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Jinzo Vs. Skill Drain

Discussion in 'Rules Questions (YGO)' started by kingpinopie, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. kingpinopie

    kingpinopie Himoura Shinta

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    Ok,  I know this has probably been covered at some time, but I STILL dont know which would win out in this situation.  Would Jinzo negate the skill drain??? or is it a matter of who was there first?
  2. densetsu_x

    densetsu_x .

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    It's (almost) a matter of what's on the field first.

    An active "Skill Drain" will negate the effect of "Jinzo".

    An active "Jinzo" will prevent "Skill Drain" from being activated.

    If "Skill Drain" was on the field first and the player then summons "Jinzo" (whose effect is negated), and then someone activates "Royal Decree", what happens is this.

    "Royal Decree" negates the effect of "Skill Drain"
    "Jinzo"'s effect activates, negating the effect of "Royal Decree" and "Skill Drain".
    If "Royal Decree" is then destroyed (by say "Mystical Space Typhoon"), "Jinzo" will continue to negate "Skill Drain".

    - A
  3. kingpinopie

    kingpinopie Himoura Shinta

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    Wow.... That was exactly the answer I was looking for , thanks !!!

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