    Prizes: Every PCQ awards $500; $250 for the winner of each format. Cash prizes will be given in the form of a debit card at the event - no waiting for a check! Winners must fill out a W-9 form before recieving their prize.

    The winner of each format also receives a limited-edition Vs. System red metal deck box.

    Pro Circuit points are awarded to the top 10 players in each PCQ. First place receives 10 points, second receives 5 points, third and fourth receive 2 points each, and fifth through tenth receive 1 point each. For more information on how pro circuit points work visit the Upper Deck Entertainment website here

    The top 8 players from each format receive an extended-art foil promo card. Sealed product will be awarded to the 2nd - 4th place finishers in EACH tournament! The winner of each format will also receive a really cool playmat.

    Player Eligibility: Players may not be simultaneously enrolled in both tournaments. Players must have dropped from the sealed pack tournament if they wish to play in the constructed tournament.

    Deck Registration:
    Limited: In the Sealed Pack format, each player will receive five boosters (set TBD). Players will have 20 minutes to open the packs, sort the cards, register all the cards on the checklist, and turn in the registered cards and checklist to the judges. All registered decks will then redistributed at random. Players then have 30 minutes to construct a deck of at least 30 cards from the cards they receive. There is currently no side-deck in the Vs. System, so once the deck is completed and the decklist is registered and submitted, the deck must match this list throughout the entire tournament.
    Constructed: Every player must provide us with a legible copy of their decklist. Blank decklist forms will be available at the tournament. We will also have judges on hand to check your deck and sleeves before the tournament begins. We HIGHLY recommend that players take advantage of this in order to avoid possible penalties later on.

    Side Events: Booster draft and constructed side events will be offered throughout the day.

    More Information: Players who want specific information can contact us at events@starcitygames.com or by calling (540) 767-GAME (4263)
  2. helpoemer316

    helpoemer316 Will game for food

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    I'll be here too... barring any snow and what not.
  3. blade146

    blade146 New Member

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    I'll be there if it snows or not. I haven't played but 1-2 times since the 10k and its been killing me.

    What do you predict the meta being like here. I say we see the standard CS and TT decks. There should be a few more CE builds and TNB may see some play. Other than that I see the rest being wide open. There may be a possibilty of top 8 being all different decks.
  4. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

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    My wife is renting Videos for the weekend. Looks like I'm staying home. :(
  5. helpoemer316

    helpoemer316 Will game for food

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    I'm expecting CE, Chicken Squad, maybe Avengers, a touch of New School, maybe 1 Teen Titans, and I'm sure a Curve or two.

    I also wouldn't be surprised to see a few Injustice Gang builds.

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