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New Look

Discussion in 'Suggestions/Feedback' started by kingpinopie, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. kingpinopie

    kingpinopie Himoura Shinta

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    Hey guys, I like the new look and feel of the site... its awesome..

    I love how everything is so easy to use, and it just seems more fun...

    Great Job.... Im diggin' it !!:cool:
  2. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

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    We're glad you like it kingpin. Thanks. :) I hope most everyone feels the same. :D
  3. roadhouse007

    roadhouse007 New Member

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    Definitely. These pages have a smoother look and feel to them. I have to agree, it almost makes it more fun to navigate the pages.
  4. DH2K4

    DH2K4 Spirit of Dust

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    Just dropping a post to say the new look is great, but I do have 1 query.

    Under my avatar is my old 'tagline' - 'Spirit of Dust', which I decided to change, but after looking for a while at 'My Settings' I couldn't find the option to change or remove it, has this been removed by admin now, or have I gone blind and I've just missed it?
  5. exiledforcefreak

    exiledforcefreak RIP Jacob KT 2/16/06

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    I like all the stuff on the left side of everyone's post but I find it very annoying when I'm scrolling through a large thread and some relatively short responses make the thread unnessisarily longer. I don't know what exactly can be done about that. I guess I would suggest getting rid of the box that contains AIM contact info and what not could just be gotten rid of. I mean, when I want to contact someone on any message board, I just look in their profile for available means of contacting them.

    Also, instead of putting a "check" link underneath how many credits you have, you could make the number of credits you have the link itself. Also, if someone has a trader rating of 0 make it so it doesn't show up. Alright, now I'm out of ideas.

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