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My New Toon Deck

Discussion in 'Advanced Format Decks (YGO)' started by Evil Fiber Jar, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. Evil Fiber Jar

    Evil Fiber Jar Switch Blade

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    I am working on a new toon deck. Here is what I got so far. Could use some suggestions.

    Monsters: 17

    1-Toon Summoned Skull
    1-Toon Dark Magician Girl
    1-Cyber Dragon
    3-Toon Gemini Elf
    2-Toon Cannon Soldier
    2-Toon Goblin Attack Force
    2-Magician of Faith
    1-Breaker the Magical Warrior
    1-D.D. Warrior Lady
    2-Spirit Reaper

    Spells: 19
    3-Toon Table of Contents
    2-Toon World
    1-Nobleman of Crossout
    1-Swords of Revealing Light
    1-Premature Burial
    1-Mystical Space Typhoon
    1-Snatch Steal

    1-Graceful Charity
    2-Magic Reflector
    2-Vengeful Bog Spirit
    1-Last Will
    2-Giant Trunade

    Traps: 6
    1-Dust Tornado
    2-Sakuretsu Armor
    1-Mirror Force
    1-Torrential Tribute
    1-Call of the haunted
  2. lzy3

    lzy3 New Member

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    Perhaps Vengeful Bog Spirit instead of Stumbling

    You could also consider a Mirage Dragon / Pitch-Black Warwolf in replacement of the 2nd dust tornado, that'll allow you to whack directly with no fear of traps

    I've always wanted to make a toon deck myself;) Do play test it and tell how it goes!
  3. John Danker

    John Danker Administrator

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    I can't honestly say I've ever played a toon deck yet, I think if it were me I'd likely be using a few more high level toons in conjunction with Soul Exchange (can't attack the same turn it's summoned anyway for most big toons)
  4. masterwoo0

    masterwoo0 NINJA4LIFE

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    Amazingly, this Deck looks almost like one I recently built about a week ago, with the exception that I did not include Toon Blue-Eye's or Summoned Skull, and instead used 2 copies of Toon Dark Magician Girl.

    The one thing I learned is, getting Toons to survive long enough to attack with them is quite difficult, since the only one that can attack (without a significant amount of strategy) first turn, is Dark Magician Girl. You can't Special Summon them from the Graveyard with cards like Call of the Haunted, as they are still useless for a turn.

    Toons tend to benefit your opponent more than they do you, since they only need Brain Control or Snatch Steal, and you basically summoned a monster for them to attack with.

    The above Decks main "flaw" is, there are no effect's that will allow you to at least get "one" opening turn attack from your Toon's. A Book of Taiyou, Final Attack Orders, and Ceasefire would work wonders here, as your objective is merely to "get as many direct attacks as possible". It is only going to take 4 good shots at most to win, with monsters like Goblin Attack Force and Gemini Elf, and with the Elf's effect, if you can get that shot, you are hurting them even more, thanks to her discard effect.

    You can afford to take a hit from a bigger monster, as long as you can come right back and get another direct shot at life points the next turn.

    My advice is to ditch the Toon Blue-Eyes and Summoned Skull, since they are the worst monsters you wont to be laboring on the field for your opponent to Snatch, plus, they still must be Tributed for, even though they are a Special Summon, and you have to pay 500 to attack.

    I tossed in a couple of Spell Absorption's to go with the Magic Reflector's. Getting a Magic Reflector on one makes it well worth the effort! Plus, once you start cycling the Magician of Faith's, your next goal is Toon World, and that's where a Tsukuyomi can be of added benefit!!

    Toon Table of Contents is a great Searcher, so there's no need to worry about getting anything else but Toon World with it for now, as you'll get enough Monsters with your normal draws.

    The Theme itself is hard to maintain as majority "Toon's". You took the smart road by throwing in a Cyber Dragon, but you already know, your opponent is going to have MUCH bigger Toys, and he'll only help you out against monsters less than 2000 ATK.

    Find some room for at least 2 copies of Giant Trunade. You can Start by tossing Heavy Storm. Heavy is really bad for this Deck!!

    Well, that's all I have for now. Good luck!!
  5. Evil Fiber Jar

    Evil Fiber Jar Switch Blade

    Trophy Points:
    Thanks for the help. Deck has been updated.
  6. John Danker

    John Danker Administrator

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    I'd have to agree that Vengeful Bog Spirit would probably work better for you than Stumbling keeping your Toon Goblin Attack Forces in atk position to begin with and not making them sitting ducks.

    I think if it were me I'd also pop in United We Stand or Mage Power instead of one of those Sebek's Blessing. Sebek's Blessing just seems to situational....then again so is a Toon deck in general so....<shrug> I guess that's really not the point. It would seem though that if you're going to get a shot at a direct attack you'd want to make it hurt as much as possible....and you're playing Scapegoat....4 sheep tokens + Toon Goblin Attack Force (Or any other Toon attacking directly) + United We Stand = Big owwie!
  7. Evil Fiber Jar

    Evil Fiber Jar Switch Blade

    Trophy Points:
    Finally Test played it. Made some changes to it.
  8. Complex_Mind

    Complex_Mind Deck Mechanic

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    Toon Dark Magician Girl is probably the only good Toon monster.

    And you aren't running it. What does that tell you?
  9. XeroPrime

    XeroPrime Guest

    -1 TSS
    +1 Toon DMG

    She's much faster than toon SS because she can attack when she's summoned. an overall better choice.
  10. Evil Fiber Jar

    Evil Fiber Jar Switch Blade

    Trophy Points:
    Updated 8/1/06:

    thanks for your suggestions.
  11. Lord of the Underworld

    Lord of the Underworld New Member

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    maybe brain control to help with the tributes, and you know, steal monsters for a turn. perhaps sided if nothing else?

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