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[judge-yu] monster gate vs last will

Discussion in 'UDE's Judge Program (YGO)' started by UDEbot, Jan 13, 2005.

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    I summon one monster to the field. [say, Kuriboh]
    I activate Last Will.
    I activate Monster Gate, and tribute Kuriboh for the effect.

    What happens now? Can I resolve Monster Gate first, to see what comes out
    [hopefully a Catapult Turtle] and THEN choose a monster for Last Will [Magical
    Scientist]? Or is it reverse, where I have to choose one of the two monsters above
    and hope the other one comes out.

    Or, is all the above illegal in any way?

    Thanks in advance!



    "Monster Gate's" effect resolves first, and then the state created by "Last Will" resolves. This means that you first pick up cards from the top of your deck to Special Summon via "Monster Gate's" effect, and then you can search your deck for a monster with an ATK of 1500 or less and Special Summon it to the field, since you have fulfilled the state created by "Last Will."

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