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[Judge Announcements] Player Management and Rules Knowledge certification description

Discussion in 'UDE Judge Announcements' started by UDEbot, Oct 2, 2007.

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    Player Management and Rules Knowledge certification descriptions
    from UDE's Player Management Forums
    Migraged from the old forums
    Player Management and Rules Knowledge Certification Descriptions

    This document defines and outlines each of the five certifications for player management and rules knowledge. In addition, this document explains the testing and re-testing process associated with each level. Finally, this document contains a quick reference chart for each of the certification.

    A judge is defined as a person who is officiating a sanctioned tournament, regardless of the certifications achieved by that person. A judge’s level is determined by taking the lowest certification between his or her rules knowledge for the specific game and his or her player management. This is a reversal of existing policy.

    Official documents will use the term certification when referring to tests and the term level when referring to people. These two definitions are new.

    Example: Alex has certification 3 in WoW rules knowledge, certification 2 in player management, and has not yet taken certification 1 in Yu-Gi-Oh! rules knowledge. Alex is a level 2 WoW judge and a level 0 Yu-Gi-Oh! judge.

    Example: Thomas has certification 3 in Yu-Gi-Oh! rules knowledge, certification 3 in player management, and certification 1 in WoW rules knowledge. Thomas is a level 3 Yu-Gi-Oh! judge and a level 1 WoW judge.
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