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I am trying a Zombie deck with some of the new structure deck cards. I have played it with some success, finishing in the top 5 or so a few times but not really beating Glads or DADs. Please comment with suggestions for improvement if possible.

43 Cards

19 Monsters
2 x Despair from the Dark
2 x Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon
2 x Paladin of the Cursed Dragon
3 x Zombie Master
3 x Mezuki
3 x Goblin Zombie
2 x Pyramid Turtle
1 x Spirit Reaper
1 x Neo-Spacian Grand Mole

17 Spells
3 x Zombie World
3 x Book of Life
2 x Card of Safe Return
2 x Foolish Burial
2 x Burial from a Different Dimension
1 x Monster Reborn
1 x Heavy Storm
1 x Nobleman of Extermination
2 x Shrink

7 Traps
1 x Torrential Tribute
2 x Divine Wrath
3 x Compulsory Evacuation Device
1 x Phoenix Wing Wind Blast

15 Side-Deck
2 x D.D. Crow
2 x Cold Wave
2 x Shield Crush
2 x Lightning Vortex
1 x Brain Control
2 x Light-Imprisoning Mirror
2 x Dust Tornado
2 x Imperial Iron Wall

I don't have Il Blud yet until the CSOC-ENSE release. I have 1 x Stardust Dragon but no Goyo Guardian. It would be good to steal tuner monsters from my opponent's graveyard to summon any synchros I can get.



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Very well built deck I also play zombies but since I stopped playing a while back I lack the mezukis and goblin zombies.

Anyways, Instead of the Nobleman of extermination I'd put a mystical space because it doesn't limit to just face down cards.

and I'd take out 1 goblin zombie for a third pyramid turtle.


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Sorry was an accident. Was looking at several zombie deck threads on a few sites at once.

The second point still stands though.


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Assuming you don't have Plaguespreader, Despair from the Dark is crap. If you want a high beatstick, use Red Ogre from the new set. Same 2800ATK but with an ACTUAL effect. And yes, with Mezuki/Book running around, you can actually tribute summon this thing. Tribute summon 2x Goblin Zombie and search out 2x Mezuki for discard and you can bounce the whole field off of your foe.

I would split 1x Red Eyes Zombie Dragon and 1x Goken. (the 2400ATK zombie that you can normal summon without tribute) And instead of Mole, I would run Snipe Hunter. And you need some mills so run 2x Ryko, the Lightsworn hunter.


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I have to say agree with most of what Drzero7 has already said. However, there are definitely some cards that you've got to drop. Those would be the following:
- Nobleman of Extermination
- Zombie World
- Paladin
- Zombie red-eyes
- Divine wrath

My first suggestion would be to trade your 2 copies of Divine wrath for 2 additional Phoeniw Wing Wind Blast. As for the Zombie Red-eyes, paladin and zombie world, just drop 'em. Remember even a deck with lots of drawpower shouldn't go over 40 cards. Besides that, starter deck cards rarely cut it in a big tournament. In order to compensate for the loss of those you should definitely add Solemn Judgment x3. No matter which deck you come across, every deck has some keycards that can make or break the game. Being able to negate those cards is of vital importance. As mentioned in a former post, plaguespreader is an absolute must for any zombieplayer, thought he is kind of expensive at the moment :). Furthermore, I don't remember seeing any tuners. If you're going to keep up with current metagame you'll have to insert tuners. I've already seen some speculation about adding Emergency teleports in zombies though the upcoming Shonen Jump tournaments will point out which decktype is going to stand tall. As for zombies, plaguespreader will probably the tuner to play.
Just tryin' to help out.
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