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Player Management Playmats

Discussion in 'UDE Player Management' started by UDEbot, Jun 17, 2009.

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    We all know that UDE and UDI isn't responsible for Yu-Gi-Oh anymore. However people that qualified themselves for the nationals were promised playmats. Konami took over and they promised to distribute the special playmats. However in the Netherlands thanks to our UDI OP Manager, Sebastiaan Spruijt, people can't get them anymore. Konami will only give the players a playmat if UDI swaps them with the ones Konami have. This is however not possible, the reason? The UDI OP Manager from Europe Sebastiaan Spruijt has SOLD the playmats.
    As you can guess UDI has lost all support from players. I don't even care if i get in trouble for posting this. Since people should know how corrupted some people in this branch are. People like Sebastiaan Spruijt spoil it for those who say they are there for the players.
    As some might remember i already have a grudge against Sebastiaan since he once stole from a 12 year old kid but gave the cards back when it was found out. UDE turned away as if nothing happened that time. Will you people also turn away now? There should be taken some serious matters against this corrupted moneymaker. That will at least prove that the statements of UDE being there for the players are true instead of seeming one big lie now.


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