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MacroMonarch? O__o

Discussion in 'Advanced Format Decks (YGO)' started by Knight_of_nightmares, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Knight_of_nightmares

    Knight_of_nightmares New Member

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    Well here's my Macromonarch deck, any suggestion is well appreciated

    Total (40):

    Monsters (21)
    tribute monsters (7):
    *3 Kuraz the light monarch
    *1 Caius the shadow monarch
    *1 Light and Darkness Dragon (Until i find a DMOC)
    *1 Thestalos the firestorm monarch
    *1 Mobius the Frost Monarch

    level 4 or lower monsters (12):
    *3 Banisher of the radiance
    *3 D.D. survivor
    *1 Magical merchant
    *1 Exiled force
    *1 D.D. assailant
    *1 D.D. warrior lady
    *1 Morphing jar
    *1 Snipe hunter

    Spell cards (15):
    *3 Dimensional fissure
    *2 Reinforcements of the army
    *1 Soul exchange
    *1 D.D.R.
    *1 Fissure
    *1 Monster gate
    *1 Book of moon
    *1 Mystical space typhoon
    *1 Heavy storm
    *1 Lightning vortex
    *1 Card destruction
    *1 Brain control

    Trap cards (6):
    *2 Macrocosmos
    *1 Magic drain
    *1 Return from the different dimension
    *1 Horn of heaven
    *1 Torrential Tribute
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  2. Anything.

    Anything. New Member

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    This is reminiscent of that Dark Emperor deck that my brother mutilated for the cards within. I'll update with review soon.

    Woah! Kuraz is the only Monarch that activates when Special Summoned (and Normal Summoned instead of Tribute Summoned too, so if you're somehow able to reduce its Stars...)!
  3. Knight_of_nightmares

    Knight_of_nightmares New Member

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    I know that Kuraz is the only monster that's it effect activates when special summoned but having special summoned a 2400 on the field isn't half as bad. I've been trying out the deck, against different type of decks (lightsworn, Dark armed dragon, different RFP variants) and it works well, yes it does have flaws (dead hands, lack of a card that can turn the tables...other than kuraz which gives a free card if you use it against your opponent) and that's the reason I put up the deck. Deck updated
  4. Knight_of_nightmares

    Knight_of_nightmares New Member

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    Le BUmpe....some help anyone?
  5. Knight_of_nightmares

    Knight_of_nightmares New Member

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    Updated again...Really no SUggestions?
  6. vanguard

    vanguard New Member

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    oh boy, I played this deck 'bout a year ago, so I know a thing or 2 about it. Here's what i'd suggest:

    - Thestalos
    - Mobius
    - 2x Scout plane
    - Bazoo
    - 1x D.D.R.
    - reasoning
    - monster gate
    - card trader
    - soul absorbtion
    - Lightning Vortex
    - magical merchant
    These cards have all GOT TO GO without question :) . What you're trying to do is play every single combo there is with macro cosmos. That's not the way it's supposed to work. First off, while Thestalos and Mobius are fun, they won't help much since about everything's chainable. This deck should revolve around field control. As for the scout planes, I've never been much of a fan of scout planes. They always reappear in your end-phase in ATK. So there's not much room for maneuverbility. Bazoo shouldn't be in this deck at all, you're removing everything in the game, there won't be anyhting left in the graveyard for Bazoo. Plus you don't need an extra beatstick, but I'll get back to that in moment. Next up, reasoning and monster gate. Why? For speed? Remember the levels of all your monster are mostly either 4 or 6, any opponent will figure that out pretty quickly, plus you don't want special summon all your monarchs (besides Kuraz maybe) since thay won't get their effects and it's not all about beatsticks. Then there's card trader. uhm, yeah just get rid of it, it's basically a -1 while, if you replace it, could be a +1.
    Then you had soul absorption. Yeah I know it's fun to gain life points with a macro strategy, but once again this is something you'd use to recover from an opponent's strategy. That's not the way it works. You have to design your deck so that it will fit YOUR strategy best, not to counter that of your opponent. Lightning Vortex can be handy, agreed, but remember that discarding a card can be fatal.
    What I'd add in is this:
    +2 Caius the Shadow Monarch
    +1 D.D. Survivor
    +2 Banisher of the Radiance
    +1 Dimensional Fissure
    +1 Mirror Force
    +3 Solemn Judgment
    +1 Smashing Ground
    +2 Reinfrocement of the Army
    This will add to the effectiveness of your deck, in that it will give you more options to gain field control. Use Survivor to attack your opponenet whilie Dimensional Fisuure or Macro is out. It doesn't matter if he gets blasted because he'l come back anyway. Plus remember that this also makes for easy fodder. The RotA's will add Survivor quicker to your hand on top of that.
    Now there's still 1 thing that needs to be changed but I don't know yet what cards you should drop for them. Try to dump some cards in order to add in draw cards like Upstart Goblin. I know, why Goblin it lets you draw only once and your opponent gets 1000LP. But it doesn't matter, even though Upstart lets you draw only once, it still means that you're basically playing a 37-card deck (you gotta play 3 or 0 :D). As for the LP's, doesn't matter if you're playing a control build remember? If you can control the field, you can control LP's too.

    Also dump these to lower your deck count to 40 cards:
    - Card Destruction
    - 1x Soul Exchange (remember Survivors always return even if tributed)
    -1 Magic drain (you've got solemns now, way more effective)
    -1 Exiled force (monarchs whipe it all away anyway)
    It's really important to keep your card count at 40, more cards will increase the odds of you NOT drawing whatyou need and when you need it.

    There's still some modfications that have to be made but I'll get back to you on that. I hope I've been helpful.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2008
  7. lepercan420

    lepercan420 New Member

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    -1 kuraz
    -2 magical merchant
    -1 banisher of the radience
    -1 exiled
    -1 bazoo

    +2 caius
    +1 mobius
    +1 survivor

    -2 soul exchange
    -1 card trader
    -1 monster gate
    -1 reasoning
    -1 book of moon

    +2 hand destruction
    +2 reinforcements
    +1 dimensional fissure

    this takes the deck down to 40, and gives you more monarchs to destroy things with and then attack.
    the reason for 3 survivor is monarch food.

    and you dont want bazoo because if the deck works correctly you wont have a graveyard.

    one thing you dont want to do is stop yourself from attacking with soul exchange and kuraz
    use ddr with kuraz and blow both ddr and kuraz up to draw 2.
  8. Knight_of_nightmares

    Knight_of_nightmares New Member

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    Made some adjustments Still looking for some cards, so any other suggestion is appreciated
  9. lepercan420

    lepercan420 New Member

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    if you are going to run 3 kuraz, i would suggest running 2-3 d.d.r. for major draw power.

    and i would actually suggest running only 1-2 kuraz since he cant attack when hes summoned

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