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[judge-yu] Soul Exchange, Metamorphosis, and Book of Moon

Discussion in 'UDE's Judge Program (YGO)' started by UDEbot, Aug 24, 2005.

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    If you activated "Soul Exchange" targeting your opponent's monster, if
    the monster is face-down, you cannot Tribute it as a cost for


    first of all, thanks for this clarification. its one that's been plauging the game for a while.

    now, just to clarify.

    the opponent's monster is face up when i activate Soul Exchange and target the monster.

    1) first... the opponent activates Book of Moon, chaining to the Soul Exchange. what this ruling is saying is that, although i already know that the monster is a X-Star level, i still cannot activate Metamorphosis later in the turn and use the monster as the tribute... correct??

    2) if the above was 'correct', the second part is... i later activate Metamorphosis, and declare that i'm using the opponent's still face up monster for the tribute. at this time, as a cost, the monster is tributed and it is too late for the opponent to use Book of Moon to flip it face down... correct??

    just want to hit all the bases that we run into in the field...



    1)You are correct. It is not possible to Tribute the monster because it is face-down. It does not matter that you knew about its Level previously.

    2) Correct, the opponent's monster is Tributed as a cost. It will not be on the field and thus cannot be a target for "Book of Moon."

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