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I need help converting this to 10/1 ban list

Discussion in 'Deck Construction (YGO)' started by Spellcaster Master, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. Spellcaster Master

    Spellcaster Master New Member

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    Any help will be greatly appreciated. I want it to be swarm still, and Ihave no idea where to begin. thanks.

    Warrior Deck

    Monsters (18):

    1x Jinzo
    1x Airknight Parshath
    2x Marauding Captain
    2x Blade Knight
    1x D. D. Warrior Lady
    1x D. D. Assailant
    1x Sangan
    1x Mystic Swordsman LV2
    1x Breaker the Magical Warrior
    2x Command Knight
    2x Goblin Attack Foroce
    1x Exiled Force
    1x Cyber Jar
    1x Tribe-Infecting Virus

    Spells (17):

    2x Reinforcement of the Army
    1x The Warrior Returning Alive
    1x Mystical Space Typhoon
    1x Snatch Steal
    1x Graceful Charity
    1x Delinquent Duo
    1x Pot of Greed
    2x Nobleman of Crossout
    1x Premature Burial
    1x United We Stand
    1x Heavy Storm
    1x Enemy Controller
    1x Smashing Ground
    1x Book of Moon
    1x Premature Burial

    Traps (5):

    1x Mirror Force
    1x Torrential Tribute
    1x Bottomless Trap Hole
    1x Call of the Haunted
    1x Ring of Destruction

    Here is my side deck:

    Side Deck (15):
    1x Amazoness Swordswoman
    2x D. D. Assailant
    1x D. D. Survivor
    2x Drillroid
    1x Gyroid
    1x Morphing Jar
    2x My Body as a Shield
    2x Chain Disappearance
    2x Divine Wrath
  2. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

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    Your deck hasn't lost any significant speed.

    1x [ycard="MFC-076"]Tribe-Infecting Virus[/ycard] >>
    1x [ycard="DB2-EN095"]Graceful Charity[/ycard] >>
    1x [ycard="DB1-EN024"]Delinquent Duo[/ycard] >>
    1x [ycard="SD2-EN017"]Pot of Greed[/ycard] >>
    1x [ycard="DB2-EN081"]Mirror Force[/ycard] >>
    1x [ycard="DB1-EN228"]Torrential Tribute[/ycard] >>
    1x [ycard="PGD-000"]Ring of Destruction[/ycard] >>
    1x [ycard="PSV-EN034"]Nobleman of Crossout[/ycard] >>

    Here's my suggestions.

    Monsters (18):

    1x [ycard="DB2-EN110"]Total Defense Shogun[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="DB2-EN173"]Airknight Parshath[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="LOD-EN018"]Marauding Captain[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="CT1-EN002"]Blade Knight[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="DCR-027"]D. D. Warrior Lady[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="DBT-EN002"]D. D. Assailant[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="SYE-018"]Sangan[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="SOD-EN011"]Mystic Swordsman LV2[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="MFC-071"]Breaker the Magical Warrior[/ycard]
    3x [ycard="CT1-EN003"]Command Knight[/ycard]
    2x Goblin Attack Foroce
    1x [ycard="LOD-EN023"]Exiled Force[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="SRL-EN077"]Cyber Jar[/ycard]

    Spells (15):

    3x [ycard="LOD-EN028"]Reinforcement of the Army[/ycard]
    3x [ycard="DB2-EN149"]The Warrior Returning Alive[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="SRL-EN047"]Mystical Space Typhoon[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="SRL-EN036"]Snatch Steal[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="PSV-EN034"]Nobleman of Crossout[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="PSV-EN037"]Premature Burial[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="DB1-EN244"]United We Stand[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="DB2-EN084"]Heavy Storm[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="AST-037"]Enemy Controller[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="IOC-093"]Smashing Ground[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="PSV-EN037"]Premature Burial[/ycard]

    Traps (7):

    2x [ycard="DB2-EN201"]Bottomless Trap Hole[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="SD3-EN028"]Call of the Haunted[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="SDJ-043"]Trap Hole[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="SDJ-046"]Waboku[/ycard]

    Side Deck:

    Side Deck (15):
    1x Amazoness Swordswoman
    2x [ycard="DBT-EN002"]D. D. Assailant[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="TLM-EN023"]D. D. Survivor[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="CRV-EN009"]Drillroid[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="CRV-EN007"]Gyroid[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="TP4-002"]Morphing Jar[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="MFC-092"]My Body as a Shield[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="IOC-052"]Chain Disappearance[/ycard]
    3x [ycard="RDS-EN050"]Divine Wrath[/ycard]

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