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[Player Management] Repairing a Shuffled Deck

Discussion in 'UDE Player Management' started by UDEbot, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. UDEbot

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    Repairing a Shuffled Deck
    from UDE's Player Management Forums

    If a played shuffles the Deck when they aren't supposed to, by accident, how do you repair that?

    [​IMG] I posted this in another topic:
    What about in the case of a "Gadget"? I heard a story similar to this one where a player summoned a "Green Gadget" and within a second was already 10 cards into his deck looking for "Red Gadget" and his opponent plays "Solemn Judgment". The Player using the Gadget quickly shuffled his deck (to try and fix it) and was awarded a game loss. Was this the correct penalty?
    The answer was that it was not irreparable and that a warning should be given. So how do you repair a shuffled Deck?

  2. DarkLogicianOfCaos

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    The idea of a shuffled deck is to randomize it. Well, random is random. Shuffle it again (re-randomize it) and continue. Yes a Warning should be given (first offence), but you are correct that it is repairable. If any card was in a particular place (top of deck, bottom of deck) it should be returned there.

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