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morphtronic deck help

Discussion in 'Deck Construction (YGO)' started by asmknight, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. asmknight

    asmknight New Member

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    i need some help on my deck to make it better

    x3 morphtronic celfon
    x1 morphtronic videon
    x2 gadget driver
    x2 morphtronic magnen
    x2 morphtronic slingen
    x3 morphtronic cameran
    x1 morphtronic boarden
    x2 morphtronic datatron
    x2 morphtronic scopen
    x1 morphtronic magnen bar

    x1 double tool c&d
    x1 morphtronic engine
    x3 junk box
    x1 limiter removal
    x1 morphtronic accelerator
    x1 morphtronic repair unit
    x1 heavy storm
    x2 morphtronic cord

    x1 morphtronic bind
    x2 morphtronic mix up
    x2 morphtransition
    x2 morphtronics scramble
    x1 sakuretsu armor
    x1 morphtronic forcefield
    x2 trap stun

    help me out plz thx
  2. cyberknight8610

    cyberknight8610 Beginning Gamer

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    try something like this-

    Monsters: 20
    Morphtronic Scopen x2
    Morphtronic Radion x3
    Morphtronic Boomboxen x3
    Morphtronic Boarden x2
    Morphtronic Celfon x3
    Morphtronic Slingen x2
    Morpthronic Remoton x2
    Morphtronic Cameran x1
    Cyber Valley x2

    Spells: 13
    Junk Box x2
    Axe of Despair x1
    United We Stand x1
    Double Tool D&C x2
    Morphtronic Repair Unit x2
    Release Restraint Wave x1
    Lightning Vortex x1
    Brain Control x1
    Morphtronic Accelerator x2

    Traps: 9
    Morphtronic Forcefield x2
    Morphtronic Bind x2
    Bottomless Trap Hole x2
    Trap Stun x2
    Call of the Haunted x1

    Extra Deck: 15
    Power Tool Dragon x3
    Stardust Dragon x2
    RDA x1
    Armory Arm x2
    BRD x1
    Collosal Fighter x1
    Gaia x1
    Avenging Knight Parasath x1

    Side Deck: 15
    Shadow Imprisoning Mirror x3
    Intercept x3
    Imperial Iron Wall x3
    Morphtronic Scopen x1
    Morphtronic Remoton x1
    Morphtronic Map x3
    Morphtronic Cameran x1
  3. alan75

    alan75 New Member

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    What i find works good is using Gravity Bind and a couple of Jinzo Returners

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