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Non-Targeting Effect vs. Strike Ninja (Split from Targeting Thread)

Discussion in 'Rules Questions (YGO)' started by drzero7, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. drzero7

    drzero7 New Member

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    It [ycard="SD4-EN024"]Hammer Shot[/ycard] is activated and [ycard="IOC-007"]Strike Ninja[/ycard] is indeed the Highest ATK monster on the field. [ycard="IOC-007"]Strike Ninja[/ycard] can remove from play 2 Dark Monsters which is step 1, and then [ycard="SD4-EN024"]Hammer Shot[/ycard] effect is activated so it'll destroy the 2nd highest ATK monster on the field.

    So [ycard="SD4-EN024"]Hammer Shot[/ycard] will destroy something unless there's no other face-up monster on the field other then [ycard="IOC-007"]Strike Ninja[/ycard] that removed itself from play.
  2. anthonyj

    anthonyj New Member

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    -Edit- Oh sure now my response looks totally out of place! Thanks DJ. :)

    Just remember that [ycard="SD4-EN024"]Hammer Shot[/ycard] cares not one bit at all who the strongest monster on the field is when it is activated. It only looks for the strongest ATK on the field when it resolves.
  3. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

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    Coinsider it a new thread. Well, I guess it is a new thread now.
    Your resolution is correct, but your explanation is slightly incorrect. [ycard="SD4-EN024"]Hammer Shot[/ycard] is Step 1 on the chain, not [ycard="IOC-007"]Strike Ninja[/ycard]. As Step 1, it will be the last step on the chain to resolve. Striek Ninja is step 2 and resolves first. [ycard="SD4-EN024"]Hammer Shot[/ycard] resolves next and then seeks out the highest ATK monster on the field.

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