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Movie 3 "Spell of the Unown" reviews

Discussion in 'General Discussion (Pokémon)' started by Sakura Sakamoto, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Sakura Sakamoto

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    i know it's been a while so heres the fourth review/ over view of another of ashes adventures where he doesn't catch a legendary he could have caught the alphabet.
    the film gets 9/10 just because charizard is the big hero of the movie and i am a charizard fan and i also promised barty.

    the film starts with a majestic view of a mansion where a pokemon professor is telling his daughter molly about legendary pokemon. he's been looking for the unown for a long time. it's a nice picture in the book there looking very arty the next picture's entei as he glids past the moon it's a really good likness as the artist of the book hadn't seen an entei.apart from the fact that entei is green in the picture it's spot on.
    they start doing some play pretending being entei and giving molly a piggy back and playing on a ponyta rocking horse when they get an e.mail from skyler about a chamber
    with new clues to the unown. the professer puts molly to bed then leaves for the chamber in the middle of the desert.
    they've got a laptop with a built in camera and are using it to take photo's havn't they of a camera.:?: using a laptop in that way is just silly.
    the professers found whats looks like a ds cartridge maybe it's a pokemon game a remake of red.
    the unown have just appeared and there in cgi i forgot they were computer generated.
    the profesers found a box opened it picked up some tiny tablets and been sucked in to the dimension of the unown.
    now skyler's just standing there shouting professer at the top is lungs.
    back in the mansion molly's woke up.
    skylers told the buttler the bad news and he tells molly the bad news so she starts looking for clues to what happend to her papa on his computer and reconises the unown she then knokes the box of unown tiles on the floor and notices they all look like letters.
    she spells there names with the unown papa, mama there both together with her she sheds a couple of tears of sadness the unown tiles seem to call out to the unown and a dimensional rift opens and the unown come pouring out and head to molly's house where another rift opens up above molly and the unown start in circleing molly and start spreading physic crystals through out the house molly picks up the book on legendary pokemon and looks at the page with entei on it and wants her papa to come back so the unown us there physic powers to create a new papa in the form of entei aren't the unown nice doing all this for 1 sweet little girl making her dream in reality.
    entei looks realy cool and becomes molly's papa because that is waht she wishes.

    all that and we hadn't even had the title screen mental isn't it.:D

    this means ash,misty and brock should appear soon.

    yes they have appeared still pottering about the johto region when they bump in to girl with an aipom on her shoulder. she's a pirate:eek: no wait they have parrots. she's after a pokemon battle. she'll get one against ash oh brooks been smiten by her beuty.
    ash starts with totodil oh a granbull smacked in to a tree with water gun ash now has chickerita against giraffarig chickerita gets beat with pysbeam. now noctowl against aipom and gets owned by tackle now bulbasaur is fighting butterfree sleeppowder in to gust for win. cynderqui fights mankey flame thrower for win. now pikachu against quadsire it's a double k.o.
    lunch time brook asks lisa about a pokemon centre and lisa shows them the quicket way to the one in greenfields.
    the walk down a nice forest path as aipom swings among the trees the art looks pretty good. omg greenfields is where molly lives isn't it convenient that ash and friends are going there.
    faces of shock as the run to the top of a flowered covered hill to find greenfields covered in physic crystal and the mansion covered in a crystal shaped like a giant flower.
    everyone thinks the crystilisation looks bad but i like it, it make's look wintery with out the biiter cold.
    ashes mom is watching the news about strange event's in greenfields and that they seem to origanating from the mansion of spencer hail who's with went missing 2 years
    she runs in to the kitchen and takes some notes of the fridge door to find a photo of her, ash, professer oak, molly spencer, and mama in the photo molly looks the same but ash has definatly aged.
    tracey and professer oak are also watching the news and start looking at spencers research that he had just recantly sent to professor oak when ashes mom walks in the they all decide to go to green fields because there worrid about specner and molly.

    ash and friends have made it to the pokemon centre so have profeser oak and his mom.
    back in the fortress of solitude... i mean back in molly's mansion molly is watching the news on a pink laptop when she decides she wants a mama to. so entei gets up to go and get one namly ahses.

    entei bonds through the crystal structures and finds ashes mom he uses mind controll on her picks her up and heads back to molly with pikachu hanging from his tail.
    ash and friends follow but are stopped by the crystal waste lands.

    entei takes ashes mom to molly in her where they will spend enternity together forever.
    the unown exspand there crstal empire. the crystal looks orange in the light of the sunset.

    shift over to charizard island where ash left charizard for proper training with a charizard breeder. charizard sees the news of delia being snatched by entei and ash giving chase. so he sets of to save to day.
    meen while a buldozer try to break through the crystalized landscape good luck with that they'll need it. so so far so good.
    no it didn't work molly wants them to go a way so the unown send the buldozer packing and cover it crystal.
    oak gets an email from molly telling him to leave her, mama and papa alone which causes some confusion. for our little group of heros.
    ash nard headed as usual decides he can't wait anymore and heads out to save his mom with pikachu. misty and brook go with and lisa gives him her pokenav so he can keep in touch with the pokemon centre.
    team rocket are on route to the mansion by hot air balloon. entei jumps through the roof and stands possed ready for battle with t.r and takes there balloon down with a single energy attack they then crash through a wall and end up inside the manson.

    after wading down a stream to get to the mansion ahs and co come to a water fall so ash send noctowel to the with bublasaur and chicerita so the ey cha use vine whip to pull them up.

    ash and friends have finally made it in to the mansion.
    bam it's an overview not a review oh well might as well carry on.
    they come to a crysatl use flame thrower to make a hole then water gun to keep it open so one by one they jump through.

    the unown change the reality again and ash and friends are now on a floating star case
    done with cgi. they reach the top of the stars and find a meadow of flowers meanwhile team rocket have broke through a door in to the room where unown so team rocket decide to try and sneak past. while molly decides she wants a pokemon battle but shes not sure if she can. the entai tells of course you can if that is what you wish.

    entei and molly head of for a pokemon battle leaving delia all alone.
    molly challenges ash to a battle but broke steps while ash and misty carry on the search for his mom.

    brook starts with zubat molly at this point has aged quite a bit and is using crytal pokeballs awsome i want crystal pokeballs. molly brings out flaffy, flaffy wins.
    brook sends out vulpix next molly's flaffy turns to crystal and dissapars and molly chooes teddyursa, teddyursa wins. brook throughs out onix so he realy start to rock and roll and molly chooses phanpy onix is owned by a single rollout attack.

    the scene goes back to delia whos with molly which meens the other molly with entei is a dream version. delia and molly talk about the book and how molly is alone alot of the time and used feel lonly but now she doesn't because she has a mama and a papa.

    ash and misty have ended up on a beach molly teleports in.
    she then changes back to being a little girl when she finds out that misty is gym leader
    misty and molly battle under water luckily it's only a dream so nobody drowns.
    molly picks kingdra and misty picks goldeen kingra wins. now mistys staryu against mollys mantine.
    ash continues is rescue mision he finds his mom and well she tells molly the truth thats she's ashes mom and they have to leave molly gets up set and the unown go in to overtime and start turning the place in to death trap with sharp crystals stretching from the floors,walls and ceilings.
    entei appears and intends on stopping ash from rescuing his mom so it's battle time ash against entei ash starts with totodile.
    totodile gets beat, now it's cyndacyles turn to lose. entei now takes on pikachu.
    delia tries to convince molly to stop battle.
    entei fires a blast at pikachu ash jumps in to save his friend but there both blown through a wall and plumet to there untimely demise. But suddenly out of now where charizard saves them and starts his fight with entei.
    delia tries to comfort molly whos still upset about losing her new mama and finding out that her new papa is an illusion.
    delia tells entei he can't take the place of her real father.
    then entei comes back with i am mollys realy father as long as the is her wish and starts atacking charizard again with his fierce purple fire attacks.
    the battle intensify's and ends up out side where entei almost falls to is doom but is saved by the the ever modeifing crystal which is now making ledges for him to climb up.

    entei runs up the side of the main crystal collums charizard us fire spin to try and defeat entei bt entei escapes the attack so the battle continues with charizard and entei exchangeing flame frowers.
    ash tries to convince entie to let molly go but hes having none of it. then again he is just a figment of mollys imagionation so as long she wants entei she gets entei.

    the battle for molly becomes more dangerous for charizard and ash as spikes start burst from the walls in an attempt to stab them these also act as platforms for entei so he can follow them.

    charizard gets hit and falls thorgh the roof and lends in the same room as molly entei jumps down and stands on charizards neck powers up an attack he's about to kill charizard when molly stops him. she beggs for the fighting to stop.

    molly is eventually convinced to go back to the real world and leave the reality the unown mad for he rbased on her imagtionation.
    molly wants things real again so since entei was created to be thae father that would make her happy in the dream world but if she would be happie rin the real world he must go.

    the unown have now created so much physic enrgy the y can't controll it and the crystalisation is running wild.
    so if ash and frineds don't escape the mansion they could be trapped there forever.
    charizarizard takes molly while everyone runs.

    they need to stop the unown so in typical style ash tries to tackle a powerful physic force it worked so well against mewtwo(not)

    charizard head but's the barrier making a hole which he then fire flame frower through
    the unown fix the barrier and knock charizard down so pikachu trys with thundebolt.
    now it's a double team but that doesn't wrok either.
    the unown are now protecting them selfs with crystal forest. but enteis back and he's here to rescue molly from the out of control unown.

    entei destorys the crystal with one blast and tells molly to believe in him for if she belives there is nothing he can't do.

    entei attacks the unown molly tells entei he can stop the unown and with the help of pikachu and charizard he wins and then he has to go.
    a vortex opens up the unown go back home and the masion and green fields return to normal and spencer is releised from the dimmension of the unown.
    everyone leaves the mansion.
    it's the end of the movie everthings back to normal and they all lived happily ever after
    the end oh and team rocket get stuck in tower until the cops leave.

    i liked the movie it's realy good the story may be weird but it's typicall pokemon the lame jokes, the friend the legedary pokemon. this movie is also the only one thta doesn't actually feature a legendary because entei didn't realy appear it was just molly's imagtioation. i think the charizard battle is brilliant the crystilization is realy pretty and the movie it's self is just really fluent. 9/10
    omg it's a review it may be small compared to the overview but it exists this time:eek:
  2. Maruno

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    This is the last film I'll review where I'll also review the animated short that appears before it. That's because I haven't seen/have any of the others from later films, so I just can't.

    In this film we find the protagonists being attacked by crystal spikes. Lots of them. There's barely any actual Flamethrower impacts (most of them miss), but there's a whole load of spikes.

    Oh, and Entei and Unown. But mainly the spikes.


    Pikachu and Pichu

    But before that, we have a short to watch.

    All the pokémon are released at the start, on a rooftop in a city. For a brief moment here, we get to see the heads of the humans, but it's from a distance and we can't see any features. Still, it's more than the other specials.

    Then the humans leave, because they have "things to do". What this apparently means is that they're setting up a surprise party for the pokémon inside, as an anniversary celebration of Ash meeting Pikachu. Okay, Pikachu was Ash's first pokémon, but he doesn't care at all about any of his other ones, it seems. Why don't they ever get parties?

    But I'm skipping ahead. While the pokémon are playing on the rooftop (including the heavy Onix - that's a strong building), Pikachu spots a pair of Pichu on a ledge across the street. They're playing around, and end up nearly falling off the building. Pikachu, in a panic, runs to the end of a flagpole, because that's what you do when you see someone else in danger. He is promptly attacked by some Murkrow for his idiocy.

    Take a moment to consider what might have happened had Pikachu just fallen off at this point and "evolved" into a Pizzachu on the street below. Go on, take a moment. I'll wait.

    Moving on. Pikachu actually manages to reach a platform on the opposite building, thanks to a neat line of Hoppip that just happened to float by. He manages to catapult Meowth, who is washing windows on said platform (they'll hire anyone, won't they? I'm looking for a job and they've got cats cleaning windows?), into a billboard which is apparently advertising a Psyduck holding a hamburger and being happy about it. There's no brand name. What kind of bad advertising is that? Surely there are more than one hamburger manufacturer in the Pokéworld?

    Pikachu meets up with the two Pichu, and follows them as they seem to know how to get back to the other side of the street. I shouldn't have thought it was that difficult to find your way downstairs.

    After tumbling through air vents and riding on a bus roof, they fall into a river. A Lapras paddleboat looms, so Pikachu uses Surf to try to escape it. But that turns out to be unnecessary, as a Gyarados pops up and knocks them away. Isn't that a bit dangerous, letting a Gyarados into the middle of a city? They're known for being destructive.

    The rodents land on a Houndour, which then chases them around some alleys. The Pichu duo stun themselves trying to shock Houndour, so Pikachu grabs them and continues to run away. The chase includes, yes, bouncing on a Snorlax trampoline. "Amusingly", Houndour misses, and the Snorlax rolls over onto it.

    The rodents end up at a badly-constructed playground full of pokémon (including a Voltorb calling itself an Electrode, which then isn't seen again - some Electrode are, though). As I asked my my previous review, why aren't any trainers there trying to grab some of these pokémon? Some of them are pretty good, such as Shuckle (huge defence), Cleffa (rare), the aforementioned Snorlax, and Smeargle (who is possibly seen using Fly, by spinning its tail in a helicopter-fashion). On another note, there are some Dugtrio poking their heads (themselves?) out of tyres.

    They all have a play around for half a minute, which is implied to last all day. Pikachu needs to be getting back to that rooftop (wherever it is). Conveniently, all the other pokémon wander off at the same time. Unfortunately, Houndour shows up, and chases the rodents all over the playground and ends up demolishing half of it. There's a huge amount of tyres in that thing.

    The rest of the playground starts to fall over, but all the other pokémon return to help fix it. Working together in a display of "friendship can do anything", they put it back together.

    But now it actually is late, no, really. The rodents hijack a tyre and roll it all the way back to the building with the rooftop (that sounds stupid to say, but you know what I mean). When Pikachu gets there, none of the other pokémon seem to have noticed it was missing. Perhaps, when left alone (but not in one of those "there's a problem and we need to work together to solve it" situations), the other pokémon actually hate Pikachu. They can't show it while their trainers are around, of course. It's Pikachu's fault they're only minor characters. And you know what? I don't blame them. If Pikachu wasn't hacked, I reckon the others would have killed it already.

    Don't get me wrong here. The pokémon Pikachu is fine and all that; the publicity is what's bad. Way too much of it. Nowadays no one can even think about using one without being branded a fanboy.

    The pokémon all go inside (even Onix, although it's only shown poking its head into a corridor at the most) to enjoy the party the humans have sorted out. How lovely.

    Pokémon the Movie 3: Spell of the Unown

    But enough of that. This is the main film. And we start off with Unown being described as a legendary pokémon. This is actually not as unreasonable as you may think, since "legendary" literally means "something with a story attached to it". Also, there's about a hundred of them all working together in this film, and a hundred of any pokémon are bound to be able to do some interesting stuff.

    Spencer Hale (the papa) plays with Molly (the girl) for a few seconds, before going off to explore a newly-discovered ruin in the desert. Inside, on the walls, are oh my god a giant rock! with Unown writing on them. There's also a box full of Scrabble tiles. Evil Scrabble tiles, apparently, since they suck Spencer into the Torn World.

    Molly is told that her father has vanished, and later she examines the box Spencer's assistance presumably brought back. Instead of being sucked into the Torn World, Molly spells out a few words with them, and summons a bunch of Unown from the Ancient Egyptian ruin. They set about crystallising the mansion and its surroundings, because why not? I would have said that it's just so that we know there's something majorly wrong going on, but there's lots of explanations and reasons for it (Molly saw a crystal landscape in her book, all those spikes that will appear later need to be made out of something, it gives the heroes obstacles to overcome, etc. etc.).

    Molly isn't bothered by all this, though, and wishes for her papa to come back. An imitation Entei appears, with all the abilities of a real Entei, even though neither Molly nor the Unown should probably know how one works.

    Then we have the title screen, with Unown Matrix code. The characters do indeed end up in another reality at times, and those holes all over the bodies of people in the Matrix can easily be caused by all the spikes.

    But more importantly, this means we now get to see the heroes. They meet a female trainer called Lisa, and Brock immediately jumps in to ask her out. But instead of being tugged away by Misty, Lisa is allowed to answer, but her answer is a simple "no thanks". She and Ash then start the ritual start-of-film battle to the remake of the current theme tune.

    Interestingly, we see Pikachu not being able to affect Quagsire with an Electric attack, even though it's a Ground type and Pikachu can damage them. Also interestingly, either Lisa has particularly strong pokémon, or Ash's pokémon have weakened, since each side gets roughly the same number of wins/losses.

    Despite them being apparently knocked out, they are immediately alright again, and they all head off to Greenfield, one of the least imaginative names I've ever heard. It's supposed to be a beautiful place, and I think the crystallised landscape looks quite nice, but everyone else disagrees. Something's up.

    Just as they arrive, a single news team shows up and starts filming, which lets Delia (Ash's mother, remember?) know something's up. Conveniently she knew Spencer from school, and Spencer was Professor Oak's best student.

    Oak takes a look at some of Spencer's research:

    This is some really quite bad stuff here. Also included in the research are pictures of Unown that don't (yet) exist.

    Oak and Delia decide to go to Greenfield, and quickly arrive. Delia is a lot more pleased to see Pikachu than her own son. For some reason the film crew decide to film Ash and Delia reuniting. Molly sees the broadcast and decides she wants a mother as well, so Entei runs off, crystallising things in its footsteps, and kidnaps Delia with brain control.

    Everyone runs after it, but Pikachu shocking its tail does nothing, and Brock stops Ash running into the crystallised landscape, claiming that it's probably dangerous.

    Molly cuddles up to Delia, while the Unown do some more crystallising. It seems to happen in bursts, rather than continuously. All that crystal must be slippery, yet no one is ever seen slipping on it. A bulldozer tries attacking the crystal landscape, but is rejected.

    There's some explanations as to what's going on by Oak, and then they get a video email from Molly (clever girl) telling them to leave her alone with her family. The group are puzzled, as Spencer disappeared and her mother... Actually, she's not dead, despite what you may think. The dub does a good job of avoiding saying anything about her, but the original has the explanation: Molly's mother left Spencer because of his obsession with the Unown. The dub simply claims (although very quietly, because I didn't actually notice) that she simply disappeared while she herself was studying the Unown. Stupid dub. But it's what I've got, so...

    Ash decides to sneak away while no one's looking, and go off on his own. Everyone goes with him, of course. Lisa gives him her PokéGear, and that's the last we see of her. The PokéGear is fairly useless too, actually.

    Team Rocket show up in their balloon, and spot the twerps walking/wading through a stream towards the mansion. They have a little argument about which word should be used to describe it. Personally, I say that wading is done only when the water is above the knees, but technically wading is any kind of water-based walking.

    They've got a good idea, though. The crystal can't get them while they're floating in their balloon. Unfortunately they quickly get shot down by Entei and crash into the mansion. James comments on the décor (it's not his idea of it), thus beginning his film-long trend of saying really good stuff. Seriously, pretty much everything he says in this film is good.

    Ash, Misty and Brock make progress towards the mansion, and use Bulbasaur and Chikorita to scale a waterfall. This is also filmed, and Molly and Delia are watching it. Delia snaps out of her mind control when she sees Ash, but upon noticing Entei quickly decides to keep quiet about it. Molly becomes excited about getting to meet a pokémon trainer.

    Oak calls Ash on his PokéGear and tells him off for going in so recklessly, after he'd been told not to do so. Ever noticed how the PokéGear looks rather like a communicator from Star Trek (the original series, obviously)? Teleportation technology exists in the Pokéworld, so...

    Actually, come to think of it, why aren't they exploring space more, if they have such amazing technology at the moment? The whole world is a paradox.

    Ash and co break into the mansion using a combination of Flamethrowers and Water Guns (which propel everyone straight into a wall - ouch). None of them are bothered by being soaked, though, and appear to have dried off by the next scene. They get thrown into a new reality, and run up CG stairs into a field.

    Team Rocket, meanwhile, have discovered the Unown, and James remarks that he hasn't seen this many strange letters since the last time he placed a personal ad. Oh, that James.

    Molly wants to be a trainer, so Entei goes to meet As and co with a crystal/psychic projection of an older Molly. At this point I might as well mention that the woman who dubs Molly also voices Max from the Advance Generation series, and also Tea Gardner of Yu-Gi-Oh! fame. Brock ends up in a battle with her, while the other two run off up the stairs. Entei doesn't seem bothered by them running off, though.

    These battles seem quite vicious. Well, not the first one (Zubat vs. Flaaffy), because that's over immediately. But the Vulpix vs. Teddiursa fight is rather brutal.

    Team Rocket sneak past the battle, and James correctly guesses exactly what is going on, but is told to shut up instead.

    Onix vs. Phanpy now, and a Rollout by Phanpy sends the much larger Onix flying. It seems all crystal pokémon have been hacked. It reminds me of the following gif, actually:


    Delia takes a look at the book I've barely mentioned, and discovers where the inspiration for the crystal world and Entei came from. She finds the picture for the next stage: a beach, which is where Ash and Misty are. Misty takes the next battle, underwater.

    Hey, would you look at that! Misty uses Goldeen! Well, I say "uses", I mean "it dies instantly". Well, what do you expect? It's probably only about Level 10 (because of lack of use), versus a hacked Kingdra.

    Ash reaches the top of the stairs, and finds Delia and the sleeping real Molly. He quickly explains to his mother what's going on, and then Delia wakes Molly up and tells her whose mother she is. Molly doesn't like this, and the Unown cause the crystal to explode in spikes, just like in another picture in the book.

    Entei shows up to deal with Ash. Ash tries to battle it with Totodile and Cyndaquil, but fails. Molly rejects the idea that Entei is an illusion. More spikes.

    In the fighting, Ash is blasted out of the tower, and plummets towards his death. If only he had reached it. But no, Charizard has flown all the way from Charicific Valley to catch him. They go back up to the tower, whereupon Ash is nearly knocked out again. Fortunately (if you can call it that), the others and Team Rocket grab him, before doing a bit of fourth wall-breaking. There's a fair bit of that going on in this film.

    Entei vs. Charizard now, with Ash riding on Charizard for absolutely no reason whatsoever. "Charizard, use Flamethrower!" Genius, that boy. They take the fight outside.

    Fighting, fighting, fighting. I don't go over the details. Entei says he will only do what Molly wants. Eventually it smashes Charizard to the floor and prepares to kill it, but Molly stops it. There's a bit of a friendship speech, and Molly is convinced to leave.

    But the Unown don't like that. Spikes all over the place. Everyone gets to the escape hatch, and end up in front of the Unown pattern. Ash does his thing: he headbutts them. But they, along with everything else he has ever tried to headbutt, is protected by a barrier. Really, why bother? If you controlled magical creatures that breathed fire, would you go smashing your face into things? Would you do so even if you didn't have the magical creatures? If yes, go see a psychiatrist.

    Charizard and Pikachu get to attacking the Unown, and briefly succeed. The Unown retaliate by creating more spikes, with spikes coming out of the bigger spikes. Spikes spikes spikes spikes spam egg and spikes.

    Entei shows up to a fanfare, and blows the spikes up. He then tells Molly to believe in him, and then goes and headbutts the Unown.

    The Unown's formation is shattered, Entei says goodbye to Molly, and the evil Scrabble tiles fall out of a portal in the ceiling. The Unown fly into the portal, and all the crystal disappears.

    In the Ancient Egyptian ruin, Spencer falls out of the Torn World, in a brief scene originally in the credits but moved into the main film for the dub, because some people don't watch the credits of films and might go away still thinking Molly was an orphan.

    Everyone goes outside, and cars drive up to the mansion, including one with Professor Oak in. Molly sees Mufasa Entei in a cloud.

    Actually, I don't think Greenfield looks much better than anywhere else we've seen - it all looks the same to me.

    Team Rocket are stuck in a tower while the police swarm below. But they don't mope over being stuck or over not having caught a new pokémon for long. James even holds a rose here, something he's not done for ages. Pan up and fade to black.

    Credits time. Spencer arrives at the mansion and reunites with Molly. Charizard flies off, and the heroes wander away. Molly is seen playing with a real Teddiursa - she's going to be surprised when it evolves. Her mother shows up, and presumably (because everyone likes a happy ending) has decided to get back together with Spencer (since his obsession with the Unown has probably been weakened now, thanks to his experience in the Torn World). Aww, happy endings all round.


    I like the animated shorts. Okay, while they almost exclusively care about Pikachu and the special guest pokémon (Pichu in this case), they still show a lot of pokémon hanging around, and it's nice to see pokémon all over the place for a change. But as I said, I don't have any more of them, so I won't be reviewing them from now on.

    The film itself? It's a welcome change to the "it's the end of the world as we know it"-type plot - the most that happened was that a bit of crystal (and spikes) menaced a small town somewhere in Johto. And we got to see the sidekicks have actual battles, which is certainly different. No one acted too much like a prat, which is another unexpected bonus (well, aside from Ash's obligatory headbutt and his riding Charizard).

    Very few complaints about this film. It was rather short (an hour and a bit), but I'm not entirely sure how it could have been made longer without just making it boring. And, as always, the dub has its censorship think, which is bad.

    So, all in all, one of the better films. The first time I saw it I was a bit concerned about the non-legendary status of one of the main pokémon, but now I figure it's fine. I have developed the opinion that Unown is a pointless pokémon, though.
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    Still think it should of got 20/10 all because of Charizard being the greatest, don't you think Jinzo.
  4. Sakura Sakamoto

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    yes barty charizard is the greatest maybe we should give him his own movie charizard the movie:D
    charizard is a cool pokemon but he has to many weaknesses since hes a fire,flying type hes weak to water,ice,electric erm i'm sure there are more.
    but the movie still only gets 9/10 and my decision is final so there:nyah:

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