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Is it possible...?

Discussion in 'Deck Construction (YGO)' started by chaos general, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. chaos general

    chaos general New Member

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    Does anyone besides me think that it's possible to make a deck that uses both [ycard="AST-034"]Archlord Zerato[/ycard] and [ycard="DCR-016"]Shinato, King of a Higher Plane[/ycard]? I mean, when you think about it, it seems tangible.

    2-3x [ycard="AST-002"]Warrior of Zera[/ycard]
    3x Manju of the Ten-Thousand Hands
    1-2x [ycard="DR1-EN036"]Terraforming[/ycard]
    3x [ycard="AST-042"]The Sanctuary in the Sky[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="DR1-EN191"]Shinato's Ark[/ycard]
    1-3x The Agent of Force, Mars?
    The Agent of Judgment, Saturn?
    1-2x [ycard="LOD-EN028"]Reinforcement of the Army[/ycard]?
    1-2x [ycard="DB2-EN149"]The Warrior Returning Alive[/ycard]?

    Maybe [ycard="DCR-076"]Mudora[/ycard], some other Warrior-Type monsters, [ycard="DCR-078"]Kelbek[/ycard] seems possible...

    What do you think?
  2. Jathro

    Jathro New Member

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    Short answer "no, with a maybe." Long answer "yes, with a but". lol ;)

    Actually, I think it could work...
    - 2x [ycard="LOD-EN028"]Reinforcement of the Army[/ycard] is a must to get Zera, and let's try to keep him to only 2 if we're gonna search for him. Looks like you have the backbone setup. When I've run fairies, I've always liked using 2x Mars, 1x Saturn, 2x [ycard="DCR-076"]Mudora[/ycard] and some life point swingers like [ycard="DR1-EN095"]Wave-Motion Cannon[/ycard], [ycard="IOC-SE2"]Magic Cylinder[/ycard], [ycard="AST-054"]Draining Shield[/ycard], [ycard="MFC-033"]Poison of the Old Man[/ycard], etc.

    I'm not saying it will be easy, but it would be a fun experiment.
  3. BenjaminMS

    BenjaminMS The Kozaky show

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    This is the way I would do it…

    Tribute monsters (5x)
    2x [ycard="AST-034"]Archlord Zerato[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="DCR-016"]Shinato, King of a Higher Plane[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="AST-006"]The Agent of Judgment - Saturn[/ycard]

    Non-tribute monsters (16x)
    3x [ycard="IOC-088"]Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="AST-002"]Warrior of Zera[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="DCR-076"]Mudora[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="LOD-EN018"]Marauding Captain[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="AST-009"]The Agent of Force - Mars[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="DCR-078"]Kelbek[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="DB2-EN183"]Asura Priest[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="DB1-EN238"]Hysteric Fairy[/ycard]

    Spells (15x)
    2x [ycard="LOD-EN028"]Reinforcement of the Army[/ycard]
    3x [ycard="AST-042"]The Sanctuary in the Sky[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="DR1-EN036"]Terraforming[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="DR1-EN191"]Shinato's Ark[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="DB2-EN149"]The Warrior Returning Alive[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="SRL-EN047"]Mystical Space Typhoon[/ycard]
    2x [ycard="SDJ-032"]Giant Trunade[/ycard]
    1x [ycard="PSV-EN037"]Premature Burial[/ycard]

    Traps (4x)
    1x [ycard="SD3-EN028"]Call of the Haunted[/ycard]
    3x [ycard="DR1-EN265"]Ray of Hope[/ycard]

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