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[JCP-YGO] Phantom of Chaos Vs. Skill Drain

Discussion in 'UDE's Judge Program (YGO)' started by UDEbot, Dec 15, 2008.

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    from UDE's Judge Certification Program (YGO)

    If I use "Phantom of Chaos'" effect to copy a DARK monster in my Graveyard, what happens if my opponent activates "Skill Drain" afterwards?

    Also, what happens if they chain "Skill Drain" to "Phantom of Chaos'" effect when I activate it?

    If you use "Phantom of Chaos'" effect to copy the name, ATK, and effect(s) of a DARK monster and afterwards "Skill Drain" is activated, the copied effect(s) are negated, but the copied name and ATK are not negated. If you activate "Phantom of Chaos'" effect and "Skill Drain" is chained, "Phantom of Chaos'" effect is negated when it resolves, so it does not gain the name, ATK, or effect(s) of the DARK monster.


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