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Rant about Element Valkyrie

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by chaos general, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. chaos general

    chaos general New Member

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    Now watch as i attempt to write a poem about Element Valkyrie:

    They gave us the elements
    of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire
    And then they gave us the minions
    One being the subtle Valkire (spelled wrong for rhyme's sake)

    Benefiting from Fire and Water
    And a fairy type, Light too
    But how easy is it to pull off
    An effect in a deck that has none of those attributes to use?

    For in this game of YuGiOh
    Fairies dont come with fire
    And they certainly arent aquatic
    In order to help Element Valkire

    Oh sure, you say, theres This Guy and That Guy
    But Aitsu and Koitsu are weak
    And the Agents cant stand them
    And their spandex makes them look like freaks!

    So I ask you one thing:
    Why give us a fairy and chop off its wings?
    The Valkyrie has no power as a fairy themed fighter
    Because Mudoras are Earth, and definatly not water

    Mars has no Fire
    Saturn has only Light
    And Shinato and Joan
    Join Saturn in that fight

    Basically, im mad because Element Valkyrie is a fairy that cant be used effectively in fairy decks... And only in Element decks! The other element monsters really dont have the same problem, but still... The game is not broad enough - Most fairies are Light, most fiends are Dark, most warriors are Earth, and most dinosaurs --- oh wait, we have no dinosaurs...

    Yeah, the game is definatly not broad enough.
  2. Jason_C

    Jason_C Banned

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    *applauds* Wow. I couldn't have made a rhyming poem about a card for the life of me. But I wouldn't say the -itsu brethren are weak. Summon [ycard="SD4-EN005"]Mother Grizzly[/ycard], play [ycard="SYE-031"]Last Will[/ycard], suicide, and there you go.

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