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I need some help to improve my Counter Fairy Deck

Discussion in 'Advanced Format Decks (YGO)' started by Dr Kain, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. Dr Kain

    Dr Kain CoG iTrader

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    So I'm using a Counter Fairy Deck that kicks ass, however, my deck is 45 cards. I am thinking on what is best to remove to cut it down to 40 cards, but that may not be possible. Tell me what you guys think? Should I keep it 45 or make it 40?

    [3] Van'Dalgyon, the Dark Dragon Lord
    [2] Chaos Sorcerer
    [1] Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness
    [1] Voltanis the Adjudcator
    [1] Dark Voltanis

    [3] Bountiful Artemis
    [2] Meltiel, Sage of the Sky
    [2] Harvest Angel of Wisdom
    [2] Mask of Darkness
    [2] Honest
    [1] Marshmallon

    [2] Book of Moon
    [2] Gold Sarcophagus
    [2] Sanctuary in the Sky
    [1] Pot of Duality
    [1] Monster Reborn
    [1] Swords of Revealing Light

    [3] Solemn Warning
    [3] Dark Bribe
    [3] Divine Wrath
    [2] Black Horn of Heaven
    [2] Negate Attack
    [1] Solemn Judgment
    [1] Solemn Wishes
    [1] Call of the Haunted

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