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panda deck

Discussion in 'Deck Construction (YGO)' started by luko, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. luko

    luko Guest

    hi...i'm an italian guy, because i don't speack well english...

    this is a very original deck

    monsters 19
    1x[ycard="IOC-073"]Dark Driceratops[/ycard]
    1x[ycard="DB2-EN173"]Airknight Parshath[/ycard]
    3x[ycard="IOC-070"]Enraged Battle Ox[/ycard]
    3x[ycard="DCR-021"]Gyaku-Gire Panda[/ycard]
    3x[ycard="SYE-020"]Giant Rat[/ycard]
    3x[ycard="SRL-EN086"]Nimble Momonga[/ycard]
    1x[ycard="DB1-EN163"]Magician of Faith[/ycard]
    1x[ycard="MRD-EN014"]Mask of Darkness[/ycard]
    1x[ycard="TP4-002"]Morphing Jar[/ycard]
    1x[ycard="LOD-EN023"]Exiled Force[/ycard]
    1x[ycard="SRL-EN077"]Cyber Jar[/ycard]

    1x[ycard="SRL-EN036"]Snatch Steal[/ycard]
    1x[ycard="SD1-EN014"]Swords of Revealing Light[/ycard]
    1x[ycard="PGD-035"]Book of Moon[/ycard]
    1x[ycard="PSV-EN037"]Premature Burial[/ycard]
    3x[ycard="DB2-EN186"]Heart of Clear Water[/ycard]
    2x[ycard="AST-092"]Level Limit - Area B[/ycard]
    1x[ycard="SRL-EN047"]Mystical Space Typhoon[/ycard]
    2x[ycard="FET-EN042"]Swords of Concealing Light[/ycard]
    2x[ycard="DB1-EN032"]Giant Trunade[/ycard]
    1x[ycard="SD2-EN020"]Creature Swap[/ycard]

    3x[ycard="DCR-047"]Ojama Trio[/ycard]
    2x[ycard="DR1-EN105"]Adhesion Trap Hole[/ycard]
    1x[ycard="IOC-051"]Spatial Collapse[/ycard]
    1x[ycard="SD3-EN028"]Call of the Haunted[/ycard]

    combo n°1- [ycard="DCR-047"]Ojama Trio[/ycard]+[ycard="DB2-EN186"]Heart of Clear Water[/ycard]+[ycard="DCR-021"]Gyaku-Gire Panda[/ycard]
    combo n°2-[ycard="DR1-EN105"]Adhesion Trap Hole[/ycard]+[ycard="DB2-EN186"]Heart of Clear Water[/ycard]+[ycard="DCR-021"]Gyaku-Gire Panda[/ycard]
    combo n°3- 2 mosters on the opponents field, 0 trap or spell card, and i use [ycard="DCR-047"]Ojama Trio[/ycard] and [ycard="IOC-051"]Spatial Collapse[/ycard]
  2. Jason_C

    Jason_C Banned

    Trophy Points:
    Trample! My favorite! Sorry to say that [ycard="DB2-EN186"]Heart of Clear Water[/ycard] will not work with panda and ojama. So probably drop all 3 of those. Two more [ycard="IOC-051"]Spatial Collapse[/ycard]s and a [ycard="SD4-EN032"]Xing Zhen Hu[/ycard] should probably be their replacements. If you lose [ycard="SD2-EN020"]Creature Swap[/ycard] and the two [ycard="DB1-EN032"]Giant Trunade[/ycard]s, you can add in another [ycard="SD4-EN032"]Xing Zhen Hu[/ycard], and two [ycard="LOD-EN090"]Bubble Crash[/ycard]es. An all out [ycard="IOC-051"]Spatial Collapse[/ycard] to eventual major attack OTK type deck. Fun.
  3. Jathro

    Jathro New Member

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    I agree, let's drop the HoCW:

    -3x [ycard="DB2-EN186"]Heart of Clear Water[/ycard]
    +1x [ycard="SDJ-041"]Scapegoat[/ycard]
    +2x [ycard="CRV-EN050"]Spiritual Earth Art - Kurogane[/ycard]

    The [ycard="SDJ-041"]Scapegoat[/ycard] gives you bait for Kurogane, and I think the Kuroganes give you nice protection. If a weak Panda is about to be destroyed, Kurogane it for an Enraged or your [ycard="IOC-073"]Dark Driceratops[/ycard]. Or if a Sheep Token is about to be destroyed, Kurogane that for a either Enraged, Driceratops, or a Panda.

    My compliments on the nice Trample deck. :)

    PS - If you want this moved to the Advanced Format section, let me know and I'll take care of it.
  4. ChaosNecro

    ChaosNecro New Member

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    Jathro, Jathro, Jathro... you made a mistake here: Kurogane says a Level 4 or lower monster. So [ycard="IOC-073"]Dark Driceratops[/ycard] CANNOT be Special Summoned with it.
    But I agree with what you are basically saying.
  5. Jathro

    Jathro New Member

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    Wooops :drugged: . Thanks for catching that!

    Well, there are still some good possibilities for Kurogane, despite my [ycard="IOC-073"]Dark Driceratops[/ycard] brain fart lol
  6. Jason_C

    Jason_C Banned

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    *can't believe he missed the absence of [ycard="SDJ-041"]Scapegoat[/ycard]* Well, I still like my idea of the [ycard="IOC-051"]Spatial Collapse[/ycard] lock better, but if we follow Jathro's train of thought, the tracks lead to [ycard="FET-EN055"]Beast Soul Swap[/ycard] x2 as well as kurogane.

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