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[Judge Announcements] Testing FAQ

Discussion in 'UDE Judge Announcements' started by UDEbot, Oct 2, 2007.

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    Testing FAQ
    from UDE's Player Management Forums
    Q: Where can I find certification 1 tests?

    A: You can find all certification 1 tests online at www.ude.com/judge. Each test is open book. If you do not pass the test you can retake a different version in 7 days.

    Q: What are the testing requirements for cert 2 tests and higher?

    A: In short, tournament judging experience and proven track record for judging tournaments. For a complete list please refer to this FAQ.

    Q: Where can I take tests for cert 2?

    A: Cert 2 tests are offered by level 3 judges. Each level 3 judge can offer cert 2 tests for Player Management. In addition, a level 3 judge can offer cert 2 tests for each game that they hold cert 3 in rules knowledge.

    In addition, certain individuals authorized by Upper Deck (such as UDE employees or their business partners) may offer certification opportunities at larger events (usually C-Value 40 or higher). Each of those events has a contact email address which judges should utilize to check if testing is available.

    Q: Where can I test for cert 3?

    A: Cert 3 tests are offered by individuals authorized by Upper Deck (usually UDE employees). These test usually require extensive event observations and interviews to determine skill level. Most of these certification opportunities exist at larger events (usually C-Value 40 or higher). These tests must be arranged prior to the event to ensure ample opportunity for observation and testing.

    Q: What is a level 3 judge?

    A: A level 3 judge for a specific game is an individual that has passed both player management cert 3 and game specific rules knowledge cert 3 exams. Check here for a list of level 3 judges.

    Q: How do I contact someone for a cert 2 testing opportunity?

    A: Since most testing opportunities occur at premier events, your best option is to contact the Tournament Organizer for the specific event at which you plan to test. You can do this by looking up the event in our Tournament Locator and emailing the contact number for the Tournament Organizer.

    In addition to the above option you may also contact a Level 3 judge directly. You can find their contact information stickied on the appropriate judge forums.

    Q: What do I need to know before the test?

    A: In addition to knowing the material for the specific test you are planning to take, you should have your UDE number on hand with you. If this is not your first attempt at that test, you should have a record of when you last took this certification test. You can find this information here.

    Q: What happens during the event that I judge?

    A: Most applicants will be asked to help judge at the event that they wish to test. This is done to observe the applicant and to make sure that they are interested in increasing their certification level to help out with the judge program.

    Conversely, if you plan to take the test at an event for which you are already signed up to judge, please let the Head Judge and the Tournament Organizer know ahead of time, so that they can observe you.

    Q: I want to take the test, but I am not judging, can I?

    A: Usually, no, for the reasons outlined in the question above. However, in special cases, this is sometimes possible. You should still arrange testing ahead of time with the person who will administer the test. An example of a special case would be a judge that volunteered at multiple WoW Regional tournaments wanting to test for WoW Rules Knowledge at a Yu-Gi-Oh! Shonen Jump Championship.

    Q: I took the test and passed, now what?

    A: Congratulations, once your paper work is processed, your certification advancement should be reflected here. In addition your testing attempt should be recorded here. Paperwork processing can take up to 1 month from when you took the test.

    Even though you passed, you should still go over the test with the person that administered it and at least review any of the questions that you missed. It’s also a very good idea to ask this person for contact information, to make sure that you are able to follow up with this person if your test results aren’t updated after 1 month.

    Q: I took the test and did not pass, now what?

    A: You should view this testing attempt as a learning opportunity. Go over each of the questions that you missed with the person that administered the test to better understand the material for the next attempt. Your testing attempt should be recorded here; however paperwork processing can take up to 1 month from when you took the test.

    Most re-testing has a wait period associated with it. You can refer to this FAQ for additional information on when you can re-test.

    Q: Who should I contact with any questions about the testing process?

    A: Your first point of contact should be with the person that administered the test. Make sure to save their contact information! This is the person you should talk to if your information isn’t updated in 1 month from when you took the test. If you are unable to get an answer from the person that administered the test, please contact judge@upperdeck.com with the following information:

    Your name:
    Your UDE number:
    Certification for which you tested:
    Date when you tested:
    Event at which you tested (if applicable):
    Tester’s name:
    Tester’s UDE number:

    Q: What are the expectations of higher level judges?

    A: Passing higher certifications carries a certain degree of responsibility. For specific requirements please review this FAQ. In addition to those requirements, judges should always behave in a befitting manner. Remember, you are a representative of the games that you judge both at tournaments and at any other public medium.

    For a downloadable .doc version, please visit the Judge Resources folder.
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