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[Player Management] Gorz, and Player created problems.

Discussion in 'UDE Player Management' started by UDEbot, Jun 2, 2009.

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    Gorz, and Player created problems.
    from UDE's Player Management Forums

    A couple scenerio's for you curtis.

    1. Player A controls several monsters, (Player B controls nothing) enters his battle phase and simply says, "attack for game" and presses all his monsters forward to indicate they are attacking...

    Player B argues that because Player A was careless in declaring who he attacks with, that the monster of Player B's choice will be the first monster to attack.

    IF player B is in fact required to say something along the lines of "which monster attacks first?" then I have an additional question..

    Same scenerio, Player B says, "which monster attacks first?"

    Player A, reads the obvious "Gorz, Emmisary of Darkness" and flips "Mind Crush" declaring "Gorz, Emmisary of Darkness"

    Now we have a situation where player A illegally attacked with several monsters to "test the waters" for a "Gorz, Emmisary of Darkness"

    how do I, as a judge handle these situations, whether it was an intentional play or not?


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