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How much You spent on VS

Discussion in 'General Discussion (VS)' started by Fierdogg, Dec 8, 2004.

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  1. Fierdogg

    Fierdogg New Member

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    Any Idea what you think you have spent.

    I would say about 6 boxes over like $400

    But the nice part is that i would say i got about $300 dollars worth of cards. So atleast i dont have a bunch of sucky cards.
  2. Admodieus

    Admodieus New Member

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    I've probably spent around that much...I got around a total of 3 boxes of DC Origins, which is my favorite set thus far.
  3. deviaan

    deviaan New Member

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    wow, that's a lot. let's c. in my VS life, i've bought:
    1. Spidey VS Doc Ock Starter
    2. A MOR Booster

    that's it. lol, the good thing is I pulled a savage beatdown in the booster (lucky eh?) and i auctioned and got a lot of cards that I needed for my SS deck, back then, now it's sub-par and since no one here plays, i'm pretty much stuck to playing online. which i haven't done in a while. lol. at lest i still read the articles and such and can come up with good decks. i just wish i could test them. That could all change, If i ever get around to filling out those forms for a job at McDonalds (only 16). Then, i think i'll start off by buying a tin or something, that way i have something cool to keep my cards in. that don't fit in my crappy binder, which i also plan on replacing. lol.
  4. helpoemer316

    helpoemer316 Will game for food

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    LoL, I've spent maybe $10... $20 at the most on VS, I get all my stuff for free most of the time for judging tournaments, so I'm one of those fortunate types of guys.
  5. failure

    failure New Member

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    13 boxes of Marvel Origins
    9 boxes of DC Origins
    3 boxes of Spider-Man
    7 boxes of Superman, so far...

    yeah that adds up to too much, but I've got a nice investment in the game as well. I've easily got more cash in cards than cash i've spent on the game.
  6. JediSpidey

    JediSpidey New Member

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    I've spent a lot of $$$ for Vs.

    MOR = 7-10 boxes (to include all the indiv boosters)
    DOR = 3 boxes
    MSM = 5 boxes
    DSM = 4 boxes

    plus i've bought from eBay except that i have paid from the credit I had from selling yugioh. And i have a lot of that stuff I'm getting rid of. Vs is way more cool than Yugioh.
  7. Onslaught510

    Onslaught510 Guest

    So far:
    2 boxes of Dc Origins
    1 box of Spiderman
    1 box of Superman
    and a bunch of packs.
  8. opks22

    opks22 Guest

    probably too much...
  9. Mordencanen

    Mordencanen Guest

    well,..if you include the 7-9 trips around my region, and the one to GenCon Indy, and all the boxes,..I'd say im in for close to 5K so far. At least UDE is willing to help out though,..they've paid me $500.00 too,..so that counts for somethin,.. :)
  10. duel4fun

    duel4fun New Member

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    Yes, yes you do. ;)

    I have to same amount of totals for my VS Collection. As any one, who know me, could tell you, I collect a player's set of every card.
  11. failure

    failure New Member

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    I've been pondering doing a playset of everything now, since I've got everything else.

    I think I'll start doing it after I've finished foiling the decks I have atm. Think I'm 4 cards from Fan4 Beats, 5 cards from AI/F5, and 2 cards from B&B. Stupid beast boy foils are a pain in my a$$
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