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New Games and Categories Added

Discussion in 'Games Discussion' started by Digital Jedi, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

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    In Adventure/Quest:

    [floatl][​IMG][/floatl] Gun Run Use your mouse to aim and shoot at moving targets in this highly stylized (and silent) action/adventure game.

    In Shooters:

    [floatl][​IMG][/floatl] A-Blast
    A fun Galaga-esque action game. Shoot your enemies and survive the terror!

    [floatl][​IMG][/floatl] Momentum Missile Mayhem - Ultimate
    In this elaborate sequel to the original MMM, the developer has upped the ante, giving you a larger field, with more base positions and unique defensive abilities. Warning: This is a
    resource intensive game!

    In Puzzles/Challenge

    [floatl][​IMG][/floatl] Broken Words
    Assemble English words from the "word chunks" given to you.

    [floatl][​IMG][/floatl] Cold Fusion
    Line up marbles of the same color to score points and clear the board.

    [floatl][​IMG][/floatl] Gorillaz Tiles
    A classic Sliders game, only with bombs!

    [floatl][​IMG][/floatl] Play Mumu
    Drag tiles and match colors to earn points.

    [floatl][​IMG][/floatl] Sombrero Sling
    Throw your sombrero as far as you can and get extra distance by shooting it.

    In Home/Board Games

    [floatl][​IMG][/floatl] Connect 4
    Sure you love this game. You know you do.

    [floatl][​IMG][/floatl] Elite Mahjong Full
    The classic ancient puzzle is now even more of a brain-bender! Featuring a special tile set and background for children, its Mahjong fun for the entire family! Enjoy various game modes from easy to almost unsolvable. Choose a background and tile set that you like and get to solving! With absorbing music and sound effects, come relax with Elite Mahjong today!

    [floatl][​IMG][/floatl] Great Mahjong: Classic
    Classic, no-time-limit edition of Mahjong.

    [floatl][​IMG][/floatl] Great Mahjong: Time Attack
    Classic Mahjong with a time limit!

    [floatl][​IMG][/floatl] Xtreme Shell Game - Xtreme
    Extreme difficulty version of the classic bait n switch game.

    In Sports New!

    [floatl][​IMG][/floatl] Archery 2000
    See how well you can hit a moving target!

    [floatl][​IMG][/floatl] Ten Pin Bowling
    This has to be the best Online Bowling game around.

    In Fighting New!

    [floatl][​IMG][/floatl] Dragonfist 2 Plus
    Select your character and fight opponents in a duel to the death!

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